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Amwrican remains

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Amwrican remains

  • Remains - Bella Morte
    "Bella Morte Remains Remains Sweeping winds of greyest passion Find the four who wander fated Within halls their velvet laughter Is heard unknown from places shaded Eyes are lined with black of midnight Lips"
  • Remains - Oblivion Dust
    "The more we live, the more we become...ashamed A walking corplse, so senseless and dumb..Remains I made it A mayday come Save me Save me No one cares and how our hearts are cut We sell ourselves"
  • Remains Unseen - The Unseen
    "The hate that tears at my brain Remains unseen to you The self loathing and the pain I'm swinging at the end of my rope, If you only knew I am lost without a hope, There's nothing I can do Oh. I don't"
  • Love Remains - Alice Peacock
    "Don't be afraid Death is but a horizon That the mind can't explain It's just beyond our reason Like the sun from the sky Like the tears that I can't cry Even time and beauty fade Everything just falls"
  • Spinal remains - Misfits
    "This isn't really sex, this isn't really life This isn't really anything I think I like And I will not sit on broken glass Not for you or anyone I will not cut my ass We have no reasons but we still have"
  • Love Remains - Collin Raye
    "We are born one fine day Children of God on our way Mama smiles, daddy cries Miracle before their eyes They protect us 'til we're of age And through it all love remains Boy moves on, takes a bride She"
  • Mortal remains - Destruction
    "As I'm writing these linesWe're starting to breatheHaving the chance to spread the wordSeems a natural releaseDifficult to resistThe moment of pleasureThan doesn't existTemptation is leading to the abyssAddicted"
  • Love Remains - Alabama
    "Alabama & Christopher Cross When the last drop of rain has fallen When the final note has drifted away When the earth ceases to turn And the last fire has burned When the wind stops its ceaseless blowing When"
  • Putrefying Remains - Sinister
    "Your remains will putrefy Pungent stench formed by leprosy unequalled disease Vitality will escape carcass covered with dirt breath of life will flow in perishing light no more passing time eternal darkness Fatal"
  • Still Remains - Alter Bridge
    "Cast a line when I saw that you were drowning Still you turned your back on me Pulled you from the fire when you were burning Still you never could believe So carry on If you must go your way Though"
  • Love Remains - Avalon
    "When the last drop of rain has fallen When the final note has drifted away When the earth ceases to turn And the last fire has burned When the wind stops it's ceaseless blowing And the last wave has come"
  • Human Remains - Annihilator
    "That old man's waiting in the snow again he knows what he knows but it isn't the same, watching insults launched over his head he's out of the game but he isn't quite dead the human remains he fought fear"
  • Beauty Remains - Paloma Faith
    "Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get it right My eyes are always open though my heart is blind But something's different this time 'cause it's me and you Everything's changing for me When poeple say they've"
  • Nothing Remains - Chimaira
    "I shout these words to those who never listened I pen this letter with the utmost conviction It's been dark in here, cold and rentless It's been too long: I can no longer fight this Too late to change"
  • Still Remains - Fates Warning
    "I had so much to say But no words to speak The feelings were strong But I was only weak So there we were again Tragic and absurd Choking on every line And every final word A few pages from an old diary A"
  • Something Remains - Flying
    "I try to mortify the feelings To destroy the memories But something remains It ties me to the past The past I lived Made me enjoy itself I loved and hated Lived and soared like a proud bird Which had"
  • Exhumed Remains - Cephalic Carnage
    "Fell in love with a girl at the coffee shop Rachel was so beautiful "now she's dead" The paper read severed flesh, laceration, degradation pleading for me to let her go sho told me no can't handle"
  • Sorrow Remains - To/Die/For
    "When hope has faded The road goes on and on Wrong decisions made In each and every crossroads Like a living dead Deprived of all emotions Someone else instead Decides my destiny Sorrow remains It's branded"
  • Goshen's Remains - Pure Reason Revolution
    "Cooling me so bright, the light is stunning over the motions again Threw away delight, in spite of nothing over, we're older again She digs her heels over there Fools, serene, survive, soon she'll rationalize Fooling"
  • Still Remains - Buck-O-Nine
    "she was just 15 just a girl i knew from school she had a tshirt that said fuck authority sat behind me singing, idiots rule and every now and then i think of her and all the things she couldve been or"

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