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Always are remember

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Always are remember

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Always are remember
  • Train Always Remember
    "Always remember I'm by your side Such a shame that you had to go So much more that I'd like to know So many things you forgot to show me how to do When times are hard I forget your gone I go to call you"
  • Blood Or Whiskey Always Remember
    "I was walking out the road when I heard the noise behind me And I saw them standing there one two three And I knew that I was shagged I did not think they could find me And the hate was on their faces"
  • O.C. Supertones Remember
    "Verse 1: What am I to do now And what have you shown I'll never make it On my own I look up and I see blue sky And a shining sun I'm simply reminded How you love Chorus 1: I'll remember your faithfulness Through"
  • No Motiv Remember
    "You will always be a part of me no matter what the case may be if you just give me some time to try you will always have me by your side I'm always here to make you feel alright... Do you remember I remember"
  • Be Free Remember
    "There will come at night, maybe in our dreams Precious moment of passion Though Im here now, I always something missing Wy sweet words for you So many exiting things had happen between us To forget it"
  • Velvet Belly Remember
    "Another year has gone by You're quite satisfied There's only one thing missing And in your big bed You lie awake at night One's too young And one too fragile And there is always Something you've been"
  • SUNSET SONS Remember
    "I win, you lose It's only for us two I win, you lose I remember days when we were all alone If you would ever leave me I would call your phone We would talk for days and never leave my home I think about"
  • Skamp Remember
    "Memories are made with each moment saved Can't turn away from the past - afraid the furture isn't to last You always gave me strengh when I had nothing left - It all came true with time just had to wait"
  • Watermark Remember
    "Nathan Nockels/Christy Nockels Must have been You out in the back yard The mystery was found in the heart of a child I didn't know 'till now, that even then I knew You And there were songs back then, There"
  • Velvet Belly Always
    "Tell me will I remember All the things that I forget Something to be proud of Something good yet something to regret And tell me will I remember To always keep it close What we feel for each other Each"
  • Toni Braxton Always
    "I know that you feel like leavin' We can't seem to get along I know you are the only one for me My everything You are all that a girl could wish for I couldn't ask for more We don't need to argue about"
  • Sky Always
    "Let me tell ya a story about a lady Who is strong willed and courageous She's my inspiration The foot hill of los andes She grew up 'til they stole away her dreams And so she had to flee Life is too short"
  • Jack Greene Always Remember
    "Always remember I love you I love you only you Always remember your whole life through I love you just you A million miles away from me we're never far apart cause you're always in my heart So always remember"
  • Bill Anderson Always Remember
    "(Jerry Bradley - Patsy Lawley) Always remember I love you I love you only you Always remember your whole life through I love you, just you. I'd give anything in this world if I could be with you right"
  • Stereoside Always Remember
    "I know what your thinking And you really shouldn't think that (Well I'm not strong and I can't go on) Well you gotta reach down and dig deeper(x2) Always remember and never forget Well your in battle well"
  • Crystal Lewis Remember Who You Are
    "copyright Crystal Lewis My daddy always told that his mamma always said "No matter what you become in this life, Whether big or small n the eyes of men You'd remember who you are in the eyes of"
  • Mesh Remember who you are
    "Living our daily lives Watching the world go round Talking about the wife Inviting the neighbours Money wouldn't change us we'd be saying Money wouldn't make us but we'd be praying And you've thrown our"
  • Sesame Street Things Are Always Changing
    "(spoken) Father: (to Mother) How's the packing going dear? Mother: Just about done. Father: Oh good. (to Jimmy) Well Jimmy, tomorrow's the big day. We're moving to a new house. Jimmy: I don't wanna"
  • Rachael Lampa We Will Always Remember - The Columbine Song
    "On a day like any other, We never knew how much our world would change. In one moment of madness, We knew our lives could never be the same. Though today our hearts are breaking, And time is standing"
  • Charlie Louvin I'll Remember Always
    "I'll remember always no I won't forget you I'll remember always each adventure that we dared I'll remember always all the happiness we ever shared Then there were the other times of the sorrow we went"

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