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  • Al svartr - Emperor
    "Hark, O Nightspirit Father of my dark self From within this realm, wherein Thou dwelleth By this lake of blood from which we feed to breed I call silently for thy presence as I lay this oath May the night"
  • Al Sation - Alpha
    "Anytime now You will see me I'm trembling when you smile And pick me up right off the floor I hope so How could you know? Let me see your eyes It's been awhile Should i Act surprised How could I come 'till"
  • Al Azif - Opera Atomic
    "What can wait, forever isn't dead. And in the long run, even death dies. The Ancient were, these Ancients are. The Ancient will be. They walked in this world. After knowing the kingdom of stars. And the"
  • Al Azif - Opera IX
    "What can wait forever isn't dead and in the long run, even death dies. The Ancient were, the Ancient are, the Ancient will be. They walked in this world, after knowing the kingdom of stars, and the stars"
  • Al Jazeera - Viking Moses
    "(Bizz) Yeah, yeah Rolling, rolling Ooooh We be rolling (Royal T) Another day, I cruise at the beach Car sitting low, Latino's in the next seat System booming, rims clean with the top back Rep"
  • Al Green - Let's Stay Together - Al Green
    "I'm, I'm so in love with you Whatever you want to do is alright with me 'Cause you make me feel, so brand new And I want to spend my life with you Me sayin' since, baby, since we've been together Ooh,"
  • al shaqab - Jeden
    "skur* chcą mnei dogonić ale jzu nie maja szans bo łatwiej mi ich dublować jak jakiś kaskader grand i trzymam baletki pod maską jak ta twoja blachara lecz kiedy ryczy to klaszczą te swoją turę w kolanach znowu"
  • Feyz Al - Ceza
    "vakit az yada ok , nakit al cebe sok , para var yada yok , filozof dede korkut'a itekaka sorma kitab brak orda , bu tarihe lanet olsun , alakok gibi ol holocausta bi son bana kalsa muson , yamuru yasn"
  • Young Al Capone - Rancid
    "In the army of Babylon I'm a young Al Capone My self an outlaw in the eyes of the lord Good man lose and the bad men win The blind and the sick i attenuate them Barrels of concrete and melted steel Black"
  • Mirando al mar - WarCry
    "Solo en esta celda, en esta fra prisión, condenado por extraos, espero mi ejecución. Yo s que hoy morir mirando al mar. No me hicieron juicio, no fue necesario hablar, extrao en su tierra, el enemigo"
  • Seif al din - Epica
    "The origin of a dogma Placed in a new millenium Viffied demons habe been embraced And given a warm welcome The Seif al Din Hasn't got the ghost of a chance to rust Because it has always been kept in shape"
  • Invito Al Cielo - Sonic Youth
    "(Kim) Da da Da da Da da da da da Da da da da Da da da da Da When it rains When it rains When it rains The children don't play When it rains When it rains When it rains I gets the machine to get"
  • Gee And Al - Bodyjar
    "You say the same thing everytime And I can't figure out just why I can't feel this way I Don't need to Am I blind 'cause I can't see The reason you and I should be I don't know what to say Words might"
  • Al Green - For The Good Times - Al Green
    "Don't look so sad, I know it's over But life goes on and this world keeps on turning Let's just be glad we have this time to spend together There is no need to watch the bridges that were burning Lay your"
  • Al Green - Lean On Me (Original Version) - Al Green
    "Sometimes in our lives, we all have pain, we all have sorrow But if we are wise we know that there's always tomorrow Lean on me, when you're not strong And I'll be your friend, I'll help you carry on For"
  • Al Trout's Hokum W - Amazing Dave
    "Amazing Dave Miscellaneous Al Trout's Hokum Wshboard Band (by David Rosenfield) Down in Lawrence town by the river Kaw Is the rockin'-est band you ever heard or saw You won't need earplugs 'Cuz it's just"
  • Al - Jorge Benjor
    "Vai vai vai Vai vai vai Al al, como vai? Tudo bem Vai ou fica, ou fica ou vai Al al, como vai? Al al, como vai? Voc se parece com quem? Com a sua me ou com seu pai? "Com a mame" Al al, como vai? Al al,"
  • Love Iz - Al Green - Erick Sermon
    "Artist: Erick Sermon f/ Al Green * Album: React Song: Love Iz * all of the musical vocals in parenthesis are Al Green samples "People in the house" - Slick Rick (Welll...) (E-Dub) Sermon - "aiight""
  • Al - Os Travessos
    "(refro) al tem algum ligado ai na rdio a me ouvir se houver me d um sinal al procura se algum que queira ser meu bem se houver me d um sinal mas um ano que passei tanto tempo eu esperei pra falar de sentimento resolvi"
  • Al - Martinho Da Vila
    "Al Noel Eu vou cantando o meu samba E fazendo na vida meu melhor papel Bem feliz eu sonho Ter uma vida tranqila E morar numa vila Em Vila Isabel Pode ser em qualquer rua Ou na Praa Baro de Drumond E at"

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