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Alphaville Universal Daddy

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Alphaville Universal Daddy

  • Universal Daddy - Alphaville
    "(Gold-Lloyd-Echolette) If you want a new connection I'll be just a step away Come on move in my direction Leave your dollshouse at the breaking of the day Get this message from your heartbeat There's"
  • Universal Soldier - Pastor Troy
    "Nigga, I always keep my composure Often full of that doja Universal soldier I'm ready for war These niggas really got me trippin' with that bullshit My daddy, taught me no playin' in the pulpit So for"
  • Universal - Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
    "It doesnt matter if youre black or white Or the god that you choose to pray to It doesnt matter about the clothes you wear Or which creator made you We all bleed the same blood We all need the same love And"
  • Universal - Omd
    "It doesn't matter if yore black or white Or the god that you choose to pray to It doesn't matter about the clothes you wear Or which creator made you We all bleed the same blood We all need the same"
  • Universal - Downset
    "Universal a universal, bring it to all bring it to all Universal just like the sun, moon, star, man, woman and child All relative out loud cosmic found sound, compound blend Part of me harmony, we will"
  • Universal - Slut
    "We're universal and we're blessed We're grown up well I must confess Which makes us better than the rest We're always happy and amused We're open-minded while we choose We're intellectual confused - we're"
  • Universal - Paul Gilbert
    "Everybody knows it's Universal Everybody knows it's plain to see Everybody here can understand it It's not a book you gotta read It don't take too much rehearsal So come and sing along with me I said Na,na,na... Everybody"
  • Universal - DOROTA OSIŃSKA
    "One bright Sun One big sky Everyone … Younger gods every single night We will hold this pride inside This hope This dream This yearning I’ve seen To live And To love To be free No matter where or how There’s"
  • Universal - Nate James
    "See now im not the picky type, but im gonna go out and get whats mine got to quest my appetite, so much choice yeah so little time. Some may think that im easy, unlike some guys are hard to please wanna"
  • Universal - Clouds
    "Don't be afraid of the dark, don't fear what you cannot see I'll guide you through the maze, you can trust me Don't be scared of the unknown, I've got the answers written down It's really very simple and"
  • Universal - Nina Hynes
    "It could have been any one of us You or me To walk the line of fire Anyday it all could change Don't see it coming on, it's coming on It's a crazy, crazy world A topsy turvy, upside down, corners curving"
  • Universal - Insight
    "(Mr. Lif) just as you order tight, amplified ribs served on a platter, make your mind chatter my data is that of a chef and yesterday's special is fresh emcee chest take a closer look, you'll notice he's"
  • Universal - Borknagar
    "Mountains higher than mind can fly Oceans deeper than sorrow A distance of furious dreams Random fields of tension Where the sun comes blinding When the moon goes hiding I have seen the chaos in every"
  • Universal - D-Flame
    "(feat. Guru (GangStarr)) It's Universal you Play with Fire it might hurt you or Burn you die es nicht fhlen wollen die hren zu Endlich am Geburtsort New York scheiss ich auf Rufmord oder auf die"
  • Big In Japan (Alphaville Cover) - Guano Apes
    "Winter's city side Crystal bits of snowflakes fall around my head and in the wind. I had no illusions That I'd ever find the glympse of summer heatwaves in your eyes You did what you did to me Now it's"
  • Daddy, Daddy, Daddy - Janis Joplin
    "Oh, it's daddy, daddy, daddy, it's daddy, daddy, all the time Lord, that's daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy, all the time If I'm awake or if I'm dreamin' Lord, my daddy daddy's on my mind Well, I brag"
  • Daddy daddy daddy - Frank Zappa
  • Daddy - Wyclef Jean
    "Da, da, da, daddy, daddy, daddy I'm sure y'all heard about my dad Da, da, da, daddy, daddy, daddy This one goes out for everybody that lost somebody Da, da, da, daddy, daddy, daddy Be strong Da,"
  • Daddy - Coldplay
    "daddy, are you out there? daddy, won’t you come and play? daddy, do you not care? is there nothing that you want to say? I know you’re hurting, too but I need you, I do! daddy, if you out there? daddy"
  • Daddy - Die Antwoord
    "Daddy, daddy, please buy me a sweet I know you got money I want that big chocolate bunny In my mother-fucking tummy Come on daddy, buy me that chocolate Bunny, I know you got money I want it, I want it,"

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