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Aint nobody love me serious

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Aint nobody love me serious

  • Aint Nobody - Faith Evans
    "verse one: Ain't nobody who can love me like you do Ain't no reason that I'll ever be untrue There's no need for me to try I can't find the reason why Ain't nobody who can really love me like you do I"
  • Serious - Duffy
    "Serious x 2 I'm a trophy on your arm, You wear me like a charm, Yes you do. An accessory that suits, Your new suede boots, ohhh I get a feeling deep down, inside, Something just aint right. I get a feeling"
  • Serious - Scars On Broadway
    "All Will Fall In Love With Your Ego Trippin Everybody's Lookin For A Sunday Mission Ain't Nobody Searchin For A Second Chance Im Just Lookin For A New Romance And All Will Fall In Love With Your Ego Trippin Everybody's"
  • Aint nobody like my baby - BB King
    "I'm in love with a real fine woman and she gives me everything I said I'm in love with a real fine woman and she gives me everything And it makes me feel so good, just to hear my baby call my name My baby's"
  • Aint Nobody Takin My Baby - Russ
    "I don't care about an argument I'll still be here tomorrow For you I gotta room up in the city we can play finish the bottle I'll pour you up We'll work on us Cuz ain't nobody taking my baby I wanna be"
  • Serious - Duran Duran
    "Oh woman you make me feel Like I'm on fire Oh woman you make it real It's the only way for me So if we sometimes fight Doesn't mean we got problems Ain't always black and white 'n who cares anyway? Doesn't"
  • Serious - Crash Romeo
    "I've been trying to forget you But somehow I can't let you Forget about me As you moved on to better things. I've been lying in this gutter With my heart filled up with sulfur. So, light a match"
  • Serious - Anita Baker
    "Oh the last time I saw you You looked so good baby There was moonlight everywhere Oh and God only knows How I hated to leave you standing there You know I told you That I wanted to hold you But the moment"
  • Serious - Avant
    "Yeah, you like it like that (I can see it with ya) Like it like that (Darkchild, what, what) Uh-huh, yeah (I can see it with ya) I thought you like it like that (Darkchild, what, what, what) Uh, what,"
  • Serious - Gwen Stefani
    "Baby, I don't know when the danger came I wanna find someone that I can blame Call the doctor cause I am sick in love And I can't help it Baby, I'm worried about my mental state Don't know if I'll recuperate Think"
  • Serious - Az
    "Yea, back off vacation Time to send y'all pros on a permanent vacation though Check my track record, respect is my black Lexus Expect me to act reckless, I'm rich and I'm ass naked A mink with half leopard,"
  • Aint gotta go home - Chamillionaire
    "You ain't gotta go home (you aint gotta go), but you gotta get the hell up out of here If you got someone (somebody), then go get you a room at the Holiday Inn If you ain't got no one (nobody), then go"
  • Nobody - B5
    "No one I've ever known, can't compare to you Girl you showed me a love thats so true You are the one, and there is nothing I won't do for you (ooh) I'm so glad you're mine, she brighten up my life."
  • Nobody - Shawn Desman
    "Oooh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Verse 1: When I think about my baby I think how lucky I am To have somebody who can love me Love me for who I am Girl for me you just are so perfect Just the way you are No"
  • Aint Comin Home - Plies
    "Ay dog dis one here for all mutha fuckin niggaz dats locked up dog all my niggaz who biddn in prison my nigga a lot of niggaz fogot about cha but I aint fogot about cha I got some niggaz in prison"
  • Life Is Serious - 504 Boyz
    "Chorus 2x's] Life is serious out here on these streets Got us curious but were just trying to eat Why cry now inhale the pain is gone I know it was your baby daddy I saw you kiss him Get your"
  • Serious effects - Michael Jackson
    "You Gotta Get Back Every Rhyme Gonna Jump Back She Wont Get It I Got A Feeling But Giving You, I And Im So Damn - So Damn Glad About It I Got A Feeling That Youre Jumping Around Gon Get Back She WonT Get"
  • Serious Effect - Michael Jackson
    "You gotta get back every rhyme Gonna jump back She won't get it I got a feeling but giving you, I And I'm so damn So damn glad about it I got a feeling That your jumping around Gonna get back She wont"
  • Serious Days - Secret Discovery
    "I know a place where we can go after all where the grass grows wild, green and strong there where nobody can know who we are waht we did and what we want, believe me You should believe in waht I say: serious"
  • Too serious - The Kinks
    "How much more do we need, Money, power and greed, Possessions steal your soul, ooh. Why are we so blind, An arrogant, thoughtless kind, We use our bodies and waste our time, ooh. Social difficulties, desperate"

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