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Amanda My Favorite Drug

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Amanda My Favorite Drug

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Amanda My Favorite Drug
  • Styles P Favorite Drug
    "(feat. Rashad) Somethin 'bout you, I don't know, HA HA~! Yeah... Heyyyy-yayyyyy You're the one (yeah) You're the one, yeahhhh (that's what it feels like) You're my favorite drug (you're my favorite"
  • Porcelain And The Tramps I'm Your Favorite Drug
    "What you get is what you see it won't take much to get hooked on me so shoot me right into your skin and i will be your heroin the sideaffects are sexual you love the way i taste the sideaffects"
  • Ace Troubleshooter Amanda
    "Amanda talks about herself Forever and a day She'll get her way Amanda talks about nothing But she'll make you think it's poetry It's too bad she's only seventeen years old Seventeen years old She's too"
  • Pods Amanda
    "Amanda You made me cry You never cared Now you should die You left my heart Like an open sore I screamed your name Cos I wanted more Amanda I didn't think What was good for you Ain't so good for me You"
  • Boston Amanda
    "(Scholz) Babe, tomorrow's so far away There's something I just have to say I don't think I can hide what I'm feelin' inside Another day, knowin' I love you And I, I'm getting too close again I don't want"
  • Michelle Branch Amanda
    "Awww....Lets Break it down like thisUh-huh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uhThere is this girlMan her tits are growingand her butt it filling outwhy won't she notice me?She plays with my sister instead(Chorus)The wind"
  • Don Williams Amanda
    "I don't believe in superstars organic food and foreign cars I don't believe the price of gold the certainty of growing old that right is right and left is wrong that north and south can't get along that"
  • Saigon Favorite Things
    "Holler at your boy, Saigon, set this shit off! (Chorus: Saigon) Me when I'm rhymin', remarkable timin' Shorty's with brown eyes that sparkle like diamonds Us in the park when we played on the swings These"
  • Rev Theory Favorite Disease
    "Oh, oh Oh, oh You are my favorite disease You are my favorite disease Yeah I'm sick and tired of the ways that you want me to be Sick and tired of the shit you keep spittin' I won't deny all the times"
  • Audio Learning Center Favorite
    "I bought your album You're my new favorite band I love that third song - yeah Let's hear that one again And I learned all your words So I can sing along You're my favorite band You write my favorite songs I"
  • Neko Case Favorite
    "Oh lie I thought you were golden I thought you were wise Caught you returning To the house you caught fire But I know that I was your favorite And I said Amen Wise, found favorin' heaven And I at your"
  • LIZ PHAIR Favorite
    "Don't look sexy but it just feels right Not too dirty and it's not too tight Why I never threw it out, I'll never know exactly why Keep it in the drawer beside my bed It's faded pink now, but it used to"
  • Kanye West Drug dealin'
    "And all my people thats drug dealin jus to get by stack ya money till it gets sky high We wasnt supposed to make it past 25 but the jokes on you we still alive Throw your hands up in the sky and say we"
  • Killing Joke Drug
    "Heaven sold to hungry spirits Rituals for birth right down (?) God ???? fear is wielded The credulous will never see us Programmed child in pre-?? courses Numb the mind and gag our voices Everyone"
  • Berlin Drug
    "I was fine, I was alone, and I was strong. Now you're here, and I'm so weird it must be love. Now I don't have any protection incase you go. Oh I need a suit of armour for my soul. Strung out, only you"
  • Sick Shift Drug
    "Feed me, fix me Please stop the shaking taking over me Please set me free The aching, the yearning Is all that's left of me My blood runs thin Make me complete again Inside your head Wish I was in yours"
  • Nightrage Drug
    "All our mysteries remain unsolved. Now when my blindfold is cast. No judgement cast upon them. They who broke their vows that i trusted in and all that i saw of their eyes. Was the dead stare behind their"
  • Bonfire Goodnight Amanda
    "Good-bye came - without a warning I never thought - it could hurt me that way You've been like - a new day dawning a snowflake melting - on a sunny day How can I live without you God - I miss"
  • Amanda Perez Amanda Perez - Angel
    "It's been five months since you went away Left without a word and nothin' to say When I was the one who gave you my heart and soul But it wasn't good enough for you, no, oh so I asked God God, send me"
  • Britney Spears My Friend Amanda
    "Ohh gotta love it this is a song about my best friend Amanda We were in eigth grade when we started to be best friends we were with eachother every weekend goin up to the shopping centerand"

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