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Alan Watts - What do you desire?

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Alan Watts - What do you desire?

  • Alan Watts Blues - Van Morrison
    "Well I'm taking some time with my quiet friend Well I'm takin' some time on my own. Well I'm makin' some plans for my getaway There'll be blue skies shining up above When I'm cloud hidden Cloud hidden Whereabouts"
  • Desire - Everything Everything
    "I want this planet And I want it now To beat like an anvil til the poisonous out I am a pencil-pusher with pencil-pusher blues What the hell do I have left to lose And I can’t stop now Can you do the"
  • Desire - Erik Faber
    "I told her to stay awake didn't know the game she would play the path she cut for me didn't know how it would be oh, am I weary is it only in my head oh, how I wish that she would stay she, she's taking"
  • Desire - Darin Zanyar
    "Tell me what you wantTell me what you needTell me what you see in meGive me what I wantGive me what I needGive me what you've got... give meGirl you're sexyGirl you're coolLet me give you what you needGirl"
  • If You (2000 Watts Remix) - Silk
    "And if you're feelin' like (lovin' me) And, and if you're feelin' like Lovin' me, lovin' me, lovin' me And if you're feelin' like (lovin' me) And And 1 - And if you're feelin' like lovin' me, lovin'"
  • 2000 Watts - Michael Jackson
    "Bass note, treble, stereo control, how low you go Just enough to make your juices flow Press play, dont stop, rotate, too hot You feel Im real Im everything you need, so tell me whats the deal 2000"
  • Compton Watts - Bg Knocc Out & Dresta
    "Hahaha, this is 4 all you fools dat don't know what's up yet... (dre'sta) I come ruff, I come real ruff And get 'nuff stuff. Demolition bustas, leave 'em like suckas. I'ma bastard not an actor, Bitch"
  • Alan - Envy And Other Sins
    "Every now and then, every now and then Alan tries to stop the rot, gotta stop the rot Alan, They should be ashamed, something should be done, They should be nailed to the wall. We sit here and observe"
  • Alan - Tim Curry
    "There's a man Hanging by his pants-seat While the moon Is hanging over 4th street People stop and look at him They think they understand They know that you're loaded And you're crazy And they think you're"
  • The Return Of Alan Bean - Stina Nordenstam
    "Well I'm walking in these streets again I'm back and it all looks the same And I feel like a man who returned from the moon Gotta be what it's like to return from the moon I've been travelling"
  • Desire - Murray McLauchlan
    "Desire, but you can't have what you want... And you want it so bad Desire is burning you out You want it all right in your hand Desire you haven't ever got enough Of the right stuff, the right stuff Desire Sets"
  • Desire - Holly Valance
    "Late night Party time All around me The room is jumping This feeling I can't contain it Got me reeling Our bodies pumping Your eyes move Like on my body And the headlights The heat is rising Nothing that"
  • Desire - Lisa Chappell
    "I don't want to think, I just want to feel escape in your arms, splash around in your skin 'cause you woke me up from a sleep so deep that now I can't live not without you Let me run through the night"
  • Desire - Years & Years
    "I must be tough I must behave, I must keep fighting Don't give it up I want to keep us compromising Open your arms and pray To the truth that you're denying Give in to the game To the sense that you've"
  • Desire - Gene Loves Jezebel
    "Oh sugar I've been missing you And I've been wondering, where it is you're hiding I've been a ball of fire in your arms desire And I've been wondering, where it is you're hiding What you get is what you"
  • Desire - Jeremy Camp
    "You want to be real, you want to be empty inside You want to be someone laying down your pride You want to be someone someday Then lay it all down before the king You want to be whole, you want to have"
  • Desire - Ryan Adams
    "Two hearts fading, like a flower. And all this waiting, for the power. For some answer, to this fire. Sinking slowly. The waters higher. Desire With no secrets. No obsession. This time I'm speeding"
  • Desire - Darkseed
    "See, I fall for you Feel the hurts You do My world seems To fall apart I stand alone You burn in me You beat in me Desire You are my Pulsing heart You beat Tears in darkened Stillness Thunder Rain in me"
  • Desire - Gay Dad
    "Feels like I'm falling away She's too dark for me I listen to her constantly Free from the need My little life of luxury Desire is a funny thing Taking my place in the world I try to find a piece of mind Wasn't"
  • Desire - Mulu
    "Dry your eyes, I am here, ready to catch your tears, When they fall into my hands. I understand what you demand, I see you want to give, And the love that you have. Desire, brings a passion new, And let"

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