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Alexandr marshal

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Alexandr marshal
  • Savages Marshal Dear
  • Eminem Steve Berman (Not In Marshal Mathers Lp)
    "(the way i am playing in background) Eminem: Hey steve...Vanessa said you wanted to see me? What's up? Steve: Marshal? I can call you Marshal right? Eminem: Uh...sure... Steve: Good...sit the fuck down"
  • Marshal Crenshaw This Street
    "Music and screams on this street of twisted dreams People staring (into space) and talking (to themselves, get it?) Baby let's keep walking Pretend I'm a king and you're a queen this is our paradee and"
  • UK Subs Police state
    "There's a road block on the cornerthey put up from time to timeThey say we need a witnessTo a very serious crime We're living in a police stateFear behind each doorLiving in a police stateState of marshal"
  • Chad Mitchell Trio Queen Elinor's Confession
    "Queen Elinor was a sick woman And afraid that she would die When she sent for two friars out of France To come to her speedily When the King he heard the Queen had sent For friars from o'er the sea He"
  • Star One High Moon
    "(Storyteller:) Memories come back to me, it's the 22nd century Unthinkable events occur on the 3rd moon of Jupiter (Worker:) I'd leave this hellhole if I could The mining's hard but the pay is good There"
  • Thievery Corporation The Outernationalist
    "Jah Rastafari One heart One love One moon One earth One light The almighty Jah Rastafari Unfathomable Master builder of creastion Jah rastafari Who stands to rule and reign worldwide Ras mean king Tafari"
  • Kataklysm Fathers From The Suns
    "(Act I - The Occurred Barrier) Fathers... From the Suns... The Vault of Millenniums. I address to the dual Keepers. The embraced Components misdivide the solemn prevalence. Let be the Matrix... And sunder"
  • Vandals Mohawk town
    "Now Mohawk John knew he did wrong when he went and killed some men They sent for the marshal to bring him in they sent for Marshal Skin He rolled into town, and pulled his cowboy hat down Cause everyone"
  • Sabaton Far From The Fame
    "As the great war is over and lost He's been wounded in war, he returns with awards Into battle again far from home From a far distant land, our Marshal command Home Siblings sent to their death His wife"
  • Gino Vanelli Mardi gras
    "I broke the doldrums of my dreary dreamsThe London Bridge kept fallin' downI blew my coop and flew to New OrleansTo feast my heart on higher groundI wanna thank you for the love you bringLouisiana is a"
  • Iced Earth Cities On Flame
    "My heart is black, and my lips are cold Cities on flame with rock and roll Three thousand guitars they seem to cry My ears will melt, and then my eyes Oh, let the girl, let that girl, rock and roll Cities"
  • Billy Joel Surprise
    "Don't get excitedDon't say a wordNobody noticedNothing was heardIt was committed discreetlyIt was handled so neatlyAnd it shouldn't surprise you at allYou knowBreak all the recordsBurn the cassettesI'd"
  • Spoons Rodeo
    "Youre in a city of ghosts You hide by the fire from the cold Under a starless sky tonight And now youre riding alone Youre caught by your heart and your soul And a dream and a gun by your side"
  • Sparks Big Bands
    "(Ron & Russel Mael) I smile like Herbert Hoover when they play I dream of banker's daughters, better days Care to dance my lady Live near here? They certainly sound in fine form, do you care? I am quite"
  • Ice T Shut Up, Be Happy
    "We interrupt this program with a special bulletin: America is now under marshal law. All constitutional rights have been suspended. Stay in your homes. Do not attempt to contact love ones, insurance agents"
  • The Doors House Announcer
    "All right, wait a second. We have a long show, we have a hell of a show for you. A beautiful thing. All right, now look, look, we've...we've seen a lot of things happened in the city, and everything's"
  • Running Wild Billy The Kid
    "Silence In the steps of no-man's land Camp fire, the smell of prarie wind Men surround the blaze Drink booze recall the day Til a strangers voice rings out to pray the sin "The man who pulls his gun'd"
  • Metallica Whiplash (Live)
    "Late at night all systems go You have come to see the show We do our best You're the rest You make it real you know There is a feeling deep inside That drives you fuckin' mad A feeling of a hammerhead You"
  • Foo Fighters Once And For All
    "Oh misery come marshal me in No better place for me to begin I'm coming in from out of this rain The time has come to wash you away The lovers are riding again The lovers are riding again Oh gather round,"

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