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Alphaville Next Generation

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Alphaville Next Generation

  • Next Generation - Alphaville
    "(Gold-Lloyd-Echolette) You're playin' around with money and fear And a power you can't control And the zimmermen grin their perjured grins Sayin': there's no risk at all ! Look into the eyes of the next"
  • Next Generation - Blanks 77
    "There's a place not far away where we can go to get away there's no rules and there's no laws there's no fighting you can't go wrong cuz we're the next generation destroy your generation. Help me up"
  • Next Generation - Culcha Candela
    "culcha candela one more time now it`s all about di next generation where people get ready fi crossover stylee it`s di next generytion we mix up dancehall hip hop and reggae now next generation worldwide"
  • Next Generation - One Man Army
    "Out On The Street Out In The Cold No One Cares And Nobody Knows The Night Is Young It Belongs To Us As The City Sleeps That's When We're Feeling Alright Next Generation Come Out To The Corners All"
  • Next Generation - King Konga
    "shocked by the real world, because it was never there before for us to see. taught one thing to believe another, we're children of hipocracy. stepping out of darkness, we're blinded by the spotlight. the"
  • Next Generation - Wyclef Jean
    "(feat. Rah Digga, Scarface) Hold on now, don't die now, be strong now He said, I was born a crack baby In a plastic bag in the alley Raised in a foster home With no mother to love and I never knew"
  • Next Generation - Fabolous
    "Uh, uh yeah, yeah, oh Rap's new generation, N-n-next g-gen-gene-generation Rap's new generation Rap's new generation, N-n-next g-gen-gene-generation Well, say hello to the rap Al Capone, south with"
  • The Next Generation - Drakkar
    "Take a look now to what you've created We're the sons of your Madness and Pride Evolution cannot be sedated We're the Next Generation of men (Bridge:) We're hunters and you're preys You won't escape (Chorus:) No"
  • The next generation - Neneh Cherry
    "Autumn Breeze, a Spring Teasesummer days and winter nightsThe seasons change and that's a factIs it notDomo Arigato, Danke, MerciMothers and daughters, fathers and sonshere's hoping you'll know the right"
  • Next Generation Pepsi Commercial - Britney Spears
    "Turn me up Come feel the joy all around Each generation has found they've got their own kind of sound Time to let it out You've got your own kind of groove Baby you can't see it it's your move Gotta take"
  • Next - Raised Fist
    "I just don't want to grow up by myself Believing in that way to change I don't want to buy my water out of the bottle And I don't want my brain to be chemically damaged I promised myself I would never"
  • New Generation - Skid Row
    "I sold my soul for you You cut my life in two Nightmares from what I've seen and where I've been Made me run from you again Controlling, big brother's eye Containment? I'd rather die We're all part of"
  • Generation Express - Kik Tracee
    "(Lyrics: Stephen Shareaux Music: Mike Marquis, Rob Grad) Everybody wants to ride the extra mile We'll be trippin' at eleven o'clock on the next arrival You know that everybody's got to want to be a survivor We're"
  • Fourth generation - Sonic Adventure
    "Born in a Time, when Fight it rules on World! I cannot say what's going on here! My Father is in the War, versus the strongest Hedgehog! I must do my best, and help him..... I am on the New Generation!"
  • My Generation - The Blackout!
    "If only we could fly The Blackout style Gav worms Take 'em to the Merthyr Bridge Can you feel it? My g-g-generation Get the fuck up! My g-g-generation Are you ready? Do you know where you are? Welcome"
  • My Generation - Fred Durst
    "If only we could fly Limp Bizkit style John Otto Take em to the Matthews Bridge Can you feel it? My g-g-generation Get up! My g-g-generation Are you ready? Do you know where you are? Welcome"
  • My Generation - Limp Bizkit
    "if only we could fly limp bizkit style john otto take'em to the matthews bridge can you feel it my generation get up my generation are you ready do you know where you are welcome to the jungle punk"
  • Last Generation - Quincy Punx
    "It's not just a choice it's a responsibilty Let's not just keep it legal let's make it mandatory A "final solution" for all of humanity We'll be the last generation and end the insanity Don't breed!"
  • Another Generation - Fishbone
    "Grab your arms and choose a side There's a battle to be won A psychic war's upon us, and the walls are closing in And it's time to change the time Brave are those who do decide ? (the next part I cannot"
  • Revolutionary Generation - Public Enemy
    "I get down to what it is And if it ain't funky (see ya) People askin' me what's goin' on With my mind (Huh) wait a minute It's just a matter of race Cause a black male's in their face Step back for the"

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