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  • Inspiration - Grace Jones
    "I'm hoping to find a new source of information, I'll step off the line, I've been searching for some inspiration, The thing I wrote off as false came true, Another gift of mine with love from me to"
  • Inspiration - Sanctus Real
    "Restless heart Wait a little while longer Heaven is holding out for you still Lay your hand on somebody's shoulder While you're here show someone you care... Show them you're there Inspiration is"
  • Inspiration - I Against I
    "In the darknessRuns my soulSearching for lightAnd everything that it hasThe nature is the sourceOf all my inspirationI feel the meaning of my lifehas just diedMy soul at last found itselfBut I cant find"
  • Inspiration for Life - AspidistrA
    "I leave campus after lectures Down the ancient streets I walk Reach paths roamed by Copernicus As I join the Old Town throng Crowds admire redbrick towers Looming over city squares Sidewalk cafes and"
  • Sweet Inspiration - Farm
    "----------------- Sweet Inspiration For the whole of my nation Every day you spend in captivity Every day you're denied your liberty You were always searching for a better way Always searching for a brighter"
  • Sweet Inspiration - Kim Wilde
    "Written by S. Welton-Jaimes, J. & M. Jaimes Sweet inspiration Through the nation With elation for your love Inspiration, Sweet inspiration Sweet inspiration Through the nation With elation for your love Inspiration,"
  • Soul & Inspiration - Righteous Brothers
    "Girl I can't let you do this Let you walk away Girl how can I live through this When you are all I wake up for each day, baby You're my soul and my life's inspiration You're all I've got to get me by You're"
  • Bovine Inspiration - Comecon
    "No more livestock no more listlessness As long as we're quiet our dreams are blessed by hands that smite and feet that clatter against the roof of time uncertainty will shatter Open - rise a choice career"
  • Alanis' Interlude (with Alanis Morissette) - Halsey
    "Utwór "Alanis' Interlude" pochodzi z albumu "Manic" Halsey. Data premiery wydawnictwa została wyznaczona na 17 stycznia 2019 roku."
  • Love Faith Inspiration - Lindsay Pagano
    "Love&Faith&Inspiration Language without conversation There's no better God creation Planet Earth is our vacation Love&Faith&Inspiration (say it again) Love&Faith&Inspiration Language without conversation"
  • Love & Faith & Inspiration - Lindsay Pagano
    "Love & Faith & Inspiration Language without conversation There's no better God creation Planet Earth is our vacation Love & Faith & Inspiration (say it again) Love & Faith & Inspiration Language without"
  • Inspiration To Violence - Channel Zero
    "Blind force, blind fate No innocence, deadly hate This time we're gonna see a fight You'll see who's wrong and who's right We will walk on the street of the dead One survivor no regret One rush that takes"
  • Critisism As Inspiration - Pedro The Lion
    "i saw in your bedroom the drawers had been emptied looking for answers but you won't admit it now you don't need a reason that's what you tell me but i still don't buy it you drink yourself silly night"
  • To My Inspiration - Nightingale
    "All my life You have been here beside me Through the days and nights We were as one Now you're gone I'm sorry that I couldn't see That I treated you wrong That I drove you away Oh... my love don't leave"
  • Love & Faith & Inspiration (Reprise) - Lindsay Pagano
    "Life is a story Listen while I tell it Love (love) and faith (and faith) and inspiration Love & Faith & Inspiration Language without conversation Love & Faith & Inspiration Language without conversation Love"
  • Without A Doubt (Inspiration) - Maria McKee
    "You gave me encouagement, for to do what iam doing now. and it's all thanks 2 u, coz you're my inspiration without a doubt without a doubt you're the one who told me, i could do it if i try. and now i"
  • There Goes My Inspiration - Utopia
    "They say pain can bring out the artist's best But since you've been gone, I just can't care less Common sense doesn't realize It can hurt so bad Everyday I sit in my garret staring at the floor But my"
  • Inspiration - Ian Van Dahl
    "When your dreams are lost and blown awayand you need someone to make your dayI'll be your inspirationI'll be your inspirationIf there comes a time your hope is goneand you need some help to carry onI'll"
  • Inspiration - Michel Jonasz
    "J'me jette l'eau Et surtout surtout si j'me noie Prte-moi ta respiration Inspiration J'ai cette histoire Sur l'bout d'la langue sur l'bout des doigts Aide-moi pour cette expiration Inspiration Rendez-vous"
  • Inspiration - Stephen Speaks
    "(Job 32:8) (R. Ripperger) You are my inspiration in work and in play In the verses I sing and the words that I say You are to my life, what the sunshine is to the day And you know that you're welcome"

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