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Anathema Kingdom from Falling Deeper

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Anathema Kingdom from Falling Deeper

  • Anathema - TWENTY ONE PILOTS
    "You will never know what's behind my skull So won't you say good night, so I can say goodbye? You will never know what's under my hair So won't you say good night, so I can say goodbye? You will never"
  • Anathema - Anathema
    "It gave us a purpose, sometimes It gave us a reason, and a rhyme Looking for meaning in song Such inner searching, so long So long But we laughed And we cried And we fought And we tried And we failed But"
  • Anathema - Himsa
    "Come close to the unfamiliar warmth Coy gesture To paralyze Beloved Covetous Stuns the brute with uninvited praise The troubled times The tear aways Disconnected But forever demanding Cataclysm The"
  • Deeper And Deeper - Madonna
    "Deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper Sweeter and sweeter and sweeter and sweeter I can't help falling in love I fall deeper and deeper the further I go Kisses sent from heaven above They get sweeter"
  • Descent (Falling Deeper Mix) - Fear Factory
    "Falling victim from neglect Designed thoughts and intellect Forgotten and displaced The crux of my dismay I feel nothing I am nothing I feel nothing Nothing How deep I descend? Until I reach my end? How"
  • Falling Deeper - Sea Of Green
    "Fighting My Fear Never Ending Slipping Inside My Mind Bending I Wish I Could Feel Like You Do Inside I Need Someone On The Outside Someone Help Me Cause I'm Falling Deeper And I Can't Keep Calling To"
  • Deeper Life - Natalie Grant
    "So many voices calling out to me To sell me something, tell me what I need But they don't know about the treasure I've found A gift from heaven I can't live without It's a kingdom and it's hidden deep"
  • Deeper Still - Bebo Norman
    "She turned her head as if to hide; There was just nowhere to go. 'Cause standing tall on every side The mighty fear of letting go She said, "My God, I'm so ashamed. Thirty years; a tragedy. I still believed"
  • Deeper - Live
    "I can't even look at this skin tonight Knowing that our time here is on a while Hold me in your arms and breathe me through Like I know that you can only do In your horizon, no, nothing truly dies Never"
  • Deeper - Hanson
    "She moves with a tender kiss And I can't stop feeling She soothes with her tenderness And I can't stop feeling I don't even know her name But I can't stop feeling She says that she feels the same"
  • Deeper - Xzibit
    "Yeah so it all comes down to this (what?) Specialist with a hit list Right fist bomb type M.G.M. fight night type (ding ding) So when I hits in the stage we can Face Off Watch me rattle your Nicholas"
  • Deeper - Shaquille ONeal
    "Y'all wanna flay ruff? Huh, that's how I do man, that's how I do, aight For FUN, Hahahahahah, T.W.IsM. (Shaquille O'Neal) I get deeper then the fire thin Y'all wanna riot? It's like a rifle without the"
  • Deeper - Danzig
    "Into your soul Down you will go Hope is not my name Free your soul Here among the lies You realize Pain is not the same Free your soul I'm 'on take sex from love I'm 'on take human bone I'm 'on break"
  • Deeper - Sonic Adventure
    "This is Knuckles, and you have reached the Death Chamber *REPEAT STARTS HERE* (Death Chamber, Death Chamber, Death Chamber) >From front to back all I see is stones, I'm glad I don't hold this room. (Death"
  • Deeper - Arab Strap
    "I'd been to a friends house for dinner. My mum wanted me home early so I said I'd better go home. Her sister said she was going anyway so she could walk me some of the way And she knew a shortcut through"
  • Balsamic And Anathema - Cradle of Filth
    ""No human power can stop the will of heaven from being asserted." Worming through the mark Of Ezekiel and Mark Through the chapters of Honorius Gilles, as in a trance Screwed the pages up and danced Courting"
  • Falling - Marquess
    "He said: "My girl I've got the Answers here inside You're looking sad maybe Some ?green' will make you happier tonight" All the faith inside was gone, yeah When she chose the easy road All the fear's still"
  • Falling - Cathy Dennis
    "You think I'm indestructible, but I'm not I'm just a petal from a flower And I'm falling Deeper into you You think that I'm susceptible, but I'm not The truth is scaring you to reason Why I'm falling deeper"
  • Falling - Donna Lewis
    "Maybe we've gone too far Another emotional tie on me And I don't know who you really are Putting my trust in you Safe in your presence I will be If I thought it was the thing to do With you It feels like"
  • Falling - Mercenary
    "Infiltrate them Disintegrate them Terminate my fire Create your own desire Don't let them drag you under Towards their paradise I am the fallen angel The only one am I Be my dream this night Hide me"

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