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And I'm holdin

  • Holdin' On - Carman
    "They said I'd never make it They said I would not last a day They said when things got heated up I would get blown away But I'm still here Lord Still strong, and I'm still Holdin' on (every day),"
  • Holdin' On - Connie Smith
    "Holdin' on barely holdin' on I know if I led off you'll be gone ------ that's holdin' you here and I'm just barely barely holdin' on I never will forget that feelin' you said love is gone you were leavin' The"
  • Holdin' Heaven - Tracy Byrd
    "(Thom McHugh - Bill Kenner) I'm face to face with an angel How'd you get those eyes so blue You're a vision in white and I been waitin' all night Just to have one dance with you now all my dreams are"
  • Holdin' Court - Robert Cray
    "Our love was strong As love could be But then someone got between You and me People said we were finished When you walked out the door I was so worried I walked a hole in the floor But I'm holdin' court"
  • Holdin' On - Robert Cray
    "I'm holdin' on I'm just holdin' on Hey, hey Ohhh, holdin' on I was really wrong Now she's really gone I used to hold her I'm never let her down When she needed me I was always around But hey, that's"
  • Holdin' On - Skee-Lo
    "(Skee-Lo) Bonsai and oh my Yippee Kai yai yay Hello, hello, hello Hooray, hooray, hooray I am here to interrupt your regular program So hey man now don't you touch that dial Unless we step in single file"
  • Holdin' On - Buck Owens
    "I'll keep holdin' on though you've stopped trying 'Cause I think it's sad, something beautiful's dying And we both said that forever was the way true love should be So I'll be holdin' on when you let go"
  • Holdin' On - Saliva
    "The day's reality around the bend. Pain and misery my only friend I raise a toast and I salute the end. Six feet in the ground is where the living begins. I got to get on with living or get the hell on"
  • Holdin' - Diamond Rio
    "Parked down on lovers leap Steaming up his old heap Two lovers stare up at the stars Somewhere in the lights below Two houses all aglow Parents wondering where on earth they are Cause their folks have"
  • Bottle's Holdin' Me - Moe Bandy
    "Now I live across town from the only one I love No woman wants a man that drinks too much I know she'd take me back again if I could quit for good Lord knows I'd quit if I could I'm not holdin' the bottle"
  • Holdin' Onto Something - Jeff Carson
    "There's a little girl, wanna make her mine. What she wants, I don't know. If red means stop and green means go, Her light is always yellow. I'm wrapped around her finger, she's slipping through my hands. Every"
  • Still holdin on - Martina McBride
    "There's something out there left for you But it's not me We've reached a point of no return It's only right I set you free I know I'll have to turn away But there's nowhere for my love to go And there"
  • Still Holdin' On - Clint Black
    "There's something out there left for you But it's not me We reached a point of no return it's only right I set you free I know I'll have to turn away But there's nowhere for my love to go And there won't"
  • Holdin' It Down - Big L
    "(feat. Stan Spit, A.G., and Miss Jones) Yea yeah, Flamboyant Entertainment (no doubt) Yo, y'all fellas like to stress them chicks Impress them chicks, spend money to dress them chicks I sex them chicks"
  • Holdin' the Crown - Planet Asia
    "(Planet Asia) C'mon... Yeah-yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah 9-3-7-0-6. 9-3-7-0-6 you don't... I'm just unwinding, brainstorming wit word connection We do this in the summertime, lovely in your section Bleedy"
  • Holdin' Out For Love - Cher
    "Had my share of disco nights Did some talking, rainbow lights Easy smile shines like gold Burning hot and turning cold Live that kind of life before Lost the note to learn the score Something tells me"
  • Holdin On 4 U - Liberty X
    "Trust is all it takes people make mistakes Sunshine fades to grey The second I'm away Minutes turn to hours without you Time keeps marching on The summer's been and gone And I'm still here alone still"
  • Holdin on to you - Dolly Parton
    "There are those who'd love to love me Take me home and take care of me Treat me just the way you never do But I'm here on your door step Something I can't seem to help Like a fool, I'm holdin' on to you"
  • Holdin on to you - Brad Paisley
    "I'm holdin on to youWhen I close my eyesYou're still in my armsand we never said goodbyeAnd it's all I can do To go on with my lifeBut that's supposed to be the reasonwhy I'm here tonightIn a downtown"
  • Holdin A Jar 2 - Cage
    "My intelligence is money My skin is the streets of New York My arms and legs are its fucked up bridges The subways are the worms that come through my corpse Liberty, my bitch, fucking everyone They cut"

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