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American Dad! Intro

  • Intro - Chris Brown
    "Yeah. Who'd thought that this little dude right here Chris Brown Prissy boy from Tappahannock, Virginia I ain't think this voice would get me this far. God pulled a fast one V.A. this one's for ya'll"
  • Intro - Jadakiss
    "JadaKiss (talking) Shut the door Bobby. You know why i dad to send the boys to come got you. Your talking like a bitch now bobby shut the fuck up. Yo bobby, come here i wanna tell you something. Come"
  • Dad: 'That's How You Got Your Name' (Intro) - Kj-52
    "And when we recorded, (chuckles) we recorded your first sound, on the, cassette tape. You, you were crying, I guess you came out rapping, (chuckles). You had alot to say, in fact, uh, we, we didn't have"
  • Dad - NoMeansNo
    "I want home, I was feeling so alone I was late, it was my mistake I want to my room and sat there in the gloom I know I've been bad, I know he'll be mad I hear him coming down the hell And there's"
  • Dad - Goldfinger
    "Dad I hate to tell ya Sometimes i wanna slap you in the face But dad i gotta tell you If you were gone I'd miss you from this place chorus dont go away again i just wanna be your friend and if i dont say"
  • Dad - K's Choice
    "I was kid, you were my dad I didn't always understand I wanted freedom, you got mad You were concerned, I got upset I didn't recognize you yet And did you cry, I know I did When I lied to you I didn't"
  • Dad - Camouflage
    "You're feeling older, then ever before and apple-pie order, exists no more. But he's sending you to school, following a common rule, frightened by the implications, follow by indication. Voices whisper"
  • Dad - Thumb
    "And if I never spoke a word again, but this I need to say. I criticized and analyzed you - that's worthless from today on, 'cause I changed my attitude, forgive me father - I was rude ! Man I think I made"
  • Dad - Michele Morrone
    "I wasn’t a miracle one more … form I didn’t know what to do and I live on my own I know it’s matter to know what it’s the love you know what I mean it’s something precious those are my days used my"
  • American Pride - Alabama
    "(Throughout the singing of this song there is continuous background of announcements about 9-11 incident by goverment leaders and announcers) American pride something you feel inside Something you can't"
  • American Tv - Terrorvision
    "He was born diseased with a twisted mind His hands his feet his elbows tied Sleeps by the day and in the night he crys The bastard son of a travelling man Conceived and born in a caravan Lives where he"
  • American Psycho - D12
    "I'm the devil - if ever there was such a thing The results of much too many drugs what you're seeing I'm a mindfuck, completely dis-(gus)-ting I'm (white), a human mutt, fuck a being I'm a dog - fuck"
  • Proud To Be American - American Idol
    "Intro 1. Proud to be American are we! Proud to live in a land of liberty. We stand up proud and tall And shout one and all: American's a name we're proudly called! 2. Proud to be American are we! Proud"
  • Intro (Ballers) - 504 Boyz
    "(Phone Rings) Hello? Yes, this is Mr.Jones from motor credit, can I speak with Mr.Miller please? Dad! some man from motor credit wants you! Tell 'em i'm not here! My dad said he's not here. Well"
  • Intro (1) - Chakuza
    "nstrumentalIhr wollt mein Album, und das ist jetzt der Anfang ihr FickerDer Anfang vom Gewitter, Blitze, Donner, Hagel und WinterNach diesem Album kann dann keiner mehr was sagen, ihr SpinnerDenn es macht"
  • The American Way - The Simpsons
    "(Shary Bobbins) If there's a task that must be done, Don't turn your tail and run Don't pout! Don't sob! Just do a half-assed job! If you cut every corner, It's really not so bad. Everybody does it, Even"
  • All American Girl - Train
    "To be that good, it must be taxin' No such thing as satisfaction You're makin' things happen while I'm relaxin' Like a Sunday afternoon My dad used to tell me I was lazy I got dance moves like Patrick"
  • American Teenage Tale - Angie Aparo
    "It's big business I'm gonna own a funeral home 'Cause half this town's gonna kick off any day I'm tired of hanging at the Super 10 My parents don't like any of my friends I'm 18 and I am out of here It's"
  • The American Way - Aaron Lines
    "(Aaron Lines/Mark Irwin/Josh Kear) I grew up under normal conditions Mom was the radio, Dad was the television They both were doing the best that they could Working 50 hour weeks and knocking on wood I"
  • My Dad - A-Camp
    "A-Camp Miscellaneous My Dad (talking) quack goes the goose and also goes the duck moo goes the cow (singing) my dad is a business man he likes to drink a few he likes to watch the footy and"

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