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Alle Farben feat. YOUNOTUS - Please Tell Rosie

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Alle Farben feat. YOUNOTUS - Please Tell Rosie

  • Please Tell Rosie (feat. YOUNOTUS) - Alle Farben
    "Please tell Rosie, keep on dancing… Even if the lights go out, Even in the summer rain, Even if the sun comes up, Ooh, we keep on dancing, keep on… Even if the lights go out, Even if the road is long, Even"
  • Supergirl (feat. Alle Farben and YOUNOTUS) - Anna Naklab
    "You can tell by the way She walks that she's my girl You can tell by the way she talks she rules the world You can see in her eyes that no one is her Chief She's my girl my Super girl And then she'd say"
  • Farben - Keimzeit
    "Alle Wege fhren nach Rom, hattest du gesagt. In jeder Antwort ein leises Om, wenn ich was frag'. Tauch mich in deine Farben! Nimm mir mein Schwarzwei! Tauch mich in deine Farben! Ohne Warnung, jetzt gleich! Es"
  • Farben - Lucilectric
    "Du mchtest zum Licht, doch sie lassen dich nicht. Die Wnde aus Wolken steh'n zu dicht. Regen fllt auf Asphalt, dir ist kalt. Du mut raus aus dem Bann des Graus. Refrain: Denk an Rot, Denk an Gelb, Denk"
  • Alle Farben dieser Erde - Geschwister Hofmann
    "Alle Farben dieser Erde hat der Himmel fr uns gemachtUnd als der Herrgott sprach es werde, hat er die Welt als Paradies gedacht.Alle Menschen die hier leben brauchen Liebe und HerzlichkeitFr alle Farben"
  • Keine Farben - Goethes Erben
    "In einem Augenblick frei von Farben tanzen Schatten hinter Milchglasscheiben ein Spiel Langsam schnell umfabar fliet Bewegung in leblose Masse eilt starres Licht in bewegte schwarze Bilder Der Bauer schwarz Der"
  • Rosie, Rosie - Marianne Faithfull
    "Rosy, won't you please come home, Mama don't know where you've been. Rosy won't you please come home, Your room's clean and no one's in it. Oh, my rosy, how I miss you, You are all the world to me. Take"
  • She Moves (feat. Graham Candy) - Alle Farben
    "Far away, far away, in a land where the sun will never rise -- far away, far away, in a place with marmalade skies -- far away, far away, in a land where the sun will hide its eyes -- far away, far away,"
  • Please - Seeed
    "Take me you are the one Let's go for one another see- this aint no joke say- I don't want no other let me be your friend cock father kid and brother will you be my pussy cat sister kid mother come on ride"
  • Bad Ideas - Alle Farben
    "Lied to my face I'm losing track of every tongue that I taste It's like the whole World is upside down Can't even tell if this is real right now Heads in the sky We're gonna fly around with flames"
  • Alle Meine Entchen - Backstreet Boys
    "I don't know what he does to make you cry But I'll be there to make you smile I don't have a fancy car, To get to you I'd walk a thousand miles I don't care if he buys you nice things Does his gifts come"
  • Rosie - Thea Gilmore
    "Well, the cars are leaving town The winters moving in A tree has been torn down By an ill wind, an ill wind Oh, Rosie can you tell my age? From where I sit Im younger than I look But old enough to know"
  • Please Tell Me Why - Nelly feat. Tim McGraw
    "Can we forget about the things I said when I was drunk I didn't mean to call you that, I can't remember what was said or what you threw at me (CHORUS) Please tell me, Please tell me why my car is in"
  • Rosie - Vanessa Williams
    "From Bye Bye Birdie soundtrack JA: I was never crazy for flowers I confess that nothing left me colder. I could watch a daisy for hours and all i'd feel was several hours older. Lilacs or lilies, anything"
  • Rosie - Freya
    "Rosie died so suddenly So young and so much like me So... where did Rosie go? I did not know Rosie well But she woke me up to smell My own mortality Goddamn this feeling Make it go away, I close my eyes To"
  • Rosie - Claw Boys Claw
    "Rainbow child, I used to call her name a lot when love was doing well We have start to call of you away from me but most of all yourself Got what you're looking for, waving bye to the poor Got what"
  • Rosie - Edith Backlund
    "Rosie, I've been draftedI'm a solider now 'am 'bout to die for my nation with my brothers. Come dear wave me off, but please don't cry I will fight 'til I fall and I can't make it up but my undying soul"
  • Rosie - Joan Armatrading
    "He has little red feet His stockin's in his shoes Lipstick and rouge on his face He has his hair piled high Has a red umbrella And carries his head in the sky And I said "Awe Rosie, don't you do that"
  • Please tell me - Solid Base
    "Solid Base - Please tell me refrain: You are all that I need You are all that I have Come to me and be near me Say you always be there Girl it's time I come a to ya time for a lover rhyme Cool as vanilla"
  • Farben Lehre - Farben Lehre
    "Przyszła w końcu taka chwila, by powiedzieć kilka słów Kiedy to się zaczynało - było nas tylko dwóch Pierwsze próby i koncerty taki garażowy styl Pamiętam te chwile, jak dziś... Chcemy Wam podziękować"

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