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  • Also Frightened - Animal Collective
    "Face your money into the dark But you can't sweat unless Swung by the hen Let them crawl into the logs That damn crouching for you Offer a pen Exciting and screaming Their voices go wild And rise with"
  • The Also Rans - The Cross
    "Fucked Again I was born on the twenty second floor of a bird cage I was bound to rock - I was born to rage When your daddy gets drunk and your ma has no hope And you're tough and you're young and you got"
  • The Sun Also Rises - Fever Tree
    "Take a look into tomorrow When everything is gray Borrow from tomorrow And you will find your way CHORUS: When you're standing in the middle of the road Going nowhere (going nowhere) And it's raining"
  • The Sun Also Rises - Kevin Tellie
    "Talk to me with unchained lips Unlock my heart with your finger tips My head is under, the sky is pink You're gone, it thunders You're everything I have to think I turn down the volume and look inside I"
  • The Sun Also Sets - Ryan Adams
    "When you get the time Sit down and write me a letter When you're feeling better Drop me a line I wanna know how it all works out I had a feeling we were fading out I didn't know that people faded out so"
  • And There Will Your Heart Be Also - Fields Of The Nephilim
    "we must suffer to free our pain can you help us to find our way you're here to stay stay here in paradise I'd end this moment to be with you through morphic oceans I'd lay here with you only to stay stay"
  • The Woman Who Was Also a Mongoose - Dead Milkmen
    "She was once an attraction at the county fair And now she sleeps in a box at the top of the stairs And she loves it here, make no mistake Cause she can earn her keep by chasin' snakes And if I wake up"
  • Also komm - Bushido
    "verse 1: (saad) sonny black und saad, du bist out wer, is jetzt hart? carlo coxxx nuttn 2 gleicht einer hetzjagt! du bist ein fettsack, los komm und schlag mich, ich bin wieder der der dich bumst und"
  • They Also Mourn Who Do Not Wear Black - Sufjan Stevens
    "If you happen to be educated Time it marches on, oh time it marches on. In the end there is a sacred show delivers every song, delivers every song. Mourning steps and mourning gallivants And mourning"
  • My Fuckin' Headfone (Also Known As Yeah,Yeah,Bitch - Eminem
    "Yeah, Come on Shake ur ass Groove it Bitch Yeah, Come on Don't be that way Be nice And things wont go wrong (chorus) My fuckin headfone doesn't work No, it doesn't work yeah, thats for you, bitch Bitch My"
  • Also Sprach Alexander - Army Of Lovers
    "Beneath the tower of death A flock of vultures gather For the holy feast The last vision of my life A stormy cloud of feathers What fire wouldn't touch Are the remnants of my body To vultures under a steaming"
  • The Sun Also Rises - Brave Saint Saturn
    "the chord runs up the microphone i flip the switch, we're going home transistor's right on time resistors fall in line capacitors are at full all engines good, no breach of hull with all the hope that"
  • Das Kannst Du Also Auch Nicht - Hanne Haller
    "Du rufst an aus der Kneipe und sagst: "Ich spiele hier Skat" und ich dachte so bei mir was er wohl schon wieder mal hat Ich sitze hier in der Klemme, denn mein Geld ist knapp,und man lt mich hier nicht"
  • Maps In Her Wrists And Arms - And Also The Trees
    "In the tent of powder and lace Vultures pick at a carcass that feeds by hand Longing to decay Waits to hear the sound Of their wings slowly heave as they fly away Some will stay for days There's maps in"
  • Simple Tom And The Ghost Of Jenny Bailey - And Also The Trees
    "The day flees the town with a drunkard's yell Silence from the slaughterhouse And the midnight bell Shudders down Shambles alley Slamming shutters And the market litter flies Newspaper acrobats, straw"
  • Addiction (Also Known As Ghost Of Modern Time) - Depeche Mode
    "I can't help it, I'm not sure what to do Does seem crazy, no good for my health I've seen the doctor, he's come to look at me If you don't believe it, don't believe Closer all the time, Closer all the"
  • Scythe & Spade (W: S H Jones, J Hobman) - And Also The Trees
    "And Also The Trees From Horizon To Horizon Scythe & Spade (W: S H Jones, J Hobman) Of all the deaf old bones Sceptre and crown Of all the kings and emperors Must tumble down They creak, stench, but all"
  • Wallpaper Dying (W: S H Jones, N Havas) - And Also The Trees
    "And Also The Trees From Horizon To Horizon Wallpaper Dying (W: S H Jones, N Havas) The cold it penetrates so deep The leaves cry drops of ice A fire guts the land inside him He wonders what's it like To"
  • Misfortunes (W: S H Jones, J Jones) - And Also The Trees
    "And Also The Trees From Horizon To Horizon Misfortunes (W: S H Jones, J Jones) I would chase the moons cold eye Into the bitterest day And I would watch the sun-dial And in its shadow stay So don't let"
  • Headless Clay Woman - And Also The Trees
    "Under amillion scattered stars >From rippled earth that's cracked and sleeping Under the frozen static stars The headless clay woman's Shimmering body stands And the frost that locks her nakedness Melts"

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