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Alfaro soler liberty and sylwia

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Alfaro soler liberty and sylwia

  • Liberty - Per Gessle
    "Liberty for everybody Liberty for everyone Following a higher notion Liberty for each and everyone Liberty for everyone Liberty for everyone Peace of mind is what you're after Peace of mind is what"
  • Liberty - Kelly Jones
    "Liberty wanted to come with me She'd never been there before She came close a few times But now she needed some more Liberty let her man go He didin't give her the stars She stopped laying beside him And"
  • Liberty - Riot
    "Running the cameras on what they are waiting to say Fixing the picture to who you will gather and pray Some will protest and some will defy in the night Some will cry for an ending to come, waaiting to"
  • Liberty - Duran Duran
    "I'll tell you something To let you understand the way i feel Just what you mean to me Thank you for fine times We nearly made it all the way but no It wasn't meant to be You say we feel the same There"
  • Liberty - Olive
    "There's a gentleness within There's a kindness that she'll bring Through her eyes of sadness lies All her love for him Imprisoned every day A handsome price to pay Even when she's done her time She'll"
  • Liberty - Chris De Burgh
    "Roll away the dawn, Roll away the dawn and let me see, The land of the free, Has anything changed at all; Sweet liberty, Sweet liberty is in our hands It's part of the plan, Or is it a state of mind? Horses"
  • Liberty - Alabaster Box
    "theres a bus stop with a heart on it and its waiting for its traveller come and meet this one way seat for its heading for eternity would you like to sit with me and be happy yes im sure that this ride"
  • Liberty - Aquaria
    "Once upon a time When I traveled to this land No money in my pocket No weapon in my hand A new land full of secrets Where once I feared to cross I don't hide anymore I found what I have lost The seagulls"
  • Liberty - Clan Of Xymox
    "I am standing on hallow ground But I won't stay, maybe I'm leaving tonight And I'm giving some warming to To the thought of being through But still I feel This storm inside On the brink of the night"
  • Liberty - Blindside
    "Liberty Everything is allowed Society Sex gathered crowd It tickles You just want to play It tickles But soon it plays with you You want to leave but you stay I see you You don't want to try I love you"
  • Liberty - The Grateful Dead
    "Saw a bird with a tear in his eye Walking to New Orleans---my, my, my Hey, now, Bird, wouldn't you rather die than walk this world when you're born to fly? If I was the sun, I'd look for shade If I was"
  • Liberty - Grateful Dead
    "Saw a bird with a tear in his eye Walking to New Orleans---my, my, my Hey, now, Bird, wouldn't you rather die than walk this world when you're born to fly? If I was the sun, I'd look for shade If I was"
  • Liberty - Polaris At Noon
    "I can't forget all of the times I've looked away from you Never had the courage to smile But I'm sounding so irrelevant You will find me hiding and harboring my secrets that never had the courage to fly I'm"
  • Liberty - Sweetbox
    "(Verse) One life wasted No one can replace it Candles burning But the world's still turning Did you want this? Did you think it over? Your mother sits there crying What do I say to her? Oh... (Chorus) Is"
  • Liberty - Scream Maker
    "Do you know how it tastes to be free What's the meaning of liberty Do you know how it feels when it's lost Living in slavery They want to tell you What's right and what's wrong And then force you to"
  • Liberty - Stratovarius
    "Sun is shining Sky is so blue I'm filled with hope It's promising The course my life is taking Searching of my truth has brought me here Facing things with cinfidence That all will be ok Past is gone Life"
  • Liberty - No Doctors
    "Legs spread wide And deep down inside You've slept for too long! No room in the seats Then no room in the streets Sit still or make way cause I'm comin' through Eyes tied tight Felt like a night What's"
  • Liberty - Vertical Horizon
    "We met as two total strangers As many lovers often do But who could have ever seen the danger Didn't know I'd fallen in love with you You are this lonely picker's daydream Like a wish that's wishing"
  • Liberty - Weekend Excursion
    "May I have a moment Of your precious time You feel free to tell me how you feel So I return it kind In essence I just want your blessing It's all I ask of you It'll let me know you care enough To let"
  • Liberty - Keren Ann
    "Baby, I took all I had, Ran to the shores Lost track of time, let it sink in the seine Travelled the highways, tripped in the heart of the land Found myself restless one night Sipped poison and wine Dimmed"

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