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Alligator Sky (The Making Of)

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Alligator Sky (The Making Of)

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Alligator Sky (The Making Of)
  • The Grateful Dead Alligator
    "Sleepy Alligator in the noon day sun, Lyin' by the river just like he usually done. Call for his whiskey, he can call for his tea, Call all he want to, but he can't call for me. Oh no! I've been there"
  • Green Apple Quick Step Alligator
    "Hiding for the future, hiding because it's the way She will plant And give no grief to disposition She is an alligator Bet she'll tell you later I got the key twidle your head Cause all the alligators"
  • Grateful Dead Alligator
    "Sleepy alligator in the noonday sunSleepin by the river just like he usually doneCall for his whiskyHe can call for his teaCall all he wanta but hecan't call meOh noI been there beforeand I'm not comin"
  • Shooter Jennings Alligator Chomp
    "A long time ago in a swamp far, far away... Where Louisiana meets Texas and the snakes fall off the tree The critters are gettin' restless, gettin' greedy and mean The frogs all hate the toads, crocks"
  • The Cramps Alligator Stomp
    "C'mon do the gator. The alligator stomp. Do the gator. Yeh chomp chomp chomp. Well there's a brand new stomp. That they're talkin' about. It crawled out o' the swamp. And opened up it's mouth. Said do"
  • Tilly And The Wall Alligator Skin
    "Oh, I just don't get it, can't seem to make sense I got some jumbled up thoughts in my jumbled up head I keep stumbling around on some jumbled up legs I keep grumbling out some jumbled up text Holding"
  • Hunters & Collectors Alligator Engine
    "This alligator engine This alligator man See him try to leave this swampland Drove it out across this land, and see All the guards get petrified As he pushed them to the ground With this alligator engine With"
  • Dave Dudley Alligator Man
    "Mosquitos buzzin' round my head Spanish moss for my bed I sail them sea dried land cause I'm an alligator man I hunt the gator all night long sell his hidin' then I'm gone I pick all the bells I can they"
  • Chely Wright Alligator Purse
    "I called him for days, he didn't answer the phone I drove by his house, I knew he was home A week's worth of papers and mail in the box I thought he was dead, I picked the lock I found him in tears in"
  • Paul Gilbert Alligator Farm
    "My baby lives on an alligator farm Just a good time ain't doin' no harm My baby works in the middle of the night All of them crocs been treatin' her right I ain't got nothin' to do after ten Maybe go"
  • Steve Vai Little Alligator
    "I could read your mind and all its freakish desires A full on femme fatale with an elegant face of fire Through the haze of your senses and your defenses God only knows how long it is till you hit the"
  • 10 Hands Alligator brain
    "Taste of blood on my lips cold spot in my heart man of action plan of action no reaction cold spot in my heart there's a cold spot in my heart if I love you I can hurt you cold spot in my heart everything"
  • Ten Hands Alligator Brain
    "(Slavens, Muller) taste of blood on my lips cold spot in my heart man of action plan of action no reaction cold spot in my heart there's a cold spot in my heart if I love you I can hurt you cold spot in"
  • Andre Nickatina Alligator Blood
    "Andre Nickatina Caught up in the rhyme like a dopef iend, freaky heater back the fuck up if you cut your broke dreams, i keep the 40 fo' shizzle nizzle pizzle wizzle kizzle yea with yellow skittles you"
  • Trophy Scars Alligator. Alligators.
    "So I'm running down Fifth Avenue headed south. I'm going to get you that ring I've been thinking about. I hope that you will like it, I know that you'll like it. I know you've got your necklace and bracelets"
  • Foxboro Hot Tubs Alligator
    "Ya alligator, ya space-invader, Ya swamp-dweller making your rounds Ya agitator, I'll see ya later Don't stand so close to my ground Ya alligator, ya space-invader Ya bottom-feeder making your rounds Ya"
  • Lionel Richie Night Train(Smooth Alligator)
    "Leave the station Somewhere down in east Oh baby, across the nation Looking for some fun And some hey down hey Tell the conductor you're headig For the cocktail car Yes you are That is where I'll be with"
  • Lake Of Tears Making Evenings
    "Where is the color of my evening deep red Lost in the middle of the morning rays, he said Heading for the heart of a different sun Hopeful and high and set to get one, now she's gone Dark park moon balloon,"
  • Joe Ely Pay The Alligator
    "Sherriff pulled me over and he started his jive In a 20 mile zone I was doin 25 Son keep your lead foot off the axe-celerator If you dont slow down youll have to Pay the Alligator I was countin my money"
  • Sesame Street The Alligator King
    "(One, two, three, four, five, six, seven!) Said the Alligator King to his seven sons, "I'm feelin' mighty down. Whichever of you can cheer me up Will get to wear my crown." His first son brought seven"

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