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An animal conspiracy

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An animal conspiracy

  • Conspiracy - Beborn Beton
    "It's written down in field reports About what happened, what we saw I used to buy it as the truth Although there wasn't any proof The ones in charge always deny And we're accused of telling lies They do"
  • Conspiracy - Promoe
    "Shit son I got my notice of eviction next day they hit me with an unjust conviction What is this fiction? I ain't in to superstition but somebody's on a mission to fuck with me Everybody's in on it from"
  • Conspiracy - Looptroop
    "Shit son I got my notice of evictionnext day they hit me with an unjust convictionWhat is this fiction? I ain't in to superstitionbut somebody's on a mission to fuck with me Everybody's in on it from record"
  • An Animal - Blood Red Shoes
    "Keep me out of this uniform, I don’t know what I’m wearing it for, Caught like a spring I’m ready to explode, Yeah I’m an animal that can’t be controlled. Just hear me out, Or set me off…. So, how does"
  • Animal - Suicidal Tendencies
    "A ha ha ha ha... Animal! Animal! I'm an animal, an animal, an animal! I'm an animal, an animal, an animal! Everything you do just makes me wanna bite you... Every little thing... Every little thing... Every"
  • Animal - Indiana
    "Release my mind from your grip Release my name from your lips Poison, poison Invaded, invaded Release my mind from your grip Though my skin is crawling I will wait until the morning breaks Sunlight is"
  • Animal - Anti-Nowhere League
    "Hello Mrs Shaw Could I borrow your lawnmower? (Unintelligible) Up your body! Why? Why me? Why am I so lonely? I'm an animal I'm a sexual pervert, an animal A living abortion I'm an animal, nobody's hero"
  • Animal - Anti Nowhere League
    "Hello Mrs Shaw could I borrow your lawn mower? or parts of your body? Why, why me Why am I so lonely? Im an animal, Im a sexual pervert An animal, Im a living abortion An animal, Im nobodys hero An animal,"
  • Animal - Funeral Dress
    "Safety pins through my nose Smelly combats around my toes A leather jacket and a filthy shirt A blasting fart, a greasy blur I piss on you just for fun I eat the shit from everyone I'm a radioactive"
  • Animal - Kat DeLuna
    "Im a warrior princessI have got jewel eyes of an eagleFly over-head, I see you cominLioness ride out to hunt for my prizeIt's my ego, that wont let me bow downAye Aye Aye Aye Aye!Life is like a jungleAre"
  • Animal - R.E.M.
    "Hey what's the big deal? Tell me how to feel? I know where we boomeranged and fell from grace. Point me to the stars I'm up for the chase. I know where we fell on our face. Jump with me. You jump"
  • Animal - Aurora
    "You are, the victim, The victim of my love, I dangle up on rooftops, Before I push you off I stand at the headlines looking for a corner where I can’t be found with a goodness in my eight eye watching"
  • Animal - Pearl Jam
    "one, two, three, four, five against one five, five, against one said one, two, three, four, five against one five, five...five, five...five against one torture from you to me abducted from the street i'd"
  • Animal - Miike Snow
    "There was a time when my world was filled with darkness, darkness, darkness And I stopped dreaming now I'm supposed to fill it up with something, something , something In your eyes I see the eyes of somebody"
  • Animal - Mudmen
    "Hello, hello, I'm just an animal And I don't feel no pain I know, I know, I'll be the last to go Cuz I don't feel the same I don't know much, I don't feel touch I don't need anything; I don't have pride"
  • Animal - Big Fat Snake
    "Animal, (Fight For Your Love) by Big Fat Snake. None is the number (none is the number) Night is the name (night is the name) The sun without a summer (the sun without a summer) The feeling is shame (the"
  • Animal - Troye Sivan
    "I told you something safe something I’ve never said before and I can’t keep my hands off you while you lie in the wake covered all in the night before I’m high no one’s got me quite like you I want"
  • Animal - Def Leppard
    "A wild ride, over stony ground Such a lust for life, the circus comes to town We are the hungry ones, on a lightning raid Just like a river runs, like a fire needs flame I burn for you I gotta feel"
  • Animal - Flesh Field
    "Feel the rage, the fascination. Feel the hate, and the retaliation. Hide away in your lies. A necessary evil to silence your cries. Born a beast, a sinful thing. Born an angel with broken wings. Live in"
  • Animal - Thirteen Senses
    "I lost my control today Something came and ate it away Tears trickle down your face As quickly as it comes it escapes Now you You'll never get this far off the ground Throw in all designs when you're"

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