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  • Inn - Radio Free Roscoe
    "All the years that we cared, All the things that we shared, Birthday cakes, bad mistakes, Stolen bikes, open mikes, Sweet tarts, broken hearts, Punched your arm and no harm. Now these things start"
  • Ramada Inn - Randy Stonehill
  • Ramada Inn - Neil Young & Crazy Horse
    "How many years now together All those years of ups and downs So many joys raising up those kids They've moved on now out of town So many times she tried So many times she cried Every morning comes the"
  • Buccaneers inn - Battlelore
    "Numenorean corsairsYour sons have stepped ashoreFrom the battle and stormsWith northern fleetsGreat treasure they foughtFrom the shores of GondorDrove their men into the seaIt's time for the feastTo the"
  • Holiday Inn - Chingy
    "(Intro: Snoop Dogg) Bomb ass pussy Ma ooh you got that bomb, know you got it Ma ooh, you got some bomb ass pussy Ma I know you got that bomb bomb pussy (Chorus: Snoop + (Girl)) (Whachu doin?) Nothing"
  • Olde Mill Inn - Blackmore's Night
    "Down at the Olde Mill Inn We'll laugh and dance and sing We'll drink all day and Bill will pay Down at the Olde Mill Inn Down at the Olde Mill Inn The ships are sailing in, We'll drink a toast with Judy"
  • Holiday Inn Blues - Neil Diamond
    "Half a day from nowhere, Hurrying to get there Ninety miles an hour In two Plymouth wagons The Avis lady gave us a smile Tom's getting uptight Max'll will make it all right Ken's asleep in back Artie's"
  • Elvis Motor Inn - Dilana
    "Drop your tears away I'll show my life to you It's easy to complain Or even give yourself the blame Wash your tears away I'll tell my life to you You feel like you're in chains But don't give yourself"
  • The Crown's Inn - Nostradameus
    "I saw my place among the royal court To be the one for people there I could have been the king's almighty eye As I appeared they praised my name Hired for his highness I told my prophecies I gazed into"
  • The Crab Inn - Heltah Skeltah
    "One night I was chillin out at the crab inn Spot these two shorty wops who felt like stabbin Invited shorties to the table to break bread with us Thinkin later on they gonna give head to us So instead"
  • Innie Langgras - Die Melktert Kommissie
    "Innie langgras Onder sterre wat skyn Het jou woorde verdwyn En my hart het Saam met krieke se beat Heel uitgefreak In die moment Het ek te veel gepraat Jy't jou o toegemaak en stilgebly Ek het aanhou stry Toe"
  • Home Sweet Holiday Inn - Trent Willmon
    "Exit 65, Room 232 Its nothing fancy, aint much of a view Its no white house with a picket fences But we close our eyes and pretend At out home sweet holiday inn Wish I could keep you, But its out of my"
  • The Lincoln park inn - Hall Tom T
    "My name's in the paper where I took the Boy Scouts to hikeMy hands're all dirty from working on my little boy's bikeThe preacher came by and I talked for a minute with himMy wife's in the kitchen and Margie's"
  • Hamburguer steak holiday inn - Hank Williams
    "Hamburger Steak Holiday Inn that's the kinda world that I live inPlay a different town most every nightLovin' your woman write a new song that's my lifeThat's my life and I love it that's my lifeThere"
  • Hamburger Steak, Holiday Inn - Hank Williams Jr.
    "Hamburger Steak Holiday Inn that's the kinda world that I live in Play a different town most every night Lovin' your woman write a new song that's my life That's my life and I love it that's my life There"
  • The White Horse Inn - Andr
    "Goodbye (from The White Horse Inn) Words & Music by Ralph Benatsky My heart is broken, but what care I? Such pride inside me has spoken, I shall do my best not to cry, by and by, When the final farewells"
  • Hampton Inn Room 306 - Droge Pete
    "I got in late last night, my hotel room was stale and cold I closed the blinds and looked for a movie Turned up the heat and put the scotch on ice picked up the phone and I dialed your number Felt a relief"
  • Inn - Ziemia Niczyja
    "1) Tamtych dni słodki smak, głupie sny szkolnych lat, kumpli krąg i nasz kąt z matmy test, ciastek sześć i deszcz, śmieszny wiersz i klub złamanych serc. Wszystko w nas kończy się i znika w sinej mgle... Raz,"
  • Inn - Radiostacja Roscoe
    "RADIOSTACJA ROSCOE SERIA 2 ODC. 13 Lily - Tamtych dni Słodki smak Głupie sny Szkolnych lat Kumpli krąg I nasz kąt ... Z matmy test Ciastek"
  • Holiday Inn (Super Clean Version) - Chingy
    "(Snoop Dogg + (Girl)) Bomb, bomb, bomb Ma ooh you got that bomb, know you got it Ma ooh, you got some bomb thang.... Ma I know you got that bomb bomb.... (Whachu doin?) Nothing chillin at the Holidae Inn (Who"

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