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Alima so so
  • So Def Irresistible (So So Def Remix)
    "Uh-huh, ha, ha Sing for me (JD) You know I don't know what it is (It's the remix) But everything about you is so irresistible Fa' sure (So So Def) It's the 2k top dawg Don't nobody want it I got 10K"
  • Fates Warning So
    "Feeling so strong I feel so inspired Like a man with all the words I could move the world If I weren't so tired So, so tired So, so tired So Feeling so proud I feel so admired Like a man on a stage I"
  • Static-X So
    "So Ive betrayed self So Ive betrayed you So what now? So what do we do? Pushing you away Away from me So Im, Im confused So youre not amused So Im feeling used So what do we do? Pushing you away Away from"
  • Static X So
    "So I've betrayed self So I've betrayed you So what now? So what do we do? Pushing you away Pushing you away Pushing you away Away from me (x2) So I'm, I'm confused So you're not amused So I'm feeling used So"
  • La Sombra So
    "Written by Tony Guerrero/Nora Leticia Lopez So#are contigo Si hoy no puedo estar a tu lado Porque eres tu, la tal razon Que estoy tan enamorado So#are contigo Hoy, ma#ana, y para siempre Te dare mi amor,"
  • Salt So
    "So, could you declare the things I'm saying? To me those terms won't fade So, will the picture of your mind remain? To me those frames will be Some kind of tenderness in your laughter Some kind of tenderness in"
  • Zoe So?
    "Ruego al tiempo aquel momento en que mi mundo se paraba entre tus labios sólo para revivir, derretirme una vez mas, mirando tus ojos negros tengo ganas de ser aire y me respires para siempre, pues"
  • Grey So...
    "It seems such a long time, such a very long time ago, That we were together and said that our love was forever, so... Only a short few days or years ? It's still a blur and we were in tears, And you were"
  • Hunter So
    "So... you'll be DEAD...Surprise!Behold - The Hero's End...Yes! You'll be dead!And NO-ONE gonna stop this now!!!WHY...? Am I fuckin' dyin'???So say - Good Bye!Now you can kiss your lifeto say - Good......BYE?!?"
  • Hunter So...
    "So... you'll be DEAD... Surprise! Behold - The Hero's End... Yes! You'll be dead! And NO-ONE gonna stop this now!!! WHY...? Am I fuckin' dyin'??? So say - Good Bye! Now you can kiss your life to"
  • Eskobar So
    ""So" I can't remember my name but I remember yours Can't seem to get out though I walked through a million doors guess I must have been born somewhere round 74 can't tell for sure I'm not sure bout"
  • Gomez So
    "So It's alright now, it's alright now So settle down, I will be around God only knows why I'm so bound But I'm the one who'll be around When the cat's among the pigeons And the word is getting round I"
  • Chapman Tracy So
    "Chapman Tracy Matters Of The Heart So So you make a little money Off of somebody else's sweat So some people starve a little While you get fat While you get fat So you grind and grind And you push and"
  • Tracy Chapman So
    "So you make a little money Off of somebody else's sweat So some people starve a little While you get fat While you get fat So you grind and grind And you push and shove And claim that those most worthy Will"
  • Scabs So
    "You drive around in a brand new Mercedes While you're living in a shack And I've heard you're buying drinks for the ladies While the barman runs a tab And I don't think a suit and tie Can cover where you"
  • Ryan Shupe & The RubberBand So
    "It's the guitar that played the song That wooed the woman That broke his heart That made him love her in the first place That's why he fell apart But it's the things he had to say That made him fear that"
  • Tiromancino So
    "Ti ho vista diventare un'onda del mare cercavi una risposta ma il tempo non basta Della tua gentilezza ricordo la forma guardarsi per capire che il tempo non torna Io torno a vivere dove sai contento perch"
  • Bengala So?
    "Mientras yo te diga cosas al odo no te rindas, no se acaba comienza de nuevo regresemos al principio de las cosas recordando no se olvida regresa de nuevo mientras yo no sienta miedo de la noche no"
  • Keimzeit So
    "Lass es laufen den Berg hinunter. Lass es laufen durch's Tal. Gott hat dem Fluss diesen Weg gegeben, Sicher tut er's nicht noch mal. Bitte lass ihn ungestrt. Das Wasser wei selbst, wo es hingehrt."
  • Shizoe Feat. Sido So So
    "Hock (Shizoe): Schau mir in die Augen Kleines hab doch keine Angst vor mir gib zu du fhlst dich so alleine komm Baby ich tanz mit dir Schn wie du dich strubst wenn ich dich betasch mit ganzer hand Ich"

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