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All Alone

  • Alone - All Saints
    "Not gonna, don't wanna, never gonna, don't wanna, wanna end up alone Not gonna, never gonna, don't, don't wanna, wanna end up alone I need to sit back and pick out, its about the way I'm making you feel, You're"
  • Alone - Sick Of It All
    "Living in this world that's full of hate I just try to keep to myself People gonna fuck with you anyway They just can't leave you alone Giving you advice you don't wanna hear Like thier lives are so"
  • All Alone - Frank Sinatra
    "(Irving Berlin) All alone, I'm so all alone There is no one else but you All alone by the telephone Waiting for a ring, a ting-a-ling I'm all alone every evening All alone, feeling blue Wond'ring"
  • All Alone - Chris Richardson
    "I thought we had it all planned But I guess I was wrong (wrong, wrong) Gave you a piece of my heart Then you turn around and you're gone Now what you think I wouldn't find out? Why don't you tell me what"
  • All Alone - Jesse Powell
    "(Verse 1) Sitting here all alone, just thinkin' bout'cha staring at the phone Wondering if you're gonna call, my mind is racing off the wall See it was cool, when you said my name To imagine it is"
  • All Alone - Dru Hill
    "I'm gonna stay to myself Where there's no one else around me I'm gonna stay to myself So there's no one else to find me That's what I'm gonna do My baby love if I can't have you Maybe I'm better"
  • All Alone - They Might Be Giants
    "Once upon a time they sent a rocket to the moon With scientific instruments to test conditions there But just before they closed the door, one scientist expelled a germ That accidentally found its way"
  • All Alone - Alien Intelect
    "Alien Intelect Miscellaneous All Alone -chorus- love is like a bullet straight throught the heart it goes no one knows how to stop it never goes the way you want it so i understand what i didn't"
  • All Alone - Jackson Jackson
    "She's waiting on, She's waiting on that storm to come. Into her heart, into her heart she's waiting. She told me I must hold onto the mo-oment. And when the moments over I'll be all alone. (la le la,"
  • All Alone - ALO
    "Standing on a stage Struggling to get his instrument in tune People throwing vegetables and calling him a fraud As they fall out of the room He awakes at night with the fear That this all might just disappear But"
  • All Alone - Barnabas
    "Barnabas Miscellaneous All Alone Secret dreams rising up in the dead of night All alone; its a weakness that's hard to break Another summer fades away like the evening light Another year, as your confidence"
  • All Alone - Driving East
    "I hope you never write are you ever wrong. Its the story of your life or is that the TV on. If you played your part as well as I could play along. You would still be called a liar and I would still come"
  • All Alone - Splittr
    "I dont feel like going home...without you I dont feel like going home... All Alone I dont feel like going home... Turn Three-sixty, spin my head around, nearly did my back in just to catch your eye. Tryin"
  • All Alone - Assigned
    "All alone I am waiting here Hundreds of people but no one pays attention to me Everyone is ignoring me And I don't know what I'm doing wrong Ref: Where Are You? I feel so alone. My face is showing you"
  • All Alone - Dennis Wilson
    "If I could live my life again I'd never do you wrong You better know, oh If I just had a chance again To spend my life again You know, it's in my soul, oh I'd be standin' by your side Not to ever let"
  • All Alone - Kutless
    "Icy chills round your heart A heart that's made of stone It seems like Life is out to get you To destroy what you want I know that, that you blame me for all that you go through It could be, so different"
  • All alone - Antidote
    "I am running into wallsFeelings I can't controlWhat it is I don't knowI feel sad and aloneWhat on earth came over meWhat made me end up hereWeird feelings frustrationsThe whole thing drives me crazyWhen"
  • All Alone - Jimi Blue
    "Verse 1 So here I am - staring at the wall I can't believe - that you're really gone My girlfriend, my only, my homie Since you left I'm feeling cold and lonely I reminisce - all the good timez we had Me"
  • All Alone - Sean Paul
    "Intro] some bwoy dey so live all the warf i think of the war i think dem cute fighting want real di girl dem about ana sing (check this..) when di gal say x2 she don't wanna spend the night...all alone so"
  • All Alone - Sara May
    "I don't wanna cry so much. I don't wanna miss you why you are gone Packed yours bags and left me baby. Why so easy was to mess With my mind and with my heart how came I Closed my eyes to all world"

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