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Alessia Cara - Trust My Lonely

  • Trust My Lonely - Alessia Cara
    "It's time I let you go I made the mistake: go writing your name on my heart 'Cause you colors showed But it was too late, You left me stained, caught it art"
  • WILD (ft. Alessia Cara) - Troye Sivan
    "Trying hard not to fall On the way home You were trying to wear me down, down Kissing up on fences And up on walls On the way home I guess it's all working out, now 'Cause there's still too long to the"
  • Babies (feat. Alessia Cara) - KYLE
    "i am pretty insecure i know i'm immature and you change your mood like clothes first you, on off caught up on off come /4x go and I was learning ABC's no one taught me how to love you I mess up you get"
  • Hell and High Water (feat. Alessia Cara) - Major Lazer
    "I had to pay my dues I’ve hit all my rock bottoms I feel right thhrough the roof I swam through heavy waters Life can get difficut I know, o know it But one thing i know for sure Is i sm still breathing I"
  • 1-800-273-8255 (ft. Alessia Cara, Khalid) - Logic
    "I’ve been on the low I been taking my time I feel like I’m out of my mind I feel like my life ain’t mine who can relate? I’ve been on the low I been taking my time I feel like I’m out of my mind I feel"
  • Canada (feat. Alessia Cara) - Lauv
    "Lauv ogłosił że na jego debiutanckim albumie "how i’m feeling" (premiera 6 marca 2020 roku) znajdą się utwory z BTS, Alessią Carą i Sofíą Reyes."
  • Trust - Vandread
    "Tatoeba kimi no sono ude ga Kusari ni tsunagaretemo Tatoeba itsuka kono sora ga Moetsukite shimau doushitemo Kibou dake wa shinjite Kagayaku hoshi no kage ni Yami ga suberu sekai ga aru Tatta hitotsu"
  • I Choose (piosenka z filmu Rodzeństwo Willoughby) - Alessia Cara
    "all of my life I thought I was right looking for something new stuck in my ways like old-fashioned days but all the roads led me to you the house that you live in don’t make it a home but feeling lonely don’t"
  • Out Of Love - Alessia Cara
    "I won’t tell you I’m lonely cause it may be selfish I won’t ask you to hold me cause that won’t mend what’s helpless there’s not a thing i could say not a song I could sing for your mind to change nothing"
  • Lonely - Ayo
    "The truth will reach you some day All that I can do is wait I hope that we can talk Talk one day May your words bring back my faith For there were too many lies And never much of the truth Some bad ingredients"
  • Lonely - Koffee
    "Where the bassline? Up inna the daytime Had a late night But I never laid down I never stay down I hope your day's fine We should spend the day now, ayy I'm gonna make time So you should make time And"
  • Lonely - Britney Spears
    "To think I'm so naive How dare you Play with me? I gave you Heart and soul, yeah Tell me baby, please Why you screwing With my head? I don't think You understand I won't take your huh No more Don't knock"
  • Lonely - Zoe Wees
    "It’s gonna be la la la la la la la lonely I should be the happiest woman ever alive But right now I don’t feel like it, oh I just wanna die I got some wheels, got those deals, got those credit cards But"
  • Steel Trust - Laibach
    "Lonely days Eternal nights Sweet words of youth In paradise Where only emptiness Remains the same I love you more and more in pain Quiet dreams In golden cage Were sent to us From different age To tell"
  • Trust - The Bears
    "This world hangs by a slender thread, Trust Wrapped up in a treacherous web, Trust And one man pulls the string bring down the whole damn thing don't betray my trust With a surgeons drawing lines on"
  • Trust - Squeeze
    "(Difford/Tilbrook) WARNING: These lyrics are unconfirmed and may be inaccurate. They represent the best attempt at deciphering the song we have yet to see. Trust in me my tongue is weeping Words"
  • Trust - Bears, The
    "Bears, The The Bears Trust This world hangs by a slender thread, trust Wrapped up in a treacherous web, trust And one man pulls the string Bring down the whole damn thing Don't betray my trust With a"
  • Trust - Prince
    "(W,X,Y,Z) "Hey, it's the man! Yeah, let's see what's going on!" Trust - who do ya? Trust - what makes U a real lover? Trust - I put this question to ya Cuz I want U 2 be with me Love - U cannot imagine How"
  • Trust - Jasmine Guy
    "I trust youI trust that you will in future look after meTrust is very importentHow can we both be together without trustWithout turst the world would be down hillWithout trust trust trustThere'd be no"
  • Trust - Pete Murray
    "I sit so alone in a room Bright light on my face Interrogation consists of two Questions of my faith C'mon baby, come on shake me You won't leave me alone C'mon make me, c'mon break me I won't take it"

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