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All Out War Truth In The Age Of Lies

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All Out War Truth In The Age Of Lies

  • Truth In The Age Of Lies - All Out War
    "Searching, for the truth, dismissing, dismissing these lies of my youth. It's time, to get 'em back, this ways ain't working and that's a fact. This world, has lost its way, lost its mind- in disarray."
  • All Out War - Earth Crisis
    "This time I'm not going to walk away. This time I'm not going to let you slide. I have to give you what your thirst is for. It's not for your good, it's not for my pride. Evil lies beyond ignorance."
  • Lies - All-4-One
    "All-4-One All-4-One...Has Left The Building Lies You said he was a friend to you He was someone that you could talk to But for me it wasnt hard to see That you were spending more time with him than you"
  • More Lies - War of Words
    "politicians on pedestals for heroism and grace (great) when only really found in the right time and the right place they just sit up in their office never really knowing fear as a thousand dead and dying"
  • All The Truth And Lies - The Go Set
    "All the truth and lies, Open your eyes Hot sun is burning, for years on this sacred ground And the wheels are turning, pulling the inside out There's a mountainside with a hole in the ground, The workers"
  • Lies - The Click Five
    "You told me you love me So I dont understand Why promises are snapped in two And words are made to burn The bigger the better Some stolen from Japan Collected from around the world They'll catch you if"
  • Truth Hurts - Truth Hurts
    "(R. Kelly) Yo, yo, Truth (Truth) What (R. Kelly) Let me in Yo let me in Bitch (Truth) Now see I try to keep the peace But your lies is killin me Yo ass is in these streets On them bogus late night creeps You"
  • Lies - McFly
    "Better run for cover You're a hurricane full of lies And the way you're heading No one's getting out aliveSo do us all a favor Would you find somebody else to blame 'Cause your words are like bullets and"
  • Lies - Holy Mother
    "Caught on a whim, pressure's building up now All out of wind, it's a frantic race Politics, lunatics, it's the mad man's law Traveled the light, blinded brim shaded sun rise Fought all the laws just to"
  • Lies - Lindsay Robins
    "Gonna bit my lip Till it bleeds Hold my breath Under the sheets What do you want me to say Stuff the words in my mouth Cut me open Let the monster out Love is a lie Fate is a lie The scream of the brakes"
  • Lies - En Vogue
    "chorus Lies, lies, using lies as alibis Lie's, lies, just a devil in disguise It's the same game Played in so many ways Everyone is the victim too It's just a waste of time Made for simple minds So why"
  • Lies - DJ Bobo
    "Refrain: Lies, lies, don't tell me lies Before you talk to me, you better think twice Lies, lies, don't tell me lies I lost my heart but you are cold as ice Rap 1: Lies - nothing bad for you Just another"
  • Turned Out Lies - Spirit Of The West
    "I remember a promise for a new tomorrow I remember a promise to save our youth Well I remember security for our aging But when you made the pudding You left out all the proof I seem to recall you mentioning"
  • Lies - Cock Sparrer
    "Cheats never prosper, crime don't pay, The meek shall inherit come judgement day, Peace in our time, no pain no gain, management decisions, insurance claims, The slow but sure will always win it, there's"
  • Lies - All 4 One
    "You said he was a friend to you He was someone that you could talk to But for me it wasnt hard to see That you were spending more time with him than you were with me Then you said it was all in my head"
  • The Truth - Trae
    "(Trae) This gon be the realest shit I ever wrote, so just know it's deeper than rap It was a lot of shit that go, but now I'm bringing it back I been a G all of my life, and tried to hold it for the best I'm"
  • Age - Jim Croce
    "I've been up and down and around and 'round and back again, I've been so many places I can't remember where or when. And my only boss was the clock on the wall and my only friend Never really was a friend"
  • The Truth About Lies - Krabathor
  • ...And The Truth Is Lies - Arise
    "Lock me up from the rest of the world but I'm alive inside my head. Never to tell the world what went wrong, only to save themselves. Ahostile humanity, they make the truth, but the truth is lie. (Chorus) Unleash"
  • All lies - 3rd Strike
    "Lies catholic faith, american pride, marital vows, the perfect bride fallin' in love, trust in man, someday you'll understand blood runs deeper, equal rights, follow me you're safe tonight plastic smile,"

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