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Al grenn love and happins

  • Al Sharp - The Beta Band
    "Is it because I'm beside myself with love That I can't say these things to you, honey? Or is it because I'm beside myself with guilt That I can't say these things to you, honey? You and me Will never"
  • Al Last - Beyonce
    "At last my love has come alongMy lonely days are overAnd life is like a songOhh yeah yeahAt lastthe skies above are blueMy heart was wrapped up in cloverThe night I looked at youI found a dream, that I"
  • Al Green - Let's Stay Together - Al Green
    "I'm, I'm so in love with you Whatever you want to do is alright with me 'Cause you make me feel, so brand new And I want to spend my life with you Me sayin' since, baby, since we've been together Ooh,"
  • Love Iz - Al Green - Erick Sermon
    "Artist: Erick Sermon f/ Al Green * Album: React Song: Love Iz * all of the musical vocals in parenthesis are Al Green samples "People in the house" - Slick Rick (Welll...) (E-Dub) Sermon - "aiight""
  • Al-Di-La - Skeeter Davis
    "La la la la la la la la la [ strings ] Al-di-la means you are far above me very far Al-di-la as distant as the lovely evening star Where you walk flowers bloom when you smile the gloom turn to sunshine And"
  • Al N' Yetta - Allan Sherman
    "Al n' Yetta always sit togedda Watching TV every single night Munching popcorn from a dish While observing Dorothy Gish (Dorothy Gish) Dorothy Gish (What a dish) What a dish Ohh Al n' Yetta couldn't have"
  • Al N Yetta - Sherman Allan
    "+Al 'N' Yetta Al 'n' Yetta always sit togedda, Watching TV every single night. Munching popcorn from a dish, While observing Dorothy Gish. (Dorothy Gish) Dorothy Gish, (What a dish) What a dish. Ohhhh, Al"
  • Sweet Al George - Brad
    "The land our forefathers was A circle of love and trust A golden smokin victory And who knew what the future would bring And now I'm at the end of the line Tryin' it all the time And you've got the baddest"
  • Invito Al Cielo - Sonic Youth
    "(Kim) Da da Da da Da da da da da Da da da da Da da da da Da When it rains When it rains When it rains The children don't play When it rains When it rains When it rains I gets the machine to get"
  • You should have listened to al - Al Stewart
    "She said "Don't you think we're going downhill? And I would hate it to be run-of-the mill "Oh love me or leave me but please don't deceive me For if you do, I'll know, believe me I want you to know I don't"
  • Al Green - For The Good Times - Al Green
    "Don't look so sad, I know it's over But life goes on and this world keeps on turning Let's just be glad we have this time to spend together There is no need to watch the bridges that were burning Lay your"
  • Gee And Al - Bodyjar
    "You say the same thing everytime And I can't figure out just why I can't feel this way I Don't need to Am I blind 'cause I can't see The reason you and I should be I don't know what to say Words might"
  • Redundant - Grenn Day
    "We're living in repetition. Content in the same old shtick again. Now the routine's turning to contention, like a production line going over and over and over, roller coaster. Now I cannot speak, I"
  • Enough (Al Jourgensen Remix) - Gravity Kills
    "Enough I love the thrill, I love the scene. Imagine you in the white light, So beautiful, you watch me bleed You're stabbing me from inside me now, Kneel down and tell me about your world, Tell me something"
  • Doxology (Al Dios De Bondad) - Helen Baylor
    "Oh shout unto God with joy in all the earth, come together before Him with gladness and with praise. Know that the Lord has made us, we are His alone, singing His praises now and ever more. Praise"
  • It's going al the way - Supremes
    "Goodbye loneliness, going on to happinessAlong I faced your frowning faceAnd held your false embraceMy sighs, my longing nightsBaby my doubts and fearsThen love just came in on meAnd wiped away my tearsAnd"
  • Al-Khaliq - Yusuf Islam
    "La illaha Ill Allah Muhammad Dur-Rasullullah Sall-Allahu Alayhi Wa Sallam Al Khaaliq made the oceans Rivers, lakes, streams and rain Bow their waves in pure submission Upon the earth to praise his name La"
  • Al Ankabut - Local Porn Star
    "Silk woven words of deciet. Lie to me... Al' Ankabut Eight legged, hand wave, your so brave. Fake to my face what you trying to say, Skies turn grey when you fade away, Can't save your grave when your"
  • Feyz Al - Ceza
    "vakit az yada ok , nakit al cebe sok , para var yada yok , filozof dede korkut'a itekaka sorma kitab brak orda , bu tarihe lanet olsun , alakok gibi ol holocausta bi son bana kalsa muson , yamuru yasn"
  • Al Azif - Opera Atomic
    "What can wait, forever isn't dead. And in the long run, even death dies. The Ancient were, these Ancients are. The Ancient will be. They walked in this world. After knowing the kingdom of stars. And the"

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