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  • Amb Tota Ranc - Vidres A La Sang
    "Per obra i grcia de la incredulitat jo m'encomano a vos senyor, desprs de tants anys, per poc respecte a la paraule que hagueu empresonat jo us declaro a vos senyor, redemptor dels meus pecats. He importat"
  • Voldrs Tornar Amb Mi - Gossos
    "Molt lluny de mi, fa un temps, vas voler marxar, tu ignoraves, perque volies canviar, ja estaves farta de viure sempre aqui, perque ara enyoro quan estaves amb mi. Voldras tornar amb mi, veuras, et fara"
  • No Lligues Amb Mi - Agraviats
    "Cuantes vegades t'ho tinc que demostrar cuantes probes de foc tu hem faras passar no vull caricies teves no vull el teu amor pero si estas davant ja no et puc dir que no tantes nits els dos hem passat tantes"
  • Amba Fatima - John Mojo x Belmondo
    "co miesiąc jest impra lub Amba Fatima tabacca mnie nęka to jest … jak Władysław Szpilman ikona jak Dyrmał rap to nie zabawa, mordo dla mnie to jest przypał twój rap gu gu ga ga mój rap to Iliada jestem"
  • Scream My Name - AMB
    "Everyday, my clique spray, we don't play Keep it all time shine, stay the fuck out the way Haters keep hidin' behind your subliminal raps Fake when you hate me cause you ain't where I'm at Be a man, get"
  • Chips 'N' Dip - AMB
    "It's on you girl, it's all on you, girl! It's on you girl, it's all on you! Look girl, you know that I wanna hit that You only with it cause you know I kick a sick rap Your man wanna combat, but I ain't"
  • A.M.B.A. - Dziun
    "Dzisiaj właśnie był ten dzień, Gdy po przerwie znowu ujrzałam Cię. Dobrze widzieć Cię znów. Intensywne stało się, Twe spojrzenie, dotyk i smak Twych ust. Dobrze słyszeć Cię znów. A, aaa, aaaaaaaaaaaa..."
  • Who We Are (ft. Amba Shepherd) - Shermanology
    "Our time is coming and it’s not far, Our time is coming this is who we are This is who we are Freedom find in me If are journeys Faith is all we need It’s our story"
  • Let The Love (feat. Amba Shepherd) - Starkillers & Dmitry KO
    "You see into my soul with eyes control You see into my soul and take a hold And I will let you in Let the love within Let the love You are in my mind The windows from my eyes The contemplating fate Into"
  • All Day - AMB
    "(feat. Twiztid) All day, each and every which way We spit flames, steady playin' a sick game! All day, each and every which way We spit flames, steady playin' a sick game! I'm hiding out in the dark"
  • Blood Out - AMB
    "Watching you with red eyes (Walk through the wire) Follow you through lifetimes (Never expire) Without fear we face them (We stand together) Blood out, blood out.(We stand forever) Once you're inside There's"
  • Calm Down - AMB
    "(feat. Insane Clown Posse) I'm alone, I'm holding my chrome And I have become The only one that sees what is really there I hate that I'm scared, but who really cares? I tell 'em and for me all they"
  • God Only Knows - AMB
    "Did I really take her and keep her with me? Cover her face up so she couldn't breathe? Cut her eyeballs out so she couldn't see? I still feel like she is looking at me. Brought her to the basement and"
  • Gods Hand Killers - AMB
    "We are all children of god Here comes another one He here comes another one Demons die D d demons die I'm a god damn killer Gimme me my list I got this sick vision in my head I grip a axe in my fist D"
  • Heatseeker - AMB
    "Bullets fly just let me die If I can't shoot and make your head go poof On the loose, no juice, get used to the sound Of the buckshot pound, bodies bleedin' on the ground In attack mode, everyone around"
  • Honor - AMB
    "Wake up in a mad rage and I can't see Cold sweat from the broken images of my dreams I've seen worlds of peace with no pain But then I woke up to reality, we all should be ashamed You wife beatin' piece"
  • Old Girl - AMB
    "Girl, I see you lookin' at me and Fuckin' me with your eyes, I'm like "Damn!" I think I might have to take care of this bitch But what's that moldy, crusty shit up on her lip? Aww, fuck it. Wrinkled"
  • Right Now - AMB
    "Right now - Sometimes the sun hits my Hatchet charm It lights up my car, like a disco bar Right now I'm cool Layin' back in the cut like what Just feelin' so true Who knew that we'd be right where we're"
  • See Thru - AMB
    "(feat. Blaze Ya Dead Homie) Axe murder in this bitch and we don't fuck around with fakes Frontin' hard that you regulatin' hate all that we make I take his motherfuckin' face and slam it right into the"
  • Selfish - AMB
    "You want it, can't have it Baby, you're so ecstatic You're laughin', you're askin' How much it cost with tax and You know you feel hellish Your wasted life is selfish Your evil transgressions will cost"

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