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All i even women

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All i even women

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All i even women
  • Lou Reed Women
    "I love women, I think they are great They're a solace to the world in a terrible state They're a blessing to the eyes, a balm to soul What a nightmare to have no women in the world I love women ... We"
  • Def Leppard Women
    "Ooh we ooh Ooh wee ooh In the beginning God made the land Then He made the water and creatures, then He made man He was born with a passion, love and hate A restless spirit with a need for a mate"
  • John Lenon Women
    "Woman I can hardly express, My mixed emotion at my thoughtlessness, After all I'm forever in your debt, And woman I will try express, My inner feelings and thankfullness, For showing me the meaning"
  • Bee Gees This Women
    "Well she walks like you in so many ways It's a different look It's a different time of day One look in her eyes How can I make you understand She's the one good thing that's happened in so many years There's"
  • UGK Real Women
    "(Raheem DeVaughn) H-Town women (this is so soulful right now!) Chocolate women (this is so soulful right now!) New York, New York women (UGK, Raheem DeVaughn) A-Town women (Kweli) This is for Chi-Town"
  • Joe Cocker 5 Women
    "(Prince) It took 5 women 2 getcha off of my mind It took 5 months, a plenty good wasted time But it just took 5 minutes when I saw your face again 2 fall in love all over, I guess with U I'll never win March"
  • Prince 5 Women
    "It took 5 women 2 getcha off of my mind It took 5 months, a plenty good wasted time But it just took 5 minutes when I saw your face again 2 fall in love all over, I guess with U I'll never win March was"
  • Talib Kweli For Women
    "(Spoken) Yea, so we got this tune called "For Women" right Originally, it was by Nina Simone She said it was inspired by, you know Down south. In the south, they used to call her Mother Antie She said"
  • Jewel Stronger women
    "I guess you could say I'm one of those girls That's always been with one of those guys You know the type Like right now, he sleeps while I write But it's better than crying I'm worn out from trying From"
  • Natalia Kukulska Even
    "Even when you told me That I was a fool I believed that this love Could break all the rules And even when you told me That I got it wrong When I said what we have Is fragile yet strong Now that"
  • Planet Smashers All Men Fear Women
    "Well let me tell you about, whta it feels like, to be scared of , of a woman Always worry about she'll find out I'm not her kind of a man Listen to my warning hear what I say don't be concerned it's ok"
  • Gin Blossoms 25 Women Ago
    "She used to love me But she just couldn't say it Her friends just told me I just found out today I could have had her in my arms But I didn't know That she used to love me But that was twenty-five women"
  • Alicia Keys If I was your women
    "Ayo mo bee Drop it on me Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Let's do it like this, uh If I was your woman And you were my man You'd have no other woman You'd be weak as a lamb If you had the strength To walk"
  • Graham Parker Women In Charge
    "You might believe that you're running the world, but you're running the risk of being just another girl, Lashing out viciously at the competition, it's just an admission, a nervous condition, It's more"
  • Finley Quaye Even After All
    "Even after all the murdering Even after y'all suffering sow (seeds) You know I love you so You know I love you so and so Even after all All that you go on... sir Is the order of the day And all that you"
  • Jack Johnson Even After All
    "Even after all, The murdering, Even after all, Your suffering, You know I love you so, You know I love you so and so, Even after all.. All that you go on, Sir, is the order of the day, And all that you"
  • The Verve Pipe Even The Score
    "i wish that i could give breath to the women i've created in paragraphs and paragraphs i've written to this date and set them all upon my desk, choose one to ignore just to even the score all the"
  • Alice Cooper Only Women
    "Man's got his woman to take his seed He's got the power, oh she's got the need She spends her life through pleasing up her man She feeds him dinner or anything she can She cries alone at night too often,"
  • Bee Gees Country women
    "Country women now, what you gonna do with your life Country women now, why don't you get out of this life Leave my life alone The first time I met you I knew you were the devil's daughter You came on like"
  • Sparks Wacky Women
    "(Ron & Russell Mael) Wack Wack Wacky Wacky Women Wack Wack Wacky Wacky Women Hello, everybody, this is Russel Right before I sing I'm gonna make a muscle Now that's out of my system Here's some M=FCnchen"

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