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America remains

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America remains

  • Remains - Bella Morte
    "Bella Morte Remains Remains Sweeping winds of greyest passion Find the four who wander fated Within halls their velvet laughter Is heard unknown from places shaded Eyes are lined with black of midnight Lips"
  • Remains - Oblivion Dust
    "The more we live, the more we become...ashamed A walking corplse, so senseless and dumb..Remains I made it A mayday come Save me Save me No one cares and how our hearts are cut We sell ourselves"
  • Streets Of America - Bad Religion
    "Bad Religion Miscellaneous Streets Of America desolate and without purpose radiating from so many septic sources forming the fabric of a wayward people disappearing as the vestiges of our past scratched"
  • Looking To America - Krokus
    "It's a global village in a high-tech age Communication barriers slowly fading away Can't compain cause we've reached the stars But do you really ever want to live on Mars? Can't imagine that all you groovy"
  • The Streets of America - Bad Religion
    "Desolate and without purpose Radiating from so many septic sources Forming the fabric of a wayward people Disappearing as the vestiges of our past Scratched like tartan into virgin soil A substrate for"
  • America - Tracy Chapman
    "You were lost and got lucky, came upon the shore, found you were conquering America, Spoke of peace, Waged a war, while you were conquering America. There was land to take, and people to kill While you"
  • America - Lou Reed
    "Oh, say, can you seeBy the dawns early lightWhat so proudly we hailedAt the twilights last gleamingWhose broad stripes and bright starsThrough the perilous fightOer the ramparts we watched were soGallantly"
  • America - Dawson's Creek
    "Radios T.V. shows Fill my holes With your goodies I sold my privacy So that I would always be pretty And I can tell you that the best things are free With proof of purchase Oooo America, Oooo America,"
  • America - O-Town
    "Are you thinking what I'm thinking Every little moment Every special word Has so much meaning that I'm feeling you're completing my world But I've tried to say this so long But the words don't come when"
  • America - Alborosie
    "America! America! Hey! America come to fyah di big gun, I and I see di old church bun dung. America trick we and go always from di truth I and I behind Jesus suit, well! Stars and stripes nuh is not my"
  • America - Christina Aguilera
    "people come and go in these hotel room looking for a chance to make dreams come true in America… There’s a great big future in this promise land everyone deserves to hold it their hand in America… you"
  • America - Jewel
    "Walkin' 2 the corner of Main Street, USA Look at the good people, hear what they gotta say-uh-huh All right See a sexy girl with her long black hair See a preacher man sporting Abercrombie wear-uh-huh All"
  • America - Prince
    "Yeah Peace! Aristocrats on a mountain climb Making money, losing time Communism is just a word But if the government turn over It'll be the only word that's heard America, America God shed his grace"
  • America - Heart
    "My daddy told me about the old glory days But I made up my mind about Daddy's ways We followed King to Atlanta and got the slaves all free And the ladies come out from behind the fans of gentry America America How"
  • America - Motorhead
    "America, hot as hell, hysterical, cast your spell The endless road, another night to bend your mind White line fever, I think that state patrol car's still behind America, cold as death, up to Canada,"
  • America - Trini Lopez
    "i like to be in america ok by me in america everything free in america for a small fee in america i like the city of san juan i know a boat you can get on hundreds of flowers in full bloom hundreds of"
  • America - Bree Sharp
    "Radios, TV shows, Fill my holes with your goodies. I sold my privacy, So that I would always be pretty. And I can tell you that The best things are free, With proof of purchase. Aooohhh, America Aooohhh,"
  • America - Carlos Santana
    "This is America POD and Santana live in La Casa Live and direct for you and yours Yo America, America Was it the way that she looked at me She had caught my eye She stole my heart she freed my mind The"
  • America - Sodastream
    "Warm bodies, they told me out east there was something new in seasons, i called out i thought i had something due 'cause i've got a ticket to america we'll be there soon we'll meet in america how about"
  • America - Imagine Dragons
    "Is this just an illusion That I made inside my head to get me by? 20 years in debt 20 years in the government 20 years can never get me by Then I feel you close Feel you close like you wanted me to Feel"

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