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All Beautiful in This Time

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All Beautiful in This Time

  • Beautiful - Prince
    "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful (Beautiful) Beau - beau Could U be The Most Beautiful Girl in the World It's plain 2 see U're the reason that God made a girl When"
  • Beautiful - Faith Hill
    "(Spoken:) I love the way you stand in my way You won't move 'til you get a kiss And how you tell me that my name It tastes so sweet on your lips I love the way you hold me with your eyes Hold me so tight"
  • Beautiful - Gene Simmons
    "(Mark Singh, Nina Addison) Spent your money on silicone honey (Ooooh) (Ooooh) You're somebody beautiful, look at yourself (Ooooh) You're somebody beautiful, like nobody else (Verse) Hey, put on those"
  • Beautiful - Rosey
    "if I had all of the cameras in the world could I be sure that I would be beautiful in that frame of mind when I... I wanna be beautiful, like I was then every day when you loved me and why should I care,"
  • Beautiful - Mali Music
    "It’s a blessing to see people With their heads up to the sky still Cos honestly for the same people Life can be so real I’m amazed by all your strength, I am And I’m grateful you come through yeah, yeah So"
  • Beautiful - P.O.D.
    "you stand with the gun in your hand staring at the wall with a look so sad thinking about who really cares and will they even notice if I just disappeared in one bang, blood rushed to the head shed rather"
  • Beautiful - The Busters
    "It was a rainy Monday morning And I had an aching head Didn?t feel like facing the world Rather would have stayed in bed Got into the subway Closed my eyes for a short dream When I woke up I saw her Beautiful"
  • Beautiful - Michele Morrone
    "She got me every day on the phone She make me wanna get off the road Wish i could turn ot off, let it go But she’s too fucking beautiful Right girl Wrong time Love of my life We met in Paris I love her"
  • Beautiful - Big Tymers
    "Now I'm feeling good and fine Smokin green and drinkin wine Ten thousand dollars at the bar (all on baby) I guess that makes me a super-duper star Drinkin ripple and tangarae A brand new drink I call it"
  • Beautiful - Staple
    "Tell me now, are you loving your life? Tell me now, do you get your sleep at night? Tell me now, have you found yourself begging for a way out? Your maze has no lights. Tell me now, have you found your"
  • Beautiful - Eisley
    "Somewhere in cyberspace The minutes turn to hours The world is in my hands Unfolding like a flower A golden energy Was rising out of my head I shed my evil skin And found myself again (CHORUS) I was"
  • This Time - My Vitriol
    "Come spread your wings Forget all those beautiful things Come break my heart You know that I'm taking a start A start, a start Sometimes they will leave you here behind, tonight The sun shines forever"
  • Even After All This Time - John Farnham
    "Sometimes when people meet Before too long they feel they were always meant to be Sometimes I look around Wondering where I might be now If I'd never met you I might have never found out what it means To"
  • All This Time - Maria Mena
    "You self-destructive little girl Pick yourself up, don't blame the world So you screwed up, but you're gonna be ok Now call your boyfriend and apologise You pushed him pretty far away last night He really"
  • All This Time - Side A
    "Days and nights are passing by I just couldnt get you off my mind All this time I, I've known you all my life I always knew You'll always be a friend to me You're there all this time You were always there"
  • All This Time - A Side
    "Days and nights are passing by I just couldnt get you off my mind All this time I, I've known you all my life I always knew You'll always be a friend to me You're there all this time You were always there"
  • All This Time - Reba McEntire
    "(Tommy Lee James/Greg Guidry) I remember the first time I held you all night long. Well we're still here now. But where have all the years gone? Holding yu this way tonight. It's easy to see why. All"
  • All This Time - Rage
    "Now, as I had a look at you it took a heartbeat and I knew that the candle of my life was burning shorter you turned me 'round to face myself to make me trust in what I am now, after all that I have done"
  • All This Time - Sylver
    "I close my eyes I don't want to see no more Because your not in my theater, there's no open door, And you won't let me in and I can not see in Because if only you were happy What was I thinking OOOOOooo...."
  • All This Time - Jen Foster
    "Words & music by Jen Foster Won't you please tell me just where you're going I'm on edge with this uncertainty I know I have made it hard to get to know me It's terrifying - you may not like what you"

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