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All Out War After Autumn


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All Out War After Autumn

  • After Autumn - All Out War
    "Born to this world, but for what? Deceit takes control, as the heavens cry. Waste of life, waste of time, nothing can be done. We were born to die, in this world, of hate and fear, doomed to a fate of"
  • Autumn - Pico Vs. Island Trees
    "Wait til summer comes, I'll be wrapped up in her arms, And she holds me, And she holds me down. Got all this time, Feel no need to be alarmed, Can't rush me, Can't rush this now. But soon it's gonna crumble"
  • Autumn - All The Day Holiday
    "It's like a trampoline, we'll fly, we'll fall and we'll dream that we'll make it to the stars in the sky above. It's what life is like. Oh, it's what it's like. We grow so fast, we make everything last, because"
  • After this war - Masterplan
    "I felt your love slip awayYou know you shouldn't want to stayTell me why you disappearedAnd why you've come back hereIt hurts to have you hereThe roaring silence fills the airI gotta get myself out of"
  • Autumn - Barbra Streisand
    "Autumn, it feels like Autumn Although the breeze is still I feel the chill of Autumn Oh, yes, it's Autumn It's always Autumn However green the hill To me it still is Autumn I can feel the frost now That"
  • Autumn - Paolo Nutini
    "Autumn leaves under frozen souls, Hungry hands turning soft and old, My hero crying as we stood out there in the cold, Like these autumn leaves I don't have nothing to hold. Handsome smiles wearing handsome"
  • After all - Dar Williams
    "Go ahead, push your luck Find out how much love the world can hold Once upon a time I had control And reigned my soul in tight Well the whole truth Is like the story of a wave unfurled But I held the evil"
  • War - Beenie Man
    "Intro: A pure idiot ting a gwaan As far as mi see a war, physically, but ketch mi lyrically nuh Mi a di gal dem trolly Chorus: A war wah wah wah war, wah wah wah war, what dem really fighting for"
  • War - Thanatos
    "Sent out to fight for my country Sent out to kill not to reason why My country is at war with yours Because of that I'll kill Our governments did not agree, So they decided to break the peace Calling out"
  • All Out War - Earth Crisis
    "This time I'm not going to walk away. This time I'm not going to let you slide. I have to give you what your thirst is for. It's not for your good, it's not for my pride. Evil lies beyond ignorance."
  • After The War - Gary Moore
    "So many came before you, The prisoners of fate. A history of bloodshed, A legacy of hate. But where will you be standing When the battles have been won? Inside your lonely fortress The battle's just begun. After"
  • After The War - Gross Paul
    "After the guns are silent And after my wounds have healed And after all these crosses Have been planted in all these fields And after that long boat ride All the way across the sea And after this train"
  • After the war - Chinchilla
    "When the night raises the power all over the earthThe coldest atmosphere, the whole world invadedThis would be the last time and the last placeWhere (the) human kind lost their big holy warThe acid rain"
  • After The War - Asia
    "(Wetton/Downes) For those that are able To go underground Missiles disenable They hit faster than sound They're coming and you have no choice The helpless with one human foice That will categorically"
  • After The War - Iron Savior
    "I saw the shadow decline In another world, another time Reflecting battles full of fear So far away from home Death has been near I fought for liberty and faith For survival of our race The toll of"
  • After All - Kalan Porter
    "Every time Not what you wanted You can't rewind This house will stay haunted Rain will fall Drowning out the sun Everything's coming up roses In spite of all we've done Then I look in their eyes Even"
  • After All - Porter Kalan
    "Everytime Not what you wanted You can't rewind This house will stay haunted Rain will fall Drowning out the sun Everything's coming up roses In spite of all we've done Then I look in their eyes Even"
  • After All - Roxette
    "Now it's about time I wrote you a letter Hey baby, it's me for worse or for better Got nothing to waste in pace for another lane Now loss, only gain I know all we had has dried like a desert Stands from"
  • After All - Sondre Lerche
    "I like you too much After too little time I hold back my heart's crazy rambling The fear that I should overwhelm your smile Frightens the spiders inside me Oh this could be magic After all, after all You"
  • After All - Kenny Price
    "I'm burnin' the letters that I've kept from time to time And I waited to see if she would call I know that what she's doing's gonna make me lose my mind But she's gone ahead and done it after all yes she's"

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