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All Good Things (Come To An End)

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All Good Things (Come To An End)

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All Good Things (Come To An End)
  • Nelly Furtado All Good Things (Come To An End)
    "Dogs were whistling a new tune Barking at the new moon Hoping it would come soon so that they could die Honestly what will become of me I don't like reality It's way too clear to me But really life is"
  • The Weepies All Good Things
    "All good things. (All good things.) All good things. (All good things.) Not sure where to go, Everyone I know, Says I'm to forgiving. And now that I'm gone, I don't wanna move on, I just keep you living. All"
  • Nelly Furtado All good things
    "Honestly what will become of medon't like realityIt's way too clear to meBut really life is dandyWe are what we don't seeMissed everything daydreaming Flames to dustLovers to friendsWhy do all good things"
  • Jackson Browne All Good Things
    "All good things got to come to an end The thrills have to fade Before they come 'round again The bills will be paid And the pleasure will mend All good things got to come to an end God I wish I was home Laying"
  • Mandy Moore All Good Things
    "All good things... All good things... All good things... Not sure where to go Everybody I know Says I'm too forgiving And now that I'm gone I don't wanna move on I just keep reliving All good things I"
  • Gob Squad All Good Things Will End
    "I won't let you let me down. I won't let you wear my crown. It's not just you. Two makes things right or wrong takes two. I won't let the stars burn out. Despair makes me scream and shout. It's not just"
  • Enemy You All Good Things...
    "Like good things must come to an end So it is for them too my friend They think they know but are yet to truly grasp it It'll come back to them someday The school bully's three year reign The oppressive,"
  • Medicine All Good Things
    "when lines are crossed and in your heart you can't see where you are hold out your hand move through the sand and there i'll be waiting when it's seeming dark and all the fruit has melted through the bowl hold"
  • Lucky Dube Good Things
    "There will be a time in your life When you' ll need me the most But I won' t be there There will be a time in your life When you won' t need me at all I won' t be there But while I' ve got the chance"
  • Public Image Ltd. Good Things
    "Little white lies-they hold little surprise Good things come in threes The places I haunt-the powers I taunt And the little I need-I need! Where the arrogance of presidents-drive with the top down And"
  • Mudvayne The End Of All Things To Come
    "All over with, Fuck all the flags, the greed, the world leaders Run for the fence We're coming, We're killing, We're changing the faces Believe in yourself Let go of ego strenghten within yourself"
  • Ying Yang Twins All Good Things (Intro)
    "All (all) Good Things (things) May come (come) To end (end) All (all) Bad things (things) Can't wait (wait) To begin (gin) All (all) Good Things (things) May come (come) To end (end) All (all) Bad"
  • Sissel All Good Things
    "All Good Things (Morten Abel/Brge Fjordheim) If you ever would need someone Then think of me If you ever would need someone Then think of me Need you ever to love somone Consider me Need you ever to love"
  • Klaatu All Good Things
    "'''All Good Things''' (John Woloschuk) I never had a closer friend than you I never had such good times as the ones we used to have together You are the one I told my problems to Throughout the years"
  • Grand Funk Railroad Good things
    "Oh I don't know now baby, just what it is you got. But whatever it is now babe, I sure do like it a lot. I like all the good things you gave me, baby late last night. I like the things you been givin'"
  • Rich Boy Good Things
    "Good things don't last forever baby something bout you girl that drives me crazy aint no ifs, ands, buts or maybes you will always be my friend you will always be you will always be say you'll always"
  • Informatik Things To Come
    "too real to be a dream the images still haunting me i tell myself forget about it things aren't always what they seem i wake to the thought of who we were what we'd become how easily will we succumb to"
  • Barbra Streisand Some Good Things
    "Never last M. Radice It's three in the morning You're nowhere in sight And all that I wanted was To be with you Tonight I've watched love get closer And then fade away I've seen you believe in me I've"
  • Anthrax Think About An End
    "Wake up on fire everyday And I never say good-bye.. Pre-determined destiny I've never been afraid to die.. Mmh! Ever since I was a kid I've seen things my own way with my own eyes.. With my hands I turn"
  • Stretch Armstrong Means To An End
    "Rainchecks and cancellations on all my best intentions deprived of the things I need to grow. Milestones I've overturned looking for something sure Sometimes I'm broken and burned, but I always came"

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