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  • All The Stars - Bijue
    "You and me, forever in flight baby We and I we never broke apart You and me, forever in flight baby You and me, oh you and me All the stars in the night Will never show the love I have for you, just for"
  • All The Stars - Kendrick Lamar, SZA
    "love, let’s tlk about love is it anything and everything you hoped for? I get a feeling on you /2x this may be the night that my dreams might let me know all the stars are closer /3x this may be the night that"
  • All The Stars - Eastmountainsouth
    "they would say you were destined for greatness and I could see it in all the faces how they loved you, they adored you but you would sing with a pain they never knew all the madness was never familiar and"
  • Trust All-Stars - Rasputina
    "You're not the boy that you say you are You come from outerspace you drive a rental car Thanks but no thanks just the same Time was when this became obvious Your eyes were never clear you did not eat enough Strangely"
  • All The Stars - Leona Naess
    "You killed the 80's with another love song And well the 90's I'm happy they're gone Oh baby now that you've joined the ranks All I can say is farewell and thanks Sorry to use you in such vain But that's"
  • Undaground all-stars - Lil Keke
    "Young Don nigga, Fat Rat niggaWe in the building, S.U.CUnderground All-Stars, feel it ah We some hustlers ballers, money making thugsUnderground All-Stars, show the game loveCause we bosses gangstas, money"
  • Undaground All-Stars - Lil' Keke
    "(*talking*) Young Don nigga, Fat Rat nigga We in the building, S.U.C Underground All-Stars, feel it ah (Hook) We some hustlers ballers, money making thugs Underground All-Stars, show the game love Cause"
  • Firm All Stars - Foxy Brown
    "Pretty boy: Trackmasters A yo you see that a major, tellin my flavor All types of paper, I'm doin you a favor So blaze the trees, come on baby please Yo to lay with these girls pay the fees Cause I stay"
  • All Of The Stars - Ed Sheeran
    "It's just another night And I'm staring at the moon I saw a shooting star And thought of you I sang a lullaby By the waterside and knew If you were here, I'd sing to you You're on the other side As the"
  • All My Stars Aligned - St. Vincent
    "i read the signs i got all my stars aligned my amulets, my charms i set all my false alarms so i'll be someone who won't be forgotten i've got a question and you've got the answer i do a dance to make"
  • P. R. All-Stars - Tony Touch
    "(feat. Don Chezina, Mexicano 777, Rey Pirin) oye el ritmo no me jodas no me jodas aqui esta dandole cabron el tony touch Rompan filas porque rompan filas cuando canta daddy yanquee canta con manos"
  • All The Stars Are Falling - Tear Garden
    "Time to lose Time to mourn Time to guide this raft on On through the storm When counting to ten-thousand With our eyes closed I'm sure that island's on the other side A blink away Don't shrink away I offer"
  • Stars All Seem To Weep - Everything But The Girl
    "Stayed true to the things I knew when I was younger And food and love was all but left to hunger. 'Cause when I stray from my truth as I grow older Too much leaves an empty hollow hunger. I think"
  • Stars all seem to weep - Beth Orton
    "Stayed true to the things I knew when I was youngerAnd food and love was all but left to hunger'Cause when I stray from my truth as I grow olderToo much leaves an empty hollow hungerI think about you on"
  • Trust All-Stars (Germanic Version): - Rasputina
    "Du bist nicht der Junge, der du vorgibst zu sein Du kommst aus dem Weltall und faehrst ein gemietetes Auto Danke, aber nein danke, es ist das selbe Die Zeit war, als dieses offensichtlich wurde Deine Augen"
  • We Are All Made Of Stars - Moby
    "Growing in numbers Growing in speed Can't fight the future Can't fight what I see People they come together People they fall apart No one can stop us now 'Cause we are all made of stars Efforts of"
  • When All The Stars Were Falling - Lisa Loeb
    "when all the stars were falling, i reached up like you said. all the stars were falling, one hit me in the head, and i fell down, down, down. i fell down, down. when all the stars were falling, they fell"
  • All The Stars Are Dead Now - Current 93
    "Bloody smoke Foggy smoke Beginnings and endings... There's a heart of the world In the bowed bony Burren There's a trip-hole to her heart In soaring Sn'fellsness And the crack of the world The moist ruddy"
  • What's Going On (All Stars Tribute) - Nelly Furtado
    "P. Diddy: What's going on Jermaine Dupri (Producer): Tell me P. Diddy: People dying, people crying - Lord help us Bono (U2): Mother, mother, There's too many of you crying Gwen Stefani (No Doubt): Oh,"
  • What's Going On? (Remake With Mtv All-Stars) - Jermaine Dupri
    "P. Diddy: What's going on? Jermaine Durpi: Tell me P. Diddy: People dying Jermaine Dupri: Yeah P. Diddy: People crying Jermaine Dupri: Uh-huh P. Diddy: Lord, help us Jermaine Dupri: Come on Bono (of U2): Mother,"

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