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Alex Evans - Forever or Neve

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Alex Evans - Forever or Neve

  • Alex theme - Akira Yamaoka
    "It started long before me... I never saw it coming... The distance, the promise... A state of isolation... And in my darkest nightmare, Things that I can't remember... The answer, is drowning, this pain"
  • All Night Long - Faith Evans - Faith Evans
    "I like this right here, yeah Bad boy, and we won't stop Faith, 99 1 - we can dance, dance, dance Clap your hands, hands, hands All night, if you're in the mood Do what you wanna do All night long Happy"
  • Alex Again - Caulfields
    "Caulfields Whirligig Alex Again (John Faye/Mike Simpson) Alex got her name because her father wished her born a son A fancy name for a flighty girl Now flight of fancy runs amok on everyone Daddy took"
  • Alex Kidd - Dopamine
    "State your claims Do you have to abuse my convictions? Starve yourself they said it helps Wear me down Spend a fortune going where Take forever to get there Sometimes your near People change Does that"
  • Alex English - Dance Gavin Dance
    "Stop! The first one to hit the cop wins His death was so obvious Make up the things that you did I hid in bushes, I was tripping on thizz Description, of no sir you can't ignore The lights they are blinding,"
  • We Know - Faith Evans - Talib Kweli
    "Hey Y'all I feel good right? (mmm...hmmm...) Yeah, ok, uhh.. Now what that make me talk about? Love, love, love, love... Yeah, that's what the world need, ha Yo, that's what your girl need All right,"
  • The Ballad Of Timothy Evans - Christy Moore
    "Tim Evans was a prisoner down in his prison cell And those who read about his crime condemned his soul to hell Go down you murderers go down For the killing of his own dear wife and murder of his child The"
  • Neve Marry a railroad man - Shocking Blue
    "Have you been broken hearted once or twice?If it's yes, how did you feel at his first lies?If it's no, you need this good advice:Never marry a railroad manHe loves you every now and thenHis heart is at"
  • Alex In Paradise - Karmakanic
    "There's someone I know who knows it all. Even though he knows nothing at all. In gods all nativity there is always more to see, In this world.... There's no tomorrow in his mind There's nothing else for"
  • Here comes Alex - UK Subs
    "At times you only livelike a robot every daythe only excitement in your lifeis watchin' your own TVeveryone is a clockwork programmeand nobody revoltsjust a bunch of kidsfrustratedWhen the sun goes downthe"
  • Forever Or Never - Cinema Bizarre
    "I dont believe in miracles I never did Nothing ever happens here So sick of it I-I-I told you I-I-I need to Get - get myself into something new Im for something mystical, hysterical, Dark, intensive,"
  • Forever Or Never - Shinee
    "Geu gutge damun ipsuri mwol mal halji Museun saeng-gakaneunji nan buranhae Hot, Hot, Hot taneun Kung, kung, kung ttwineun naye gaseumeun neomaneul wonhae Ajik naye sarangi eorin deu tae Mangseorigo"
  • Now Or Forever - D:a:d
    "Rich & free, and a life beyond worries Time like words can be wasted too much Tried to cut his own wrist with an electric razor It's a disease no doctor will touch Maybe it's now or forever, now or forever See"
  • Vertigo (ft. Alex Turner) - Mini Mansions
    "Oh, you know me, from all my videos Isn't it time we hit the road? Oh, you want me, that's all you need to know Wish you were mine, I got to go Oh, you miss me, our love's in stereo Isn't it finer in mono Oh,"
  • Alex - Dżem
    "Byłaś w moim śnie, ubrana w sukienkę z mgły, Wszystko jak dawniej a jednak inaczej, w oczach łzy i lęk. Nie powiedziałem ani słowa, kiedy tak blisko obok siebie Widziałem miłość i rozpacz, a moje"
  • Speak now or forever - Cheap Trick
    "Yesterday feels like running away Feels like givin' the child gettin' lost losin' my mind I'm feelin' low and I got no place to go Gettin' all tied up, feelin' all tied up yeah yeah Oh yesterday feels"
  • Forever - Ben Harper
    "Not talkin' 'bout a year No not three or four I don't want that kind of forever In my life anymore Forever always seems To be around when it begins But forever never seems To be around when it ends So"
  • Forever - Dave Hollister
    "(Oh Oh Oh) It's forever baby from this day forth just me and you (forever baby) I love you sweet heart listen Verse 1: From this day I must this day I trust From this day there's no more me only us From"
  • Forever - Jaheim
    "Forever the love I have for you will last forever Loving you always Forever my love for you won't change Cause loving you is the best thing I can do Looking back on the times before You cared My life"
  • Forever - Milk Inc.
    "Seems like yesterday Was a game we played Or a scene from a movie Can't we freeze the frame Can't we pause the game Can't you always be with me Am I running out of time? Am I really losing my mind? Am"

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