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  • A Mermaid's Tale - Almadrava
    "I have nobody for a conversation, it might be pretty normal in my situation. Im in the ocean, floating under burning sun, completely alone and trying to find someone. I hear a song, its like a prayer. This"
  • Are we alone? - Almadrava
    "A clear cold night I lay down on the grass. I observe the sky there just passed some falling stars. The moon, my friend, he smiles to me, 'cause he knows what we are In this huge infinity. Is there anybody"
  • Find You - Almadrava
    "Ive been looking for you nearly everywhere, I couldnt find you. So here I am driving through the rain and I dont know where to go. Im sorry, I was so wrong. I know it since you are gone. Please forget"
  • I'm Sorry - Almadrava
    "I know what it feels like, Ive been through this before. You dont have to worry, better times will come. Go on looking forward, dont turn around. Stand up and walk on, this is not the end. Im sorry about"
  • If you could see my eyes - Almadrava
    "The air will never have the same smell, the sun will never get to shine so bright again. How they hurt my eyes, god! they hurt my eyes, now that you're leaving. My past is travelling on an airplane, who"
  • Now you can reach the sky - Almadrava
    "The boy is standing in front of the sea, watching the birds fighting gravity, mum sits beside with tears in her eyes, she cries. The kid doesnt see her, his minds not there, hes flying with the seabirds"
  • Time to forget - Almadrava
    "You are the daytime, Im the night. When there is peace we want to fight. We are two contraries that need each other, like heaven needs hell, and like a son a father. Im trying to eat soup with a knife. Youre"
  • Waves - Almadrava
    "Behind the moon youll find the sun. Down at the beach there is not anyone. The water so blue, and the way I feel too, and nothing matters anymore but you. They slightly dissapear, the stars. Venus not"

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