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Amanda Palmer - Killing Type

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Amanda Palmer - Killing Type

  • The Killing Type - Amanda Palmer
    "i wouldn’t kill to win a war i don’t get what they do it for it’s all so terribly vague i see the pictures from a thousand years of battle and i think it’s such a bore i walk new orleans with a knife like"
  • Amanda - Carlos Lyra
    "Amanda foi amante numa história Distante na memória de um menino Constante na inconstncia do destino Que se evapora, que se evapora... Amei Amanda Nos entre-choques da rua Nos estribilhos da lua Amei"
  • Amanda - Astropuppees
    "He's not looking for you anymore He's just trying to come down And get his head back on You say goodbye before you're in too deep You twist your body like a knife And struggle to be free And it don't take"
  • Amanda - Ace Troubleshooter
    "Amanda talks about herself Forever and a day She'll get her way Amanda talks about nothing But she'll make you think it's poetry It's too bad she's only seventeen years old Seventeen years old She's too"
  • Amanda - NASH
    "He contado las horas Que pasamos a solas Cada sueo que no hicimos realidad Solo tu, solo yo Era un juego de 2 Que no supe ganar Te he buscado en este mar La arena, la sal Todo me susurra que no ests Coge"
  • Amanda - Pods
    "Amanda You made me cry You never cared Now you should die You left my heart Like an open sore I screamed your name Cos I wanted more Amanda I didn't think What was good for you Ain't so good for me You"
  • Amanda - Persone
    "Nun estas jam la tria foj Dum tiu i semajno nur Ke iras ni sur sama voj u venos ni al mur u devas iu pao Nin konduki is la fin? u eblas amikeco Inter viro kaj virin? --Refreno-- Amanda!, kion volas vi? Amanda!,"
  • Amanda - Boston
    "(Scholz) Babe, tomorrow's so far away There's something I just have to say I don't think I can hide what I'm feelin' inside Another day, knowin' I love you And I, I'm getting too close again I don't want"
  • Amanda - Don Williams
    "I don't believe in superstars organic food and foreign cars I don't believe the price of gold the certainty of growing old that right is right and left is wrong that north and south can't get along that"
  • Amanda - Michelle Branch
    "Awww....Lets Break it down like thisUh-huh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uhThere is this girlMan her tits are growingand her butt it filling outwhy won't she notice me?She plays with my sister instead(Chorus)The wind"
  • Laura Palmer - Skycamefalling
    "For hours I tried to outrun the sun, tried to speak with a mouthful of blood. But still I'm choking on your tears, still I'm choking on you tears. Words slowly fall of my tongue, maybe I never tried, hard"
  • Laura Palmer - Bastille
    "Walking out into the dark Cutting out a different path Lead by your beating heart All the people of the town Cast their eyes right to the ground In matters of the heart The night was all you had You"
  • New Name Fi Informer Mr. Palmer (Vybz Kartel Diss) - Mavado
    "New Name Fi Informa Ah Mr Palmer Grudge Me Fi So Mi Sing Dah Pslams Yah Strap Wid Mi Hamma Clip Longer Dan Banana Bwoy Come Pass Di Corna. Gunshot Ring Inna Yu Ears Like Llaama Everybody Ask Wha Cause"
  • Type - Living Colour
    "Stereotype Monotype Blood type Are you my type? Minimalism Abstract expressionism Postmodernism Is it? We are the children of concrete and steel This is the place where the truth is concealed This is the"
  • Killing Spree - Swollen Members
    "MadChild: i'm the extreme case of fire and anger i'm the extreme case of fire and anger i'm the extreme case of fire and anger the misguided angel with ice in his veins my thought pattern is scattered"
  • I Google You - Amanda Palmer
    "I Google you late at night when I dont know what to do I find photos youve forgotten you were in put up by your friends I Google you when the day is done and everything is through I read your journal that"
  • The Killing Time - Lunic
    "If I could take away the memories of all the things I used to be The price we pay for all the miles apart an emptiness inside our heart And I wait for love but it's not enough Too many words unspoken The"
  • Go Amanda - Steve Earle
    "(Steve Earle, Sheryl Corw) Take your red dress, leave the hanger Lose the sadness, use the anger You might need it 'fore you get there chorus Oh, Amanda You don't have to say goodbye You just go"
  • Go Amanda - Steve Earle & The Dukes
    "(Steve Earle, Sheryl Corw) Take your red dress, leave the hanger Lose the sadness, use the anger You might need it 'fore you get there chorus Oh, Amanda You don't have to say goodbye You just"
  • Amanda Bynes - Kidd Upstairs
    "Yeah, my bitch look like Amanda Bynes Snorting hella lines with some random guys The fuck am I gon' tell her, how to live her life? When that's her head alright, prolly dead inside Friend of mine, said"

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