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An indie folk

  • India - Kosheen
    "The city's dustyWith dirty dealingsThis crazy lady's got a lost-it feelingIn the core of her soul, in the coreGet up, get out, get in, get on a planeBefore you go insaneYou rang to sayI feel the sameI"
  • India - Sadist
    "finally close your eyes, body sinks increasing strenght of fantasy find yourself where you don't want to be trapped in a net of images life and death explosion where you don't want to be icy roar of muddy"
  • An Indie Rock Daydream - Sicko
    "Rock and roll Saturday night people watching me play but we're playing at the YMCA we've danced on stages from Spain to Tokyo and we've slept on the floors of the world these are the days that I will"
  • Kin Folk - Sesame Street
    "spoken: Ernie: And now, we'd like to do a song about our roots. Bert: Ernie, we're gonna sing about trees? Ernie: No, Bert. By roots I mean family. Or, as we say here in the country, kin folk. Bert:"
  • Folk Monologue - Barbra Streisand
    "Can I get my glass of tea? mmm, nothing like it! At this time I would like very much to do a folksong. since folksongs, I think are still popular today. uhm, this one is in latvian and it's From latvia."
  • Indie Rokkers - MGMT
    "i like the line between your belly and your thighs the smell of your hair the sparkle in your eyes the smoke in your breath the breathing hard and heavy the back of your neck the shine on your Chevy the"
  • Folk Monologue / Value - Barbra Streisand
    "Can I get my glass of tea? Mmm, nothing like it! At this time I would like very much to do a Folksong. Since Folksongs, I think are still popular today. Uhm, this one is in Latvian and it's from Latvia."
  • Pink India - Stephen Malkmus
    "There once was an empire chase Known as a great, great game And one of its rooks came from Stoke-on-Trent And Mortimer was his name An impotent tea-bag spazz Pride of the vicar caste Sent off to Asia,"
  • The Folk Song Army - Tom Lehrer
    "One type of song that has come into increasing prominence in recent months is the folk-song of protest. You have to admire people who sing these songs. It takes a certain amount of courage to get up in"
  • Folk - Ulf Lundell
    "Alla r romantiker, ingen hr r ateist Nr du brjar r du frst, nr du slutar r du sist Havet r ett helvete och stranden r en grav Bara trasiga grgula moln nu p himlen sen han gav sig av Hon hrde inte"
  • Folk - Thrice
    "your once a sweet little girl, so innocent and pure, your eyes were open and sure that anyone could look right in, and i fallow closely your gaze, you looked up towards the sky, and i watched your face"
  • Folk - Dustin Kensrue
    "You were once a sweet little girl So innocent and pure Your eyes were open and sure - anyone could look right in And I follwed closely your gaze You looked up towards the sky And I watched your face drift"
  • Indie - Negrita
    "Senza freni e senza poesia anni e mesi in anestesia scivolando sopra i tab senza patria, senza trib Tutto torna, tutto va miscellanea della realt corse all'oro ovunque sei guarda avanti e non voltarti"
  • Return To India - Xandria
    "Sun rays touching my skin like a stream of gold Beauty, fame and wealth smell nice on top of the world Made my day, this day made me the blessed one My achievements will shine bright when all the smoke"
  • Going To India - Boy Hits Car
    "Going to India when the love breaks. Going to India watch all elephants. Fly away from the pain. Strap us in, 'cause the priest can't get us like an old guitar. There's a place full of waste, Where it"
  • Come A' Ye Tramps An' Hawkers - Celtic Folk
    "Celtic Folk Misc Come A' Ye Tramps An' Hawkers -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are dozens of traditional verses to this one. Which ones do you "
  • Just A Lot Of Folk (The Marshmallow Song) - Olivia Newton-John
    "(Diane Berglund/Jim Phillips) Just a lot of folk Sittin' 'round the fire warming Singing all the songs Memory won't deny Just a lot of fools Sittin' 'round the fire fooling Blow the marshmallow out And"
  • Indie Cindy - Pixies
    "Put this down for the record It's more or less un-checkered Wasted days and wasted nights Made me a fucking beggar No soul, my milk is curdled I'm the burgermeister of purgatory Look out for that hot plate Guess"
  • Indie Queen - Marvelous 3
    "She dreams about the girl she used to be She dreams about someone else underneath the sheets Well, you can fly off to London with a coke and a smile But give it 24 hours and 4000 miles And it's all just"
  • Indie Rockin - Common Rotation
    "Indie rockin', there's no stoppin' Once you get me on a roll Name-droppin', mop-toppin' Can't help this feeling It's a feeling that I stole Kick it in now with the backbeat Put the four on the floor Innocent"

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