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Alan walker feat iselin

  • On My Way (Feat. Alan Walker, Farruko) - Sabrina Carpenter
    "I'm sorry but Don't wanna talk I need a moment before I go It's nothing personal I draw the blinds They don't need to see me cry 'Cause even if they understand They don't understand So then when I'm"
  • Calma (Alan Walker Remix) - Pedro Capó, Alan Walker, Farruko
    "cuatro abrazos y un cafe apenas me desperte y al mirrte recorde que ya todo lo encontre tu mano en mi mano de todo escapanos juntos ver sol caer vamos pa la playa pa curaerte el alma cierra la pantalla abre"
  • Sheep (Alan Walker Relift) - Lay
    "big things sure enough there`s a monster coming from the forest sheep gang glorious run thru the city with a message for it [???] you can see my footprints on the concrete everything I pictured all"
  • Alan Walke feat. K-391 , Martin Tungevaag & DJ Mangoo - Play - Alan Walker
    "We used to hide under the covers Serenade each other With careless melodies Something buried deep inside us The major and the minor We're like piano keys You played for me You played for me, oh oh You"
  • Back to Beautiful (ft. Alan Walker) - Sofia Carson
    "They say You’re not enough You’re not brave enough You should cover up your body Tell me Watch my weight Gotta paint my face Or else no one’s gonna want me Why do we say this to ourselves? And even worse"
    "Chodzisz w Fendi, Gucci, Prada twoje stilo wciąż żenada zero tripu to twój standard szkło i mefa, twa samara Bugs i Alan Alkantara ... Wchodzę hakiem, Abdul-Jabbar Wchodzisz bokiem i wypadasz polak,"
  • Zabawa (feat. Szymi Szyms, Alan) - Trill Pem
    "Cechuje mnie narcyzm To prawda Za dobry bit, za kwit Zabawa Gdziekolwiek nie idę to brawa Nie kumasz mnie, to nie, to nara Bo wiem już jak i gdzie, za ile Powiedz mi jak czujesz to Zajebiście Bo mam ten"
  • Ona Tu Jest (feat. Alan) - VIVAT
    "wiem że Ona Tu Jest chyba słysze jej szept nie jestem sobą wiem ze ona i ja to co zdarza się raz chcę walczyć o nią schowałem gdzieś kod ktoś mówił ze to wtedy mnie boli ktoś taki jak ja nie może być"
  • Walk Alone (feat. Tom Walker) - Rudimental
    "Showed up at the right time In a broke down limousine All you had was red lights I went and turned them all to green I found you in the landslide And pulled you out again the hardest conversations are"
  • Heart Over Mind (feat. Daya) - Alan Walker
    "Tekst piosenki 'Heart Over Mind' od Alan Walker. Premiera 9 listopada 2023r."
  • Alan - Envy And Other Sins
    "Every now and then, every now and then Alan tries to stop the rot, gotta stop the rot Alan, They should be ashamed, something should be done, They should be nailed to the wall. We sit here and observe"
  • Alan - Tim Curry
    "There's a man Hanging by his pants-seat While the moon Is hanging over 4th street People stop and look at him They think they understand They know that you're loaded And you're crazy And they think you're"
  • Sun Will Shine (feat. Tom Walker) - Robin Schulz
    "It feels like we're falling apart Just a little unstable We're both half asleep at the wheel Yeah we're struggling to save us So we both get drunk and talk all night Pour out our hearts, try to make it"
  • Song For John Walker - Dj Krush
    "(feat. Anticon) There's a little Johnny Walker Lindh in every Meadow Creek middle school And when the rap tape grows up Each wave topples at first wind before the self settles in the body The names"
  • Walker - Lady Pank
    "Korytarzem Gdynia - GdańskPromenadą Gwiazd idzie człowiekI nie pytaj go kim jestWydra to czy pies - co ma w głowieCzy to dzień czy to nocNic nie dziwi goI tak idzie sobieCzy to dzień czy to nocNic nie"
  • Good Good (feat. 21 Savage, Summer Walker) - Usher
    "e ain’t good good, but we still good We ain’t good good, but we still good I hate that we didn’t make it to forever Probably ain’t getting back together But that don’t mean that I can’t wish you better We"
  • Always On My Mind (feat. Bradley Walker) - Eric Clapton
    "Maybe I didn't love you Quite as often as I could have Maybe I didn't treat you Quite as good as I should have If I made you feel second best Girl, I'm sorry I was blind You were always on my mind You"
  • Strongest (feat. Ina Wroldsen) - Alan Walker
    "you sit here with that look on your face like you won like nothing that I say is gonna change how you feel now you sit there and you tell me you fell outta love and we are in your way so you just gotta"
  • Extremes (feat. Trevor Daniel) - Alan Walker
    "What if I told you I loved you? What if I told you I lied? Remember all of our hellos As I tell you goodbye Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh If you see me in a daze I feel better, outta place It's true, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh I"
  • Shut Up (feat. UPSAHL) - Alan Walker
    "You're miserable inside your mind (oh my, oh my) Been dancing circles 'round your eyes (oh my, oh my) It's stepping on the dreams of everyone you meet This stupid mess will get you high Why don't you"

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