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AltJ Something Good

  • Something Good - Colin James
    "Here's the reason I try and make you feel better I'm the reason That you ever feel bad at all At least I'm good at something I just wish it was something good Something good Something good has gotta"
  • Something Good - Alt-J
    "Something good, Oh, something good, Oh, something good, Oh, something good tonight will make me forget about you for now. Get high, hit the floor before you go. Matador, estocada, you're my blood sport. But"
  • Something Good - Dr. Feelgood
    "(gordon russell) Something good, something bad Something special, something sad Something good, something bad Gonna get it with or without you Something weak, something strong Not too much, and not for"
  • Something Good - Bic Runga
    "Just wanna know ya Just wanna talk to ya I wanna hear about your day I'd never leave ya Never be mean to ya I'd always let you get your way Something good will come our way And maybe this good thing's"
  • Something Good - Twin-A
    "Settle down this past December All that I remember was that dress You wore You said it'd be all right I knew it'd be all right I could not ignore I can't wait to get inside of you I can't wait to get"
  • Something Good - Estelle
    "Courage! I was hurt for so long Doesn't matter who was right, Doesn't matter who was wrong, All that matter is I'm back where I belong Yeah! Got my girls, I was down I was looking everywhere in the long"
  • Something Good - D:a:d
    "Do you really think that you're lost? And that you'll never find the way Learn the secrets of the woods See the picture if you could You grow a little every day And now I'm grown and I look like you Who'd"
  • Something Good - Rodgers And Hammerstein
    "(Maria) Perhaps I had a wicked childhood Perhaps I had a miserable youth But somewhere in my wicked miserable past I must have had a moment of truth For here you are Standing there Loving me Whether"
  • Something Good - Angel Blue
    "I can't tell you what I'm looking for it is strange and I feel weird Another world another face i'll get it all, i'll get it there's something stupid on my mind It is just a chance for you But hope"
  • Something Good - Shannon Brown
    "There are moments that I am unable to breathe The pain is strangling me I shake my fist at the sky Then fall down on my knees Screaming how can this be I think that I'd rather die Than go on feeling"
  • Something Good - Jeffries Fan Club
    "Well I don't think I wanna be placed so high above And I don't think I need to be filled with all your empty love Everything I need I have that and so much more And I don't ever wanna be with you like"
  • Something Good - Welbilt
    "Angels never hesitate And I just lost a friend today It's numbing and cold Pictures hold the memory But doesn't bring them back to me Just makes me feel old March is awfully cold this year For more bad"
  • Something Good - Wheatus
    "Cocaine eyes Been livin the lie Looks like another big night on the credit card babay Buttchew makin' em smile Yeah you drivin' 'em wild I could sit back and let you do all the talkin' now couldn't"
  • Something Good - Willie D
    "Verse 1: Microphone check 1, 2 Got my heat beneath the seat, it ain't nothing new Just picked up Dre, that's my cousin He got the E & J, so we buzzing But I forgot to mention that he had a freak with him Good"
  • Something Good - UGK
    "TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD One with a trigger two with a bat three big brothers, four want to square with me, so i guess a brother gotta throw tell em like this you better get up out my camp dude before I"
  • Gimme Something Good - Ryan Adams
    "I can't talk My mind is so blank So going for a walk I've got nothing left to say I can't see The darkness on the rise I'll be waiting here Until the under tide All my life Been shaking Wanting something Holding"
  • Over something good - George Jones
    "Your eyes could light the world tonight that's just how much they glowYour face could give your heart away everyone would knowBut you have fell in love with me I never thought you wouldBut don't you let"
  • Something So Good - Point Of Grace
    "We've got something so good We're gonna show you It makes me happy Always makes me feel free When I'm in His hands Do you understand Not trying to sell you I'm only trying to tell you That His love is"
  • Something so good - Inner Circle
    "How could something so goodTurn out so badWhatever happened to the lovewe hadWhat have I done to driveYou away?What can I doTo make you stayI wanna be your bestFriend yeah, but now you Want it to endTime,"
  • Something - Longwave
    "i need something to make this alright something to get me to your light you know that i'd bow with my fingers crossed you know i believed when i lost trying to make something from nothing yeah i need"

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