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Alpha Blondy - Sebe Allah Ye'

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Alpha Blondy - Sebe Allah Ye'

  • Brigadier Sabari - Alpha Blondy
    "Souf yara magni de Niya sebe man dafa N'ko bandiya mangni fesse fesse Horonya l gnongon tessan Opration coup de poing Opration coup de poing Opration coup de poing yeh!! Opration coup de poing Nko"
  • Houphouet Yako - Alpha Blondy
    "Houphout Yako, nat bessou Houphout boigny yako Nat bessou, beti nouanl Bessia n'gourl Snanga mon ossi man-y Nat bessou Snan-mon b-sima-y Nat bessou oh Tro f ytchoin djanda Tro f ytchoin djanda Tro f ytchoin"
  • Dio Sebe - Claudia
    "Tamo gdje ju trai ona vie nije, tamo sada neka druga djeca ive, a nje se vie nitko ne sjea. Otkad te nema nju sakrila je sjena i kao ena sada izgleda... Ali za tebe jo uva dio sebe i svaki ju put zazebe srce"
  • Allah Duhai Hai (Cover) - Zayn Malik
    "tera tha mein teri mein har dafa tujhe pe mita hu mein kari na tabha hai aata maza ishq mein tabhi beparwa hokar tubhe hoja mujh pe tabha jhoothi mohabbat teri zarurat par iss dheemi se taan wah teri"
  • Allah - Vandals
    "Allah! Allah! Allah! Allah! I studied carefully, and I do believe the best of heavens is to except is Islam I hope that book is right they promise paradise I'm going for the bonus of a martyr's reward"
  • Alpha - Kent
    "S dina nya ord ppnade drrar och ls En vacker idiot Se vad dom gjort med dina ord - i frhren Vad har du slt fr att f komma hrifrn? Du har levt p lnad tid Station alpha - beta - gamma Vi kan hlla dig vid"
  • Alpha - Sevendust
    "(Just move) you never were there (when I needed you) Where were you when I needed you (So long) look me in the eyes when Im talking to you You see the whites now (turn around) walk away (You cant help"
  • Alpha - Procol Harum
    "My parents must've disliked me. they left me in the lurch Packed me in a basket which was left in a church It was found by a nun Who took one peep and run Screaming 'there's an eye in the middle of his"
  • Alpha - Souljahz
    "Vs.1 Can you hear Angelic voices fill the halls Emotions bouncing off the walls As the tears hit the ground you feel You feel strange Overcome by deception and pain dont you see if you look to the three"
  • Alpha - Airlock
    "I know where this life is taking me And i know where this voice is leading me I know that i want to be set free Like everybody, everybody, you and me I am fearfully and wonderfully made You have searched"
  • Ye Lunchtime Follies - Ray Charles
    "Prithee, One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Gadzooks, and Eleven. Prithee, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Bend thy back, and pull in thy belta. And by gums, by gees, by gollys, Work"
  • Allah Kare - Himesh Reshammiya
    "Yeh Pyaar To Hai Ek Dhoka Is Liye Maine Dil Ko Roka Yeh Pyaar To Hai Ek Dhoka Is Liye Maine Dil Ko Roka Hum Jispe Mare Woh Bhi Humpe Mare Soch Ke Raat Bhar Hum Jage Allah Kare Dil Na Lage Kisise Allah"
  • Luv Allah - Northstar
    "(feat. Kinetic) "Luv Allah, come let me take you with me" (x3) Come along, yeah, yeah Luv Allah, yeah, Luv Allah Uh uh, yeah, yeah, yeah Let me take you, yeah, yeah, wit me Yeah, yeah Special"
  • Inch Allah - Salvatore Adamo
    "J'ai vu l'orient dans son crin avec la lune pour bannire Et je comptais en un quatrain chanter au monde sa lumire Mais quand j'ai vu Jrusalem, coquelicot sur un rocher, J'ai entendu un requiem quand, quand"
  • Allah & Justice - Brand Nubian
    "Peace to the gods, peace to the earths Peace to the positive people of the universe Brand nubian came to work it like this Ya see, each, and every day Each, and ev-ery wa-ay We're gonna show and prove Teach"
  • Inch Allah - Mc Solaar
    "Tout commence l'aroport, Rception d'une fille qui voulait changer de dcor, Au dpart il fait la tte de mort Mais il est tout excit ds qu'il a aperu son corps Qui c'est? Lche vitrine, shopping Bel Epine"
  • Inch' Allah - Nadiya
    "Refrain 1 Inch'Allah, envers et contre tout Te penser Inch'Allah, envers et contre tout Te garder galbi Te donner, inch'Allah, mon amour En gage de ma foi Envers et contre tout Mon coeur se donne pour"
  • Alpha Man - The Mission
    "It's never just a war of words There's always some kind of hidden agenda All you ever want from me Is a white flag & a quiet surrender This could be for ever more As long as I succumb & suffer in silence Love"
  • Alpha Id - Turner Core
    "I'm finding out patience doesn't grow on trees. You're welcome here if you're welcoming me! Why's it so hard to give out your trust, I can barely trust myself. Come save me! Come find me! The inner system"
  • Alpha & Omega - Stratovarius
    "I am the earth and sky I am the low and high I am the snowflake in the winter evening I am the birth and death I am your final breath I am the one that gave you life and freedom Choosing your own way Everything"

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