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All off me legend

  • Legend - Drake
    "When I pull up on a nigga tell that nigga back, back I'm too good with these words, watch a nigga backtrack If I die, all I know is I'm a mothafuckin' legend It's too late for my city, I'm the youngest"
  • Legend - House Of Pain
    "I walk through the valley of death 600 deep,waking up dead from the sleep Just like a diamond watch me shine,bright like the sun,make you want to pull a gun and buck 2 shots for the Peckerwood rockin'"
  • Legend - G-Eazy & Kehlani
    "Yeah I'm back drinking whiskey OZ on the beat, yeah (Aight, aight) Needed a reason to go off I think I found one (I think I found one!) Don't know what legend is until you been around one (been around"
  • Legend - Borgore
    "x2 Drinking till I throw up, I don't give a fuck Not sure that I'll make it home depending on my luck It won't be my first, nor will be my second I do what I want, bitches calling me a legend Drinking"
  • Legend - Tamyra Gray
    "I gotta say, I must admit never thought there would ever be someone to open my eyes When you feelThe taste of it swept me away Like a drug Intoxicating, captivating forces put me under a spell And I don't"
  • Legend - The Backstrokes
    "Verse These lights don't hold their endless call anymore, These nights don't feel so alone anymore, 'cause I'm here, eyes wide open at the end of a my'stery, Here, looking over, things I left in the"
  • Livin' Legend - B.G.
    "B.G. It's All On U 2 Livin' Legend Verse:1 (b.g.) I ain't nothin,' but seventeen years old Want to fullfill my dream have a million records sold But niggas hatin on me everyday and that's cold I keep my"
  • Urban Legend - Juice
    "(Vakill) We gun hold and not one cold and safe under the sun solar So when I squeeze off 8, I'm guaranteed to make 7-Up yours like the uncola Or retorically nice almost effortlessly Born with a silver"
  • Legend (Extended Mix) - House Of Pain
    "I walk through the valley of death, 600 deep Waking up dead from the sleep Just like a diamond Watch me shine Bright like the sun Make you wanna pull a gun And buck 2 shots For the peckerwood rockin' Put"
  • Legend Of Vertigo - Waterdeep
    "We believed it was time to lift off from the land of vertigo The captain said "despite the wind and tide, you will have to row." Will that mean that the ones who do not wish to row won't wish to go?"
  • Livin legend - C-Murder
    "Master P: Yo, C I'd like to mourn the dead (Kevin Miller) And acknowledge the livin' Know like they say You can tell a nigga How you feel when they here This is for all those livin stars out there The"
  • New Legend - Galneryus
    "Hear the voice of the world Time is calling me I will see the new legend in the heat I'm searching for the break in the moonlight Trying to escape the dark, it's my mission Can't you see? Feel a hunger"
  • Living Legend - Arcwelder
    "(music arcwelder, words s macdonald) All I want is everything Any less is the same old thing So many know you well And it never seems to stop Don I know it well How you never want to stop I can understand I"
  • Legend Of A Cowgirl - Imani Coppola
    "I'm gonna drink my whiskey I'm gonna have my man I know you got nothing to say I'm gonna have my man Gonna steal their hearts and save them for another day Ain't gonna hang my hat Ain't gonna take off"
  • Legend - Dragonhammer
    "My dammned soul feels the shadows Galaxy and Universe I don't understand the life of men My existence is Legend! Take my sword For everyone Blood of the warriors on Earth The rules of the steel for men"
  • Legend Of Jimmy Bones - Snoop Dogg
    "Ha, ha, ha, ha Just then, I received a phone call, it was Morpheus And he said i was the one, ha realizing the deal Heaven done Turnin' to the east and all praise the sun Now they blast me but they all"
  • Legend - Nelly Furtado
    "He wants to be, he wants to be, with everything under the sun He wants to be, he wants to be, with everything under the sun Chorus: And like a legend that rises and then falls I cannot be his only one He"
  • Legend - Forest Stream
    "All my doubts will vanish this night With the arrival of the master of the Darkness and the Light With the mournful wolves howl beneath the shadowy walls Of the ancient citadel in time of the tolls And"
  • Legend - Poco
    "Dark as night, cold and lonely, Rides the horse that's known as only Thunder Road. Icy fingers hold the reins While hoofs come poundin' so insanely on and on Eyes that dance like burnin' embers All the"
  • Legend - Alphaville
    "He is sitting on a hill A vapid night is crawling through the vale The trees are fangs of transiency The demons forge hammers and nails The spring is in the air The sirens in the skies The wind is in"

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