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Amy Love Lichupady

  • Amy - Roy Orbison
    "Wish that I could wish away love Every memory All the things young dreams are made of That ever used to be Cos if I could leave it all behind me There'd be nothing left to constantly remind me Of"
  • Amy - Elton John
    "Tread on my face if you like little lady Turn me inside out if you have to baby But don't you cross me off your list I am young and I ain't never been kissed Never been kissed by a lady called Amy You're"
  • Amy - Ryan Adams
    "I don't know why I let go I want to be your friend Flowers grow through my window and I love you again Oh I love you oh When you laid me down into your beautiful garden Flowers in the love of my arms"
  • Amy - Mark Ronson
    "I don't know why I let go I want to be your friend Flowers grow through my window and I love you again Oh I love you oh When you laid me down into your beautiful garden Flowers in the love of my arms"
  • Amy - Pure Prairie League
    "I can see why you think you belong to me I never tried to make you think, or let you see one thing for yourself But now your off with someone else and I'm alone You see I thought that I might keep you"
  • Amy - Tommy James
    "(Tonight, you're mine.) (Tonight, you're mine. Take your time.) (Tonight, you're mine. Take your time.) Take me so far away. I don't care any more. Can't hear a word you say. I just wanna love you some"
  • Amy - Esthero
    "Sweet caress and tender mouth Kissed her breast, and then he found, he found Forty days and forty nights, before this day... Said that she would always be the man, until she found herself You can't stop"
  • Amy - For Amusement Only
    "She closes swollen eyes and tries to think Of a time when things were different Time brings change for the better so they say But for her things will always stay the same They always stayed the same They"
  • Amy Jane - James Bonamy
    "(Max T. Barnes/Leslie Winn Satcher) Amy is another name for love in my house 'Cause to me she is everything the word is about I hear other lovers talkin' Like they've got something special But tell me"
  • Amy (Darling) - Split Enz
    "Oh lala lala lala x2 Flowers grow wild in her garden She's self styled-I beg your pardon Look at my girl, what a lass A bit of alright-first class I think she's just great Boy oh boy what style She's"
  • Oh Amy - Get Up Kids
    "Forgive me for running off to find the one thing I have to do. Each night you can fall asleep assured that someday I'll be coming home to you. These constant reminders in everything I see. The chance of"
  • Amy Says - Flyleaf
    "Amy says she's all alone Says the world doesn't even know About the pain she hides inside Says happiness is just a lie Smell the roses, throw them down Just whisper, don't make a sound Don't want"
  • Chasing Amy - Allister
    "i picked up the phone and said hello when i picked up the phone i didn't know this girl would be making my world go round we talked for an hour or two and she said "hey kid i would love to see you" and"
  • Miami, My Amy - Keith Whitley
    "Well, everybody talks about the California quakes But the first time I ever felt the earth shake Was in Miami When Amy touched me Aw, it shook me I told her I loved her and I wanted to stay But she said,"
  • Amy Is Amazing - Paul Gilbert
    "Another night at home Spending time alone Never see the world outside Got a friend in town Invited me down To go and see a show tonight Eighteen thousand people in the crowd Amy walks onstage and they"
  • Once in love with amy - Dean Martin
    "Once in love with Amy Always in love with Amy Ever and ever fascinated by her Sets your heart on fire to stay Once you're kissed by Amy Tear up your list it's Amy Ply her with bonbons poetry and flowers"
  • Once In Love With Amy - Barry Manilow
    "I caught you sir Having a look at her As she went strolling by Now didn't your heart go Boom,boom,boom,boom,boom And didn't you sigh a sigh I warned you sir Never to dream of her Just bid such thoughs"
  • Song For Amy - Jack Ingram
    "My words they may sound familiar Like ones you may have heard before But when I tried to write you a love song I simply could think of nothing more I love you, I want you and I need you I'd love to have"
  • Amy, amy, amy - Amy Winehouse
    "Attract me'til it hurts to concentrateDistract mestops me doing work I hateand just to show him how it feelsI walk past his desk in heelsone leg resting on a chairfrom the side he pulls my hair(Amy Amy"
  • Amy Amy Amy - Amy Winehouse
    "Attract me till it hurts to concentrate Distract me, stops me doin' work I hate And just to show him how it feels I walk past his desk in heels One leg resting on the chair From the side he pulls my hair (Amy,"

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