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Always the Same whitesnake

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Always the Same whitesnake

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Always the Same whitesnake
  • David Coverdale Whitesnake
    "(Coverdale/Moody) In the shadows of the dark night, You need a woman by your side.. She'll help you make it in the cold light and keep you warm an' satisfied If you want somemore lovin' Drive you out"
  • The Bates Always the same
    "I remember the times When we were together We were so high But now I'm alone I ain't got no friend I don't need no one And I know They come and go And I know It will never change It's always the same Yeah"
  • Kosheen Always The Same
    "1. It's like a pattern deep ingrained It's like a cycle but it's always the same Curly headed baby running wild Woman that you see here now She is still that same child Chorus: Aha always the same I"
  • Savoy Brown Always The Same
    "Miller Anderson-Chrysalis Music Ltd. There was twenty at the sharer, I was there myself Trying to establish who may reap the wealth I said I cannot take this, you know these cards dealt There's one"
  • John Farnham Always The Same
    "John Farnham, Ross Fraser, Jon Stevens, and Stuart Fraser There's a young girl working the corner There's an old man lost at sea They could tell you a million stories About the wrong side of the street There's"
  • Victory Always The Same
    "We want some action It's what we came for No more excuses 'Cos we've heard 'em all before Gonna make some thunder Gonna make a storm We keep getting put down Enough is enough 'Cos this is a break out From"
  • Useless ID Always The Same
    "Are you here to save the world? The odds are running against you. Every day the same impression that something will change. Today I felt so sick when all the warnings got me down. All we are is a voice"
  • Squad Five-O Always The Same
    "People change, places change, things change, there not the same.And through it all I come to terms with one thing that is true.Hypocrisy, theology, hostility, reality.I come to terms with who I am and"
  • Skillet Always The Same
    "You never change Always the same x3 You never change Always the same x3 Strange how everyting Seems to rearrange Apart from who You are Nations rise and fall Build, rebuild the walls They all fall down But"
  • Dog Eat Dog Always The Same
    "Always the same and that's a shame. The only change is the name of the game. I know it sucks, cause times are tuff and it's ruff but you gotta keep your head up. What do you want? I want a shot to follow"
  • George Strait Always Never The Same
    "I know why I'm intrigued You keep surprising me Somewhere between the lines There's no way to define Every move you make Always never the same Call me mesmerized Somewhat hypnotized Somehow in Conversation I'm"
  • Tyler Hilton It's Always The Same
    "Well, the bus that picks him up from work is late again It's delayed on the other side of town Well the street he's waiting on is kind of lonely 'Cept for an old homeless man on the ground He wonders"
  • UnSuNg ZeRoS Always Will Be The Same
    "Sat around and check my watch As i waited for the midnight hour ANd i thought about the things that happend on this day that we gave some music up.. I started on this journey I started on this journey Yet"
  • The 69 Eyes Always
    "Come and get me sucker bite down One step more and i'll blow your head around I ain't got nothing for you Better believe what i'm tellin' you I've been runnin' thru the world with a gun in my back Never"
  • Lutricia McNeal Same, Same, Same
    "No, no, no (x8) Oh, don't make me high Don't make me feel Don't make it beat Oh, don't make me try Don't make me see Don't let me be Oh, you make me flow You make me fall You make me whole Oh, you make"
  • Greenwheel Same
    "Empty pockets full of empty promises You've got your receipt just sign the dotted line Turn out the light that blinds your eyes It eliminates the wasted space you occupy Tell them that you're accepted Stand"
  • Self Against City Always
    "Fell in love with a ghost, I'm ashamed And torn apart at the seams under the weight Of all the truth that a lie uncovers And all the regret that comes from one mistake Still you say you said, that nothing's"
  • Marvin Gaye Always
    "Always And forever each monet with you is just like a dream to me that somehow came true and i know tomorrwo will still be the same cuz we got a life of love that wont ever change Chorous Everyday"
  • Jordan Pruitt Always
    "I'll take the chance to say I feel this emptiness When you walk away And now I must confess That it's not the same Without you here with me Then the rain goes away When I see that face Like a summer day The"
  • Newsboys Always
    "what were you thinking I have a right to ask is there a reason other than your past? the great pretender why was I the last to see through your skin? is there a chance you'll ever change? it's"

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