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And Where are you when

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And Where are you when

  • Where Are You - Don Williams
    "Where is the sun, Where is the day I'm looking for Where is the moon, Where are the stars that shined before Where are you, where are you? Where is the time when hours Were like minutes here before Where"
  • Where You Are - Bill Withers
    "Ever since you came into my life You have been so wonderful to me That's why where you are is where I want to be Life is so much easier now Since you are sharing it with me That's why where you are is"
  • Where are you - Bosson
    "Where are you.. oh oh where are you i'm caling your name where are u..baby...ohh..ah ah some meet in the strangest places some meet in the place that they are working some meet in their own back yard some"
  • Where You Are - Sam Brown
    "She never wonders why The people stop and stare Ambling through her empty life Without a care for ordinary faces But you don't have to stay out there All alone You keep on losing yourself In another world"
  • Where You Are - Jessica Simpson
    "There are times I swear I know you're here When I forget about my fears Feeling you my dear Watchin over me And my hope seeks What the future will bring When you wrap me in your wings And take"
  • Where you are - 98 Degrees
    "There are times I swear I know you're here I forget about my fears Feelin you my dear Watchin over me My hope sees What the future will bring When you wrap your wings And take me where you are Where you"
  • Where You Are - Nick Lachey
    "((Jessica)) There are times I swear I know you're here When I forget about my fears Feelin' you my dear Watchin' over me My hope sees What the future will bring When you wrap me in your wings And take"
  • Where you are - Everlife
    "it's hard to find love, that's not complicated it's hard to see life, when we all seem so jaded i don't know, you don't know why can't i find a way to show you now it's hard for me to smile, when"
  • Where you are - Morten Harket
    "You were blessed, you were blind To an angel so unkind So ashamed you could die 'Cause you found the perfect lie These are tears that I know For I've travvlled down that road before In the mystery of time"
  • Where You Are - Babyface
    "Written by babyface, el debarge (1994) Performed by el debarge Listen to me I got smethin' to say I need you to hear me, right away Ooo wee baby Can I please explain I can't live without you one more"
  • Where You Are - LFO
    "Singin la shalalalalalala shalalalalalala Singin la shalalalalalala shalalalalalala I just want be where you are There's a cloud that follows me at night When I'm all-alone, your outta sight And I ask"
  • Where You Are - Bebo Norman
    "Take another look at me Oh breaker of my heart Take a look and you will see How beautiful you are Even when I walk away I could not go very far Before the child in me would say Home is where you are In"
  • Where Are You? - Seventh Avenue
    "I hear your voice, although you can't speak a word I see your face, although you aren't here When I wake up at night and my hand grabs for you That's when my whispers turn to screams that no one hears No"
  • Where Are You - Mungo Jerry
    "You told us you were everything, You said that you were more than life itself, They told us you would help us when trouble was at the door, You know I put my trust in you, I thought that you would always"
  • Where You Are - Rascal Flatts
    "There you are standing strong, I'm a leaf holding on You believe like a child, In this fire runnin' wild Oh I love how you see Right to the heart of me You're a waterfall, washing over me I'm a thirsty"
  • Where Are You - Saves The Day
    "Where are you? and where am I? we've been slippin slowly south I guess my tounge is tied to the stary sky tonight Cause im not sure whats goin on I feel the earth quakin beneath me It feels"
  • Where You Are - Jewel
    "I called you late last night Said you didn't feel like talkin' Had to blow off a little bit of steam Said you were tired of feeling so up-tight You make me so blue Oh, I get so lost inside of you, but I"
  • Where are you - Mario Lopez
    "When the rain begins to fall And I don't know who to call To make my dreams come true (Where R U?) Will you love me? Will you care? Give me a sign, if you're out there 'Cause I belong to you (Where R U?)"
  • Where You Are - Rich Mullins
    "Talkin' Daniel In the den of the lions Talkin' Jonah In the belly of a whale Talkin' three Hebrew children And they're standing in a furnace Fiery furnace But the fire didn't burn them And the lions"
  • Where are you ? - Manafest
    "I'm staring at your picture dad Pulling up the past Trying to learn about this father that I never had So young, so wrong, and ye gone It's only, me, mom Virginia & God Were all alone, and are leader is"

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