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Alejandro Fuentes - All My Life ( Singel)

  • Fuentes - Gals Panic
    "She had a banana tree Got Cds in the mail for free She'd bruise so easily My April fresh And I can remember what my biology professor said Said About the praying mantis who found his love But lost his"
  • Alejandro - Lady GaGa
    "I know that we are young. And i know you may love me. But i just can't be with you like this anymore. Alejandro. She's like revenge In a bucket. And she wont look at you, Won't look at you. She hides"
  • Single life - 112
    "Single Life,Single Life Single Life,Single Life There was a time In my life when There was no place I'd rather be, Than with you, I loved you desperately, On my mind all the time, I gave you every kind"
  • Eternal Love - Fernando Fuentes Vargas - Fame Factory
    "Mmm... Here, at the peaceful break of day, there's a feeling life is breathin' again The winds of mercy throw the heavy clouds away And in heaven, no more teardrops turn to rain Ooh (We can hear a"
  • All I'm running for - Alejandro Fuentes
    "The taste of a lover Making me feel like I'm One in a million Burning my eyes when I see her smile Hold it like that; I'll be back in a while Baby, I'm turning over soon I hope I can see you When I"
  • Single Life - Cameo
    "Every little thing you do Makes me smile And if I had my way, baby I'd tie you up for a while I'd take you through the paces One by one I don't wanna get too serious I just like having fun Yeah, yeah I"
  • Single Life - Sarina Paris
    "Freedom's all around, dancing as we paint the town Friends they do surround we are single, yeah It's so great to be answerin' to nobody Freedom's got the sounds we are single, yeah Freedom's all around,"
  • Sail Away - Alejandro Fuentes
    "Sail away with me honey I put my heart in your hand Sail away with me honey now, now, now Sail away with me What will be will be I wanna hold you now, now, now Crazy skies are wild above me now Winter"
  • Stars - Alejandro Fuentes
    "One stolen look cross the room an illusive smile, but soon baby soon. One minute for every hour but time hasn't been on our side on our side. Still holding on been waiting so long for that indelible time. When"
  • Single - Natasha Bedingfield
    "Ah yeah that's right All you single people out there This is for you I'm not waitin' around for a man to save me (Cos I'm happy where I am) Don't depend on a guy to validate me (No no) I don't"
  • Single - Everything But The Girl
    "I called you from the hotel phone I haven't dialled this code before I'm sleeping later and waking later I'm eating less and thinking more And how am I without you? Am I more myself or less myself? I feel"
  • Single - Bad Astronaut
    "Day one just starting to make it my obsession 4 AM, two stars, drunk in hell, waiting for sun. Day two I call you by mistake "Hello, how are you, I'm fine, I miss you too" You don't give a shit Thers's"
  • Single All The Way - Home Grown
    "(-NaStY-) I'm so happy now that I'm I'm a single guy No more relationships 'Cause i don't wanna try To make them work out right I'm not being nice When i got rid of you Was the best day of my life Yeah.. I"
  • Sexy Single - Anastacia
    "All my life I've tried to find A love to give me piece of mind And I, I looked into your eyes Captivated by your wicked smile I was mesmerized there For a while or two But what's a girl gonna do?"
  • Single Girl - The Manhattan Transfer
    "When I was single the life I led was mine Thought that when I married I'd be happy al the time Lord I wish I was A single girl again Lord I wish I was A single girl again When I was a single girl The"
  • Single girl - Manhattan Transfer
    "When I was single the life I led was mine Thought that when I married I'd be happy al the time Lord I wish I was A single girl again Lord I wish I was A single girl again When I was a single girl The boys"
  • Feelin' Single - R. Kelly
    "I can’t believe you’re playing me like this, I thought the love we shared, the contacts we’ve had. Remember? Yeah Feels like it’s over, My heart tells me she’s in love with someone else. Gave me the"
  • Single Father - Kid Rock
    ""Lately I've been spendin lots of time with my kid Tellin him stories About the things that we did When we were a family Long time ago I've answerd his questions Till I'm blue in the face Wish all that"
  • Single Phial - Skyclad
    "I have walked the earth so many times before your birth, Today is only yesterday's tomorrow. And as a Gardner in Eden it was i who sowed the seed then I've come to reclaim this life you borrow. Singing"
  • Single Sided - Alchemist
    "Forced to hear your words, though they might be true. Say what you will, others have different points of view. Im hearing all that you say. You forgot no ones the same. This cannot be, you rant and"

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