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Alok mathieu koss

  • Ne Koss Belem - Moby Dick
    "-------------------- Allitsd magad takarekra Vigyazz, ne lepj a szakadekba Lassan a testtel, nyugalom En csak a javadat akarom Ne verd a fejedet okollel Tobbet esszel, mint erovel Iskolaba jarni nem szegyen Ne"
  • Big Jet Plane - Alok & Mathieu Koss
    "hey mister please to meet you i want to hold her i want to kiss her she smiled of daisies she smiled of daisies she drive me crazy she drive me crazy gonna take me for a ride on a big jet plane gonna"
  • Ai Koso Subete - SEX MACHINEGUNS
    "hanran! hanran! "watashi wa uwaki wo shimashita." hanran! hanran! "anata no shiranai hito to..." hana no inochi wa, hakanaku moeru hanran! hanran! "watashi wa uwaki wo shimashita." hanran! hanran! "ikenai"
  • Kimi Koso Star Da - Southern All Stars
    "Inamuragasaki wa kyou mo ame Umi naku minami kaze Suna ni mamire mitsume atta Te o tsunagi oyoida Sonna kako no hou ga suki da yo Tobitate manatsu no oozora e Kagayake nami shibuki, Woo... Itsumo boku"
  • Wherever You Go (feat. John Martin) - Alok
    "I remember our last summer When your heart met mine We were diving To the ocean Always side by side I hear your world's been getting colder, colder But through it all I'll be your shoulder, shoulder And"
  • Side Effect (feat. Au/Ra) - Alok
    "Tell me all your lies Play tricks on my mind I don't care (I don't care) I switched on the lights You ain't on my side I don't care (I don't care) Why do you look so confused? I know what you didn't do You"
  • All by myself (feat. Sigala, Ellie Goulding) - Alok
    "I lost my own belief Always somethin' breakin' me, was overcome Walkin' these lonely streets Even in good company, I want to run But now I'm embracin' the way I am I don't need nobody to hold my hand I'm"
  • The Wall - Alok & Sevenn
    "We don't need no education We don't need no thought control We don't We don't We don't don't don't don't We don't need no education We don't need no education We don't need no thought control We"
  • Another You (feat. The Vamps) - Alok & BLOODLINE
    "Am i to blame Is leave me lonely Written on my face „did i try too hard To make you stay?” guess i let my hope get high again You say thet you love me But you don’t mean it You’re touching my body But"
  • Run Into Trouble - Alok & Bastille
    "I drove past your house last night And it all came crashing in Every memory Didn’t recognise your street Now the light hits differently When you’re not with me Was I not what you want? Was I not"
  • Formidable, formidable - Mireille Mathieu
    "Fremde Sprachen sind sehr wichtig, nun, das wei ein jedermann, darum lerne ich Franzsisch, heut fang ich den Kursus an Meine Lehrerin, ganz ehrlich, da bin ich trs enchant, ist bekannt, beliebt, bezaubernd,"
  • Hear Me Now (feat. Zeeba) - Alok, Bruno Martini
    "If get you to hear me now… If you get to hear me now… Know you'll get stronger When you get older Just don't shrug your shoulders When you get __ Things aren't easy So just you believe me now If you"
  • In My Mind - Alok & John Legend
    "Somewhere deep inside of me There’s a world only i see only i see oh, i try to face reality but something is missing something is missing when i close my eyes i get lost inside i will find you i swear"
  • It Don't Matter - Alok, Sofi Tukker & INNA
    "Tell me now Why do i still hear you When you’re not around Why do i keep thinking abiut you Way too loud Wherever i am It don’t matter where i go It don’t matter where i will be Cause you are always in"
  • Don't Cry For Me - Alok, Martin Jensen, Jason Derulo
    "too young too fast Thought i was ready But my time was bad One life, too much to see And i said hey, i’ve had better days I missed that train about a mile away But please, don;t cry for me If you thought"
  • Un Ratito - Alok, Luis Fonsi, Lunay ft. Lenny Tavárez & Juliette
    "Entonces, dígame usted Si quiere que hable con respeto, distancia y con precaución Entonces, dígame usted Si de una vez nos besamos y salimos de esto Pagar pra ver qual é a consequência Se demorar, eu"
  • Alors nous deux - Mireille Mathieu
    "Terrains vagues Et rues d?mon quartier Le hasard t?y avait pouss Et comme dans les rves merveilleux Dieu fit de nous des amoureux Si le temps sur nous dfilait Nos vingt ans faisaient des projets Mais la"
  • Amour defendu - Mireille Mathieu
    "Le vent d'octobre Froissait la rivire Les pluies de ma robe Frlaient la bruyre. L'air tait si tendre Que j'ai voulu prendre Ta main qu'une bague M'avait dfendu. La seule faute Restera la mienne, J'ai oubli"
  • Amour, castangnettes et tango - Mireille Mathieu
    "Amour amour quand tu nous tiens amour amour tu nous tiens bien Ton corps blotti contre le mien dansons castagnettes et tango ol Ici la brise est parfume du got lger des orangers De joie de vivre et de"
  • An einem sonntag in Avignon - Mireille Mathieu
    "An einem Sonntag in Avignon spielt la musique in Avignon. Da brennen tausend Laternen am Flu und alle Mdchen die trumen heut' von einem Ku. An einem Sonntag in Avignon da kommt die Liebe nach Avignon da"

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