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Amberian Dawn My only star

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Amberian Dawn My only star

  • My Only Star - Amberian Dawn
    "After a day turns into a night I will light up my light in the sky Don't shed a tear on the ground I once laid Cause I'll be here From your tears I'll make a crystal necklace To surround my heart and my"
  • Morning Star - Amberian Dawn
    "In the early sky I see the light of the Morning star shining bright, and from the open ground I hear the harmony of voices singing far away. Follow the light, it will lead your way to harmony! Follow the"
  • Dawn - Avalanch
    "Maybe this time You will understand The reason I wrote for you this song I need to sing it out now My heart isn't made of stone It has not forgotten Still thinks of thee Speaks to me all the time It tells"
  • Dawn - Stabbing Westward
    "--This one, as far as I know is their only non-lp song on a soundtrack This is from the Escape From LA soundtrack -- My angel my reluctant whore Decided you can take no more So let's fuck until we"
  • My only star - Initial D
    "When you are dancing I realize That you're the guy that I'll love forever You keep on dancing I see I'm alive The light is shining thru **This is my life When you are dancing I see I 'm alive And I 'm"
  • Beautiful Dawn - Wailin' Jennys
    "Take me to the breaking of a beautiful dawn Take me to the place where we come from Take me to the end so I can see the start There's only one way to mend a broken heart Take me to the place where I don't"
  • Warning - Amberian Dawn
    ""Oh, why is the forest luminous tonight?" Asked the little maiden from her older sister Lilyrose "Sit here, I will tell you, hear me good, lil' Lau You can't even think of going there! Come, I'll keep"
  • Cold Kiss - Amberian Dawn
    "Far away is the dawn from your eyes, only darkness. ... only darkness I see in your eyes. Fearlessly I'm leaning on you in the shadows, in your world. And there you find me, my mind is open for your mind. Meet"
  • Dance of Life - Amberian Dawn
    "(Verse) Wind taking space signing by a screen Would you dance, still leave my Sense the feeling, let the spirits rise with me Bow to the shore, designed to swing to the right I follow, rust goes round"
  • Innuendo - Amberian Dawn
    "In seven cycles The living hell is finally over now It's time to have the closure now Somehow Too many bygones The true resistance is getting stronger now Can't bear it any longer now You're an addict"
  • I'm Still Here - Amberian Dawn
    "(Verse) I'm hearing your heart beat, my love is changing me Never lasting moments matter all to me, you'll never meet my son Your picture is burning, my fate in changing years I'll forever drift in endless"
  • Lay All Your Love on Me (ABBA cover) - Amberian Dawn
    "I wasn't jealous before we met Now every woman I see is a potential threat And I'm possessive, it isn't nice You've heard me saying that smoking was my only vice But now it isn't true Now everything is"
  • Star - Kate Walsh
    "Safe driving to Mars, safe driving to Venus My past dont mean anything to me Pray, twinkle again Pray, and I dont wish on you to hard 'Cause clovers dont care about me And I cant afford to lose you, star Oh,"
  • Star - Jain
    "get it get it up get it on the ride I’m the captain of my own life hide in front of my eyes I’m gonna make you mad billionaire got tones of them fear is on the rise and rules are by my side music goes"
  • Star - Beanie Sigel
    "You cannot be me (Ha ha) Deke what I tell you! What I tell you! Look at they face now! You cats cannot be me it's only one me Look at they face now! Stupid! All of them! I'm not the second nobody, it's"
  • Star - Simon Webbe
    "All of the girls and the boys at the party And I'm the only one alone So I crossed the dance floor Heading for the back door Ready to make my way home But wait a minute what's this I see J-lo glow and"
  • Mother Dawn - Billy Idol
    "Hold me, hold me Breathe the light into me Hold me, hold me Mother dawn Mother dawn Dancing 'round the fire Circling the flame Listen to the shadows calling out my name They say Rock me like a baby Cradle"
  • Golden Dawn - The Legendary Pink Dots
    "I'll be your slave, maybe you'll be my priestess. I'd live in a cave and we'd meet where all eyes are turned away. Where we can lay, where we can play... and forget the storm. Will you weep while I slip"
  • The Dawn - Advent
    "In this dawn I can see: angels are falling; In this dawn I can see: life broken; Where are we going? I see men that fight For good and justice I see men fighting To defend the right I see men dying I"
  • Blackest Dawn - Shattered Realm
    "Demons calling baptized in your blood. Angels falling baptized in your blood. In your blood hence creating an enemy of the world. Overcome with hatred crucified by words. I looked back on an age of ruin"

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