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Alina Pehtereva Alien jesc 2020

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Alina Pehtereva Alien jesc 2020

  • Alina - 4Lyn
    "This one is goin' out 2 all our peepz out there Who brought us 2 tha next level, 2 da 4lyn-level. And had our backs 4 mad years. Now it's time 4 us 2 take it back and pay dues And pay respect 2 all our"
  • Alina - Xspace
    "by Costin Tuculescu I saw her face, she smiles at me, what sign or meaning could this be? I take her by the hand but she says no. I can't resist, I must steal a kiss, tomorrow she's gone and will be missed. Guess"
  • To Alina - The Backstrokes
    "VERSE 1: Turning back a day in this story, the pages blank before me, still haunting. Your words that day forever still call me, like screaming in silence. But knowing I could see you by daylight, my"
  • 2020 - MAJOR SPZ
    "porażka jest sierotą sukces ma wielu ojców róża symbol miłości, chociaż ma dużo kolców typy za parę dolców sprzedają swoją dusze w tym życiu bywa różnie: powodzie i susze 2020 2020 tyle but chciałbym"
  • 2020 - Fisz Emade Tworzywo
    "Nie będę płakał Wycierał smarka w chusteczki Nie będę stał na baczność Tylko będę tańczył sambę Bo to czarna samba Bez odznaczeń, bez fanfar Choć część z nas ma w płucach sajgon A w mózgu tatar Inni chodza"
  • 2020 - White 2115
    "co sie dzieje? jestem w szoku Sram na afery Będę z boku Zawsze będę solą w oku Coś pierd* o nas Weź se odpuść To był dobry rok Już chu* w ten wirus Podjeżdżam na blok do świrów Na stopro, nie minus Bo"
  • Alien - Bush
    "The satellite comes and goes We give each other all we know In silence we still talk By the light of the stereo we waltz And will you rain down In your cinematic love truck I'm gonna hold you like Nothing's"
  • Alien - Chris Whitley
    "Everybody knows I can tell how you fill your clothes I can see it at the edge of your smile So strange about the dormant desire But everybody knows the alien I can tell how you try to pretend You can see"
  • Alien - Oblivion Dust
    "She has just touched heaven But acts as though it's broke She can't help it She can't mend it Alien...Alien... I stole the colors off her And changed myself just like her They don't see me They"
  • Alien - Eternal Decision
    "I don't belong here Stranger to this world This place is not my home Alien This land of darkness I do not know My streets are paved with gold I am an Alien We have traveled on this far Far away from home With"
  • Alien - One Fine Day
    "they're so spoiled and living deep down in their holes demanding more with deep profanity never satisfied, grabbing greedy souls can't understand how they replace sanity and I feel so distant I'm an"
  • Alien - Erasure
    "Cuts to the quick Pure emotion, a trip No word of a lie Oo-ah, oo-ah, oo-ah Pressed to your lips We collide, slowly twist Ardent and lithe Oo-ah, oo-ah, oo-ah Seeps into the ground Kisses"
  • Alien - Atlanta Rhythm Section
    "The sun just went behind a cloud again Down crowded streets he walks alone He's a stranger out of place A number not a face And all day long, all day long (CHORUS) He's feelin like an alien Feelin"
  • Alien - Simple Plan
    "I'm sick of being alone When are you coming home? Just a glimpse of your face I can remember smelling your hair I'll meet you anywhere Somewhere that no one can retrace Somewhere where no one will know"
  • Alien - Toploader
    "I drove from nowhere to relive my past Felt like an outsider, feel the same now Its funny how you get so much further When you feel like an alien Thank God I was never a thinker I would have never have"
  • Alien - Jefferson Starship
    "Are you an alien? Are you from this earth? Would you care to tell me Details of birth? Did you just emerge from thin air? Can you even tell me Are you really there? Jet age dreams From days gone by The"
  • Alien - Nerina Pallot
    "Brother won't you look at the sky There's something burning so bright And what it is I can't see But I think it's coming at me Did you get here in a rocket And journey through space Did your mother never"
  • Alien - Tankard
    "It come to earth three years ago from deep in space A brilliant U.F.O.! I could not believe it Refuge! I let it stay with me a while Stupid! Now I wish that he would go Alien, Alien - he's a drunkard Alien,"
  • Alien - Tank
    "It come to earth three years ago from deep in space A brilliant U.F.O.! I could not believe it Refuge! I let it stay with me a while Stupid! Now I with that he would go Alien, Alien - he's a drunkard Alien,"
  • Alien - Gilby Glarke
    "Can't watch my television Ain't enough science fiction? I'm scuzzied out of my head Powered down everything The static's deafening All wired up for the end Am I on top of the world? I'm crashing down"

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