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Alesha Dixon - To Love Again

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Alesha Dixon - To Love Again

  • To Love Again - Alesha Dixon
    "All this time i felt so lost, lost and needed help. Incomplete, out of reach, All alone by myself. It all becomes so clear, when i see your face. And its only when youre near, I feel im safe. So before"
  • Can I Begin - Alesha Dixon
    "As much as I've been tryna say As much as I appear OK Been holdin' on Pretending like nothing's wrong There's many things I wanna see But first of all, I gotta see me 'Cuz I can't breathe *Now that we're"
  • Hand It Over - Alesha Dixon
    "There's a part that doesn't even work at all Ran out of power cause I left it on But there's a part that still believes in love But now it's turning cold Cause I let somebody handle and they made it hurt"
  • Mason-Dixon Lines - Waylon Jennings
    "someone who knows me well is spreading rumors about the hearts i've broken in my time from northern maine down to palestine,texas they're talking bout my mason dixon lines my texas drawl just killes them"
  • Hypnotic - Alesha Dixon
    "Hypnotik Where is she from Johnny? Alright, alright, alight, alright, ladies and gentlemen Welcome, It's Saturday Night Are you ready for the beautiful, the lovely, incomparable Ladies and Gentlemen -"
  • I'm Thru - Alesha Dixon
    "In terms of lies and filthI don't amount to muchMy soul is sugar sweetWith an angelic touchBut every single boy who thinksI'm worth a tryWell I'd like to give him one in the eyeI've had enough of givingNow"
  • Ooh Baby I Like It Like That - Alesha Dixon
    "Verse So you did it, do it again Who you kidding, ten out of ten Yeah you did it, do it again, In a minute, I'll tell you when Little pictures in my mind, but I Got to make it on my own, if i Try to fake"
  • Fired up - Alesha Dixon
    "Fire it up Are you ready? (Fired up) So get funky (Fired up) Whooo Uh, yeah Hey Mmm, yeah Uhh If I write you a letter Inviting you to come on to me Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (Woo, oo, oo, ooh) Yeah, yeah,"
  • Do You Know The Way It Feels - Alesha Dixon
    "Have you felt the pain Of a love so deep Yo think your heart might break? Has someone touched your soul So deep inside Did you feel your whole world stop The moment that you looked into their eyes? Oh,"
  • Don't Ever Let Me Go - Alesha Dixon
    "In life the things that we try don't work the first time It's okay, you've gotta start again, rewind the tape babe Get paid, yeah you made a mistake, but you're telling the story It's okay, take a break"
  • Breathe Slow - Alesha Dixon
    "I'm running out of patience cos I can't believe what the hell I'm hearing And speaking of hell, it don't compare to this heat that I'm feeling I love you too much, it shows All my emotions go out of control Good"
  • The Way We Are - Alesha Dixon
    "Every move we make Call it a mistake Looking at a wall like a prisoner in chains Tell us that we’re wrong Tell us what we want Trow us in an ocean that I know we don’t belong That’s when the passion comes"
  • Mystery - Alesha Dixon
    "Listen up Little girls gather round let me tell you all about my day I got blown around by a big bad wolfs games As I took a little trip to town, took the merry-go-round again (ha-ha) At first I was sippin'"
  • Superficial - Alesha Dixon
    "(Ad-lib) I guess what I'm trying to say is, Every day is like a different flavour I know it can be superficial But in the end, there's more that I discover I'll it break down, what I'm saying Cos"
  • Superficia - Alesha Dixon
    "(Ad-lib) I guess what I'm trying to say is, Every day is like a different flavour I know it can be superficial But in the end, there's more that I discover I'll it break down, what I'm saying Cos one day"
  • Italians Do It Better - Alesha Dixon
    "Let's get creative Thinking you could be my Romeo tonight I bet you want to taste it I got what you've been looking for Come with me, alright Let's get creative Think of all the things we'd like to do"
  • Drummer Boy - Alesha Dixon
    "I think I need a better drummer Say : What ? I say : I think i need a better drummer I need a drummer boy (boy) A better drummer boy (hey) Pick up your stick (ha) Hit me with your best (shot) Ehh,"
  • Ron Dixon Dumped D-D - The Toy Dolls
    "Na na na D-D's got a horses head, enough to make yer sick How could Ron Dixon have wed Red Rum with lipstick The most repulsive sight on earth, to ugly to discuss How could anyone give birth to a bird"
  • To Love Again - Jonny Lang
    "I been sleeping way too long Searched for the answers but Couldn't find one Thought I had it under control Yet I was dyin', I didn't even know I needed something You showed me how to love again To love"
  • To Love Again - Diana Ross
    "(M. Masser/G. Goffin) When you smiled as if you knew me There was nothing else that I could do Without a word I tried to follow you And it was good for me to know That I could try to love again And the"

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