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Aint no mountain

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Aint no mountain

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Aint no mountain
  • Garth Brooks This Aint Tennessee
    "It's a big estate With wrought iron gates And palm trees standin' tall Fancy mirrors and chandeliers Comfort wall to wall And the ocean air is so crisp and clear And they rave about our view But there"
  • Aslyn Aint No Love
    "I wanna run and never get tired I wanna love the best i was wired I wanna know that i cant betray this be more than elated to be alive I wanna know that im taken care of know who i am is not about makeup i"
  • Chris Brown Aint No Way
    "Chris Brown Miscellaneous Aint no way Aint no way (aint no way) im gunna let u down (let you down) i know its hard right now (hard right now) just say yes to me, and I'm gunna make you say you love me Your"
  • Bill Withers Aint No Sunshine
    "Ain't no sunshine when she's gone It's not warm when she's away. Ain't no sunshine when she's gone And she's always gone too long Anytime she goes away. Wonder this time where she's gone Wonder if she's"
  • Bananarama Aint No Cure
    "The story's the same Only the names have been changed When he broke your heart you said You'll never love again But you'll be back for more And you'll get hurt just like before 'Cause there ain't no cure"
  • DMX Aint No Way
    "Uhh Swiss beats (Uhh uhh) Nigga, ryde or die (uhh uhh uhh) DMX what what (uhh uhh uhh) Ain't no way you're gonna stop my flow Ain't no way ya niggaz you just don't know But niggaz is about to"
  • Anjali Aint No Friend
    "So many people tried to stop me Doing what i wanna do Cause i put my faith in everyone And now i can see right through Cause each one of you took a part of me And tried to put me down But i'm gonna rise"
  • Faith Evans Aint Nobody
    "verse one: Ain't nobody who can love me like you do Ain't no reason that I'll ever be untrue There's no need for me to try I can't find the reason why Ain't nobody who can really love me like you do I"
  • The Temptations Ain't No Mountain High Enough
    "listen baby ain't no mountain high, aint no valley low, aint no river wide enough baby If you need me call me no matter where you are, no matter how far (don't worry baby) just call my name. I'll be there"
  • Cowboy Junkies Mountain
    "You speak your love You turn, are gone What kind of love You thinking of Can you tell me how this mountain got so high Moments worth The price of myths Lifting from our fingertips Reaching for the next"
  • Cat Stevens Mountain
    "(Cat Stevens, Milton Nascimento) Midnight come, colors are melting White moon shivering on the sea Like a ghost up to the mountain Wax Queen will carry me I can see the forest for miles All the creatures"
  • Stepa Mountain
    "Today is the last day, the end of fasting Eye candy is a mind fuck, but oh no more This anticipation is drivin' me nuts Something is gonna happen, some Feel it pulse, watch it grow, it explodes when When's"
  • Chas & Dave Aint No Pleasing You
    "Well I've built my life around you, did what I thought was right But you never cared about me, now I've seen the light Oh darlin', there ain't no pleasing you You seemed to think that everything I ever"
  • Anybody Killa U Aint No Killa
    "I'm as crazy as I wanna be Ain't no stoppin me Bucc wild tearin up the streets in the D Jus a native wit some war paint actin a fool and Some of y'all be doin the same things too Smokin weed like it's"
  • Kru Aint Got No Soul
    "dr.m? menyeru kita bersatu membangunkan malaysia menjelang abad dua ribu mengatur langkahku satu persatu fikirkan strategi berkesan untuk maju untukmu malaysia negara yang tercinta kusematkan usaha untuk"
  • Spice Girls Aint no stopping us now
    "Now, are you all ready?Are you all ready? Here we go nowDo it with the feverYeah, come on Aint no stoppin' us nowWe're on the moveHey yeah, hey yeahAint no stoppin' us nowWe got the groove Spice Girls,"
  • Trace Adkins Aint' No Woman Like You
    "Ain't no ride like a 65 Mustang Ain't no cool like James Dean cool Ain't no man alive tough as ol' John Wayne And ain't no woman like you Ain't no rose like the yellow rose of Texas Ain't no freedom"
  • Roy Orbison It Aint No Big Thing
    "Written by Orbison/Dees. You tell me to find somebody new. That you're not for me i'm not for you. It don't matter if you're right or wrong. It ain't not big thing just say "so long" It's been fun"
  • Plies Aint Comin Home
    "Ay dog dis one here for all mutha fuckin niggaz dats locked up dog all my niggaz who biddn in prison my nigga a lot of niggaz fogot about cha but I aint fogot about cha I got some niggaz in prison"
  • Mungo Jerry Livin Aint Easy
    "Livin' ain't easy, now your baby's said goodbye, Livin' ain't easy, when all you do is cry, She said goodbye, you wanna die, it's no lie, Livin' ain't easy, now your baby's gone away, Livin' ain't easy"

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