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And baby girl you see us

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And baby girl you see us

  • Don't See Us - The Roots
    "(feat. Dice Raw) Uh, what what, yo yo P-5-D uncut Check it out, yo yo, S-P uncut Yo yo, what P-5-D uncut, yeah yeah it's that Philly shit Yo yo, check it out, yo yo You Don't See Us, but we see"
  • Baby Girl - Crystal Kay
    "Baby Girl broken heart Baby Girlsunshine after rain brighter days your smile I don't wanna see my girl Kiss sign... For yourself you can say goodbye! Baby Girl \ broken heart Baby Girlsunshine after"
  • Baby girl - Byz
    "There are times when I look in your eyes I see the love that we shared I see the joy inside But I didn't see the feelings you had And now you're saying goodbye Cous your love is dieing And all I can think"
  • Baby Girl - Will Hoge
    "May the sunlight find your face Even when the rain does fall And get back on your feet again Every time you slip and fall Keep your heart wide open And always taking in And even when it's broken Be strong"
  • Baby Girl - Azn Dreamers
    "There are time when I look in your eyes I see the love that we share I see the Joy inside But i didnt see the feelings you hide And Now your saying good bye Because your love is done And All i can think"
  • Baby Girl - Bow Wow
    "Im young I'm rite Im flashy Im fly so fly im about to take off Now O is the R&B but Hip-Hop thats me tonight we're about to face off Now watch as i drop that top on the assdemar A few shots then we left"
  • Baby Girl - Lil Cuete
    "Girl your so lovely, Beautiful, Attractive How would I be acting if I didn't walk up in you and I know you feel the same way to and I know you feel the same as I do, can I have this dance I love the"
  • Baby Girl - Missy Elliott
    "(This goes out to you aaliyah & left eye!) One day you see how much you mean to me this is the only way i can talk to you so will you listen? 2*Baby girl you are so important to me you don't know what"
  • Baby Girl - Sugarland
    "They say in this town The stars stay up all night Well I don't know, can't see em' For the glow of the neon lights And it's a long way from here To the place where the home fires burn Well it's two thousand"
  • Baby Girl - Nelly Furtado
    "Ive seen a man cry, Ive seen a man die inside Ive seen him say to me that he is only mine That he gotta do what is best for him Never let me in, not even begin To tell me Im the one under his moon and"
  • Baby Girl - 8-Ball & MJG
    "(feat. P. Diddy) What it do baby girl Get on the dance floor Will you put your drink down Come and dance with me Let's hit my residence, baby it's evident That you been raising hell, I make it heaven"
  • Baby Girl - Wiley
    "She's my baby girl and she relies on me, Loves me too much, won't hide from me, She knows it's shit - I've got too many flies on me, Got spies on me, that's why I had the blacks do a nine on me, And one"
  • Baby Girl Intro - Missy Elliott
    "(feat. Mary J. Blige) Eh yo Mary, i need you to vibe wit me on this one, uh Uh Check it As i grab my pad and pen and begin to talk from within Oh God im hot as the water like a preacher whos sinned Im"
  • See See Baby - Freddie King
    "See-See Baby (King, Thompson) Freddy King Freddy King - vocal & lead guitar Sonny Thompson - piano, Bill Willis - bass Phillip Paul - drums. Recorded: Cincinnati, August 26, 1960 Federal Single # 12428"
  • Baby Boy - Baby Boy
    "From the day that I saw you I knew that we would pursue Cause the chemistry we felt that day Felt so real, and so true Looking back on a year we spent together How it's been, what we went through Although"
  • Baby - Justin Bieber
    "Ouooooooo Ouooooooo Ouoooooooooooooooo (Justin Bieber) You know you love me I know you care Just shout whenever, and I'll be there You want my love You want my heart And we would never, ever, ever be"
  • Baby - Justin Bieber feat. Ludacris
    "Oh woah, oh woah, oh woah You know you love me, I know you care, you shout whenever and I'll be there. You are my love, you are my heart and we will never ever ever be apart. Are we an item? girl quit"
  • Baby - Fabolous
    "(feat. Mike Shorey) Fab... [5X] Can you be my B-A-B-Y? I'll never call another lover mine And why would I, and why should I When I seen a lady tonight, with my good eye that I would try and make My..(baby..baby) I"
  • Baby Girl - High And Driving
    "Baby girl twist away When you're talking to me I can't breathe Set some time aside to say Why don't you stay Two years later I still I feel like a child You're the one I know you are (Answer me if you"
  • See Us Here - Slade
    "See us here, see us there, pick us out anywhere. Take a look, we're everywhere, so what makes you stop and stare? Look at them there, their eyes bent to the ground, Trying to see their way around. Don't"

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