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Alan Jackson Where I Come From

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Alan Jackson Where I Come From

  • The Angels Cried (Alan Jackson With Alison Krauss) - Alan Jackson
    "They came from near,they came from far Following a distance star to where He lay Not being sure of what it mean,but Knowing it was their way And the creatures gathered 'round And didn't make a sound"
  • Where I Come From - Alan Jackson
    "Well I was rollin' wheels and shiftin' gears 'Round that Jersey Turnpike When Barney stopped me with his gun Ten minutes after midnight Said sir you broke the limit in that rusty ol' truck I don't know"
  • Designated Drinker (Alan Jackson With George Strait) - Alan Jackson
    "(Alan Jackson) Here's my keys, I want you to take 'em I think I'm gonna need you to get back home Hold on to my hat, I don't wanna lose it I couldn't stand for something else to be gone I'm sure you know"
  • George Strait And Alan Jackson---Murder On Music Row - Alan Jackson
    "(Larry Shell/Larry Cordle) Nobody saw them running From 16th Avenue They never found the fingerprints Or the weapon that was used But someone killed country music Cut out its heart and soul They got away"
  • Gone Country By Alan Jackson - Alan Jackson
    "She's been playing at a room on the strip for ten years in Vegas Every night she looks in the mirror but she only ages She's been readin' 'bout Nashville and all the records that everybody's buying Says"
  • Alan - Tim Curry
    "There's a man Hanging by his pants-seat While the moon Is hanging over 4th street People stop and look at him They think they understand They know that you're loaded And you're crazy And they think you're"
  • There's A New Kid In Town (Alan Jackson With Keith Whitley) - Alan Jackson
    "We're looking for The King The new Messiah We're following the star Shining brighter Old man won't you help us if you can He shook his head But he pointed his hand There's a new kid in town And he's"
  • Jackson Cage - Bruce Springsteen
    "Driving home she grabs something to eat Turns a corner and drives down the street Into a row of houses she just melts away Like the scenery in another man's play Into a house where the blinds are closed To"
  • Jackson (Alan That Is) - Cledus T. Judd
    "Parody of Jackson by Johnny Cash (G. Rogers/E. Weeler), Bexhill Music Corp. (ASCAP)/Quarter Music Inc. (ASCAP) New lyrics by Cledus T. judd and Chris Clark, La-Po Music (BMI)/Music Genesis (ASCAP) Well,"
  • Right On The Money- By Alan Jackson - Alan Jackson
    "Let's begin with the day I met her How fast this good old boys world got better The sky got bluer, the grass got greener Just the first few seconds after i first seen her Like my, favorite song on a new"
  • Jackson And Kentucky - Oscar Brand
    "Ye gentlemen and ladies fair, that grace New Orleans city, Come listen, if you've time to spare, while I rehearse a ditty; And for the opportunity consider yourself lucky: It is not often that you see"
  • Where I Come From - Guided By Voices
    "There's sense in arguing That's something you believe in Can't hope ??? someones good advice Don't have much money to lay around and grieve in Better off just keep your mouth shut Come on boys be nice You"
  • Michael Jackson - Fatboy Slim
    "Where do we go? Michael Where do we go? Michael Where do we go? Michael Where do we go? Michael Where do we go? Michael Where do we go? Michael Where do we go? Michael Where do we go? Michael Where do"
  • Irma Jackson - Merle Haggard
    "I'd love to shout my feelin's from a mountain high Tell the world I love her and I will till I die There's no way the world will understand that love is colour blind That's why Irma Jackson can't be mine I"
  • Michael Jackson - Negativland
    ""What are you gonna do?" "I'm gonna record all the noise." "Oh, yeah?" "Well, you know, actually, right here in this neighborhood, we don't have a heck of a lot of noise.... (No, we don't either.) Um,"
  • Jackson Cannery - Ben Folds
    "Stop the bus! I wanna be lonely When seconds pass slowly and years go flying by. You gotta stop the bus, I'll get off here. Enough's enough And I'm leaving this factory All she wants Is food"
  • Ms. Jackson - Outkast
    "Yeah this one right here goes out to all the baby's mamas, mamas... Mamas, mamas, baby mamas, mamas Yeah, go like this I'm sorry Ms. Jackson (OOOH) I am for real Never meant to make your daughter cry I"
  • Back Where I Come From - Kenny Chesney
    "In the town where I was raised The clock ticks and the cattle graze Time passed with Amazing Grace Back where I come from Now you can lie on a riverbank Paint your name on a water tank Or miscount all"
  • Jackson Cannery - Ben Folds Five
    "Stop the bus I wanna be lonely When seconds pass slowly And years go flying by You gotta stop the bus I'll get off here Enough's enough I'm leaving this factory All she wants Is food on the table I won't"
  • Stoney Jackson - Kool Keith
    "This is a message - yeah To all you jheri curl, cats - SOLAR - yknahmsayin? You Chic kids, seventy-four niggaz, SEVENTY-FOUR niggaz Fuck that I remember them niggaz with jheri curls Nobody's hardcore niggaz"

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